May 14, 2009

No Pig Fat In E631 - Lays is HALAL by PepsiCo

I have received a number of forwarded emails regarding E631 being present in the Lays Masala which is a product of Pepsi. It is highlighted that E631 is produced from pig fat. According to a comment by Saad on my post "Pig Fat By Dr. M. Amjad Khan", E631 is present in other Pepsi products as well like Cravys and Kurkure. It is also said to be an ingredient of Kolson Slanty.

Some googling tell that E631 can be generated in 3 different ways:

  1. It can be obtained from sardines (fish).
  2. It can be made from brewer yeast extract which is a by-product of beer making process.
  3. It can be extracted from pig meat.

If method #1 is used then it is Halal. If method #2 is used then it is not Haram but it is better to avoid it. However if method #3 is used then most certainly it is Haram.

One of the readers Mr Umar Shafique gathered the certificates proving that E631 being used by Pepsi in Pakistan is from Halal source. According to these certificates there is no pig fat or any other haram animal fat. I am attaching the certificates here with his permission. So thanks to Umar we can now relax and enjoy Lays, Cravysm, Kurkuray and Slanty.

See below the certificate from Pepsi Pakistan ensuring that E631 used in Lays is from Halal Source:

E631 is actually present in the flavoring masala used in Lays. This masala, called Masala Magic PC, is bought from International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF). The following certificate from IFF guarantees that E631 present in Masala

Magic is Halal:

The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand ensures in the certificate below that Masala Magic PC, the product of IFF, is Halal.

Lays has kicked off an advertisement campaign on 14th May, 2009 to ensure all the consumers that Lays is 100% Halal. The Jamia Ashrafia, Pakistan has endorsed that Lays produced by Pepsi Pakistan is Halal. Please see the Lays add and the Media Statatement below:

Note Source:


  1. Why should we eat Lays. Why not Pakistani Product??????

    Do you get money from Pepsi Co.?

  2. ThanX for the info bcuz it's gud to clear confusions but one should cross check the supplied certificates...
    The add launched by Lays in regard of halal(junaid jamshed public awareness) is not heart satisfying:| ...
    Riaz Uddin

  3. This is just a propaganda against Lays.

  4. Pls read

  5. Dear ,

    Your own research denies Pepsi/Lays Lame Excuses :
    As You Said
    1.It can be obtained from sardines (fish).
    2.It can be made from brewer yeast extract which is a by-product of beer making process.
    3.It can be extracted from pig meat.

    and the certificate with Lays trade mark tells that it is being extracted by a Plant which is even not in your research and niether can be proved by modern science..... I think you should avoid it If you are a MUSLIM... More Over Bhai Logo Why to eat a Doubt full Thing : Can't we all live without eating LAYS :(

  6. Lays is doubt full!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please must read this article

  7. certificates from the concerned authorities/company are good enough to believe until we visit ourselves at place from where it is being made however we being a Muslim should avoid eating lays, Allah knows better.

  8. sorry for the mistake.....I FORGOT TO WRITE "NOT" ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BELIEVE,


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