Jul 29, 2015

Pakistanis buy more cars than others, broke record by highest sales in one month

Photo by Dawn
Are we poor? Think again after reading this..
People cry of poverty and say they have nothing to eat. A huge number of Pakistani people live under the line of poverty. Many are denied with the basic necessities of life. Yet we see long ques outside restaurants and massive traffic jams on roads. Sometimes I think who are all these people in cars, small and large ones, of middle class and upper middle class? What society they are representing? If everyone is deprived of transportation then where did these cars came from? So this news might tell you we are not a poor nation.

In March this year, Pakistan’s automobile industry broke the record for most number of cars to ever be sold in a single month; Carmudi–a popular car portal– reported.

The introduction of car leasing and financing facilities has given rise to the increase in car sales by a multiplier effect in the country, as buying on credit has enabled consumers to experience an increase in their purchasing power.

In previous years, when Pakistan’s car industry was booming, car rental businesses also arouse and appeared to be feasible business options.

However, the prosperity of the Pakistani car industry was hindered by the financial crisis. As a result of which, prices followed an upward trend and the demand for cars fell. It was from 2012 that the sales of cars began to rise once again.

The portal also says that car sales in Pakistan will be higher than they have been in the last five years. Similarly, other reports say that sales will be up to 165,000 in 2015. Surely people are on that good salaries as they can afford the installments.

With the greatest number of cars being sold in the country within a month, three cars contributed to this, namely the Toyota Corolla, the Suzuki Bolan and the Ravi. The sales of the latter two automobiles doubled during 2015.

This is the reason you might find ques of corollas in different colors wherever you go, in a shopping mall, roads, signals, markets, offices or anywhere.

Another factor which may also have contributed towards the rise in demand for cars, is the State Bank’s decision to reduce the interest rate from 10% to 7%.

It may also be the case that the interest that Volkswagen has shown with regards to extending their market to Pakistan, is a consequence of the rise in car sales.

After many years we see new model of Suzuki car last year probably, which is also thought to be the most reliable and affordable car for all.

When taking into account the relatively low profits made by the local car industry in Pakistan, a way to mitigate this unfortunate circumstance would be for them increase their competitiveness with the foreign car industry by using the latest technology.

This would add to the attractiveness of locally produced cars in comparison to internationally produced cars to consumers.

Many prefer buying Suzuki Mehran on Japanese cars and the new model got in demand. Yet this is proven we people of Pakistan can afford a car even if not food for our children. A poor and very low class does not even own a bike and all those who have accessibility to cars and fancy restaurants, means they are not poor.

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Desi urdu version of WhatsApp to be relased soon

Photo by Tribune
Urdu is in demand nowadays. After getting notifications for making our national language the official language, another shocking but good news is on it’s way.
In this age of advance technology, people belonging to every class, age and gender have smart phones. Which are cheaper as well and affordable too. The mobile companies have different packages but revolutionary internet is also available to all people.

After seeing great demand of social media apps e.g. WhatsApp and Viber, the companies gave a thought of giving a local version to its users. So they can use it more frequently.

An Urdu version of Whatsapp will soon be available on the Android platform, Whatsapp Translation Administrator Ahsan Saeed announced.

In a conversation to local daily in Pakistan he said “The translation process started three years ago, while the final moderation process took three months”, adding that the whole process was driven by volunteers.

“I translated 753 strings and moderated 2,089 strings in less than three months and made Urdu [the] 18th language in which WhatsApp for Android has been fully translated,” Saeed said in a Facebook post.

Since Whatsapp users can already communicate in Urdu using an Urdu keyboard, Saeed said his efforts were geared towards localizing the app itself for Urdu users. This included translating everything from the menus to the settings.

Saeed, who had already been working with Twitter as an Urdu localization moderator since 2012, signed up when Whatsapp called volunteers for their translation project. Around three months ago when the Whatsapp Urdu moderation process started, Saeed was promoted to Translation Administrator.

In case you are wondering if there really is a need for an Urdu version of Whatsapp, Saeed assures that a large proportion of Pakistani mobile internet users prefer Urdu. “It would also be beneficial for those looking to get connected with their national language again.”

The most interesting aspect of these volunteer-driven translation projects is that the individuals involved dedicate their energies entirely out of love for their languages. Now that Android has taken the lead in translating one of the most popular apps in Pakistan to Urdu, it remains to be seen if Whatsapp Urdu will be coming to iOS or Windows Phone next.

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Principal of Aitchison College Lahore fired for being too honest

Principal of Aitchison College, Agha Ghazanfar, is has been removed from his post for not allowing nepotism under his watch and refusing to unfairly grant admission to the descendants of the rich and influential.

Aitchison college holds admission tests for K2 class every year, this year, however, some interesting things have happened. The first thing that went wrong was that the admission test question paper was leaked a few days before the exam and hence the college administration had to create a new question paper just one day prior to the test. Second interesting thing was that the scions of some of the most influential families of the country were to appear in this test, namely, grandsons of Speaker of the National Assembly, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Banking tycoon, Mian Mansha, and ex Prime Minster, Yousaf Raza Gillani.

However, they were subsequently not granted admission because they failed to get enough marks to make it to the merit list posted on the college’s website recently. According to sources, after the failure of the grandsons of the rich and famous to score the desired marks to gain admission, the principal, Agha Ghazanfar, was pressured by the above-mentioned individuals to grant their grandsons admissions, irrespective of their score in the admission test. Mr Ghazanfar refused to cave in to their pressures.

Grandsons of Gillani, Sadiq and Mansha managed to score 40.22%, 18.78% and 19.44% respectively, much lower than the cutoff scores to gain admission. After repeatedly refusing to be dishonest, Mr Ghazanfar was told that he will lose his job if he does not grant admission to the grandsons of these influential personalities and was given one last warning, which he did not pay heed to. Mr Ghazanfar is due to be fired from his job tomorrow and all preparations to sack him have been completed.

Talking to a private channel, Mr Ghazanfar verified the story and said that Aitchison is increasingly becoming a hotbed for corruption and the authorities do not care about merit anymore.

Aitchison College, an old-boy school with illustrious alumni, used to be famous for adhering to principles and not giving admissions without merit.

Mr Gazanfar, whose contract was for 5 years initially, is being removed after serving for only one year in reward for his honesty and dedication to the institute.


Jul 27, 2015

Pakistani cities among most polluted in the world

Are you a karachite? Then try keeping your city clean, Karachi along two more cities is internationally known as polluted cities of the world.
Where it is said that cleanliness is the part of faith we Pakistanis believe it otherwise. That is the reason Pakistan;s three cities are among most polluted cities of the world.

Karachi, Peshawar and Rawalpindi are among the 20 most polluted cities in the world, as per the most recent statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) compiled from more than 1,600 cities for the years 2008 to 2013.

Good thing is we have not topped in the list and that is our very own neighbor India. Delhi comes first in the race; while Karachi ranks number five just ahead of Peshawar and Rawalpindi which stand at six and seven in the list of 20 most polluted cities.

The WHO report listed 1,600 cities in 91 countries and ranked them according to the quality of their air which is measured for concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 that is particles smaller than 10 or 2.5 microns which are harmful toxins that can cling to the lungs and cause diseases.

Pakistan records the highest level over all of the 91 countries in the WHO air pollution database.

Interestingly, 13 of the 20 cities on the list are Indian. Delhi followed by Patna, Gwalior and Raipur are in toppers of most polluted ones.

The report is a cause of serious health concerns for the inhabitants of the respective cities as toxic pollution hugely impacts human health and can cause acids rains, heart disease and respiratory problems among others.

What is the future of our generations in these cities is quite questionable and of great concern. Karachi is a metropolis and it's government should also think about the city. Rawalpindi had been already listed as a dirty one as well and that is not new for it. Sad part is it still remains in the list.

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NY times claims detainess in Pakistani jails are vanishing

Declan Walsh along Taha Siddiqui came up with a piece in international daily " The New York Times" telling that missing persons's families receive no news or dead bodies of their lost beloveds. The article is quite bold and clearly says that Military has been vanishing detainees in covert jails of the country. A statement said.

"People live in abject fear of speaking out about what the military is doing," said Mustafa Qadri of Amnesty International, which received reports of more than 100 deaths in military custody in 2014.

The article says that Pakistani military detention is in-humanitarian and killing people except of giving them under fair trial. This is to counter terrorism and all those who have been taken for investigations had been in contact with Talibans.

At issue is a network of 43 secretive internment centers dotting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and the tribal belt. Little is known about the centers, formally established in 2011 and given greater powers by a tough antiterrorism law passed last year. Most are based in existing jails and military bases and operate far from public view. The total number of detainees has not been made public."

It also says that hundreds of cases have been filed in Peshawar court for their lost beloveds but no news came from them. This is also of importance here that missing persons are a very crucial topic, a university of Lahore was made to cancel their talk on this issue, while a social activist Sabeen Mehmud was shot down for having thoughtful conversations regarding the same.

Some more statements from the article clearly says that Pakistan Military are killing people and the first news their families get about them is of their death. To counter terrorism many innocents are also abducted and without giving fair treatment meet their fate i.e death.

Pakistani military officials tortured and killed people suspected of being militants “with the knowledge, if not consent, of senior officers,” said one American assessment in 2011.

It also says that Obama Administration has not done anything to stop these violations, instead of it provided more weapons to Pakistan for countering terrorism. 

Instead, the administration approved more weapons for the Pakistani military: In April, it approved almost $1 billion worth of helicopters and laser-guided Hellfire missiles for use in counterterrorism operations.

Few detainees' relatives accepted that their relatives were in contact with Taliban for few months before they were arrested. It also says that ISPR did not respond to NYtimes over their concerns.

The article erupted anger in Pakistan Army supporters and declared at defamatory. 

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Jul 26, 2015

Blackberry users in Pakistan trying to find some alternatives, as service going to shut down

I remember the time Blackberry smartphone launched in Pakistan, got so high fame and appreciation. At one point in time it also became a status symbol but later on the need of an hour. Many personal and commercial users found it more handy, as their year long data was also save in Blackberry.

Pakistan is plagued with militancy and when common users are getting benefits of BB then how could it happen that extremists remain behind in this. 

"PTA has issued directions to local mobile phone operators to close BlackBerry Enterprise Services from Nov. 30 on security reasons," an official with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority said in a text message.

A report released this week by British-based watchdog Privacy International said Pakistan's powerful military intelligence agency, was seeking to expand its ability to intercept communications.

BlackBerry encrypts data such as emails and its BlackBerry Messenger messages sent between a user's phone and public networks, ensuring greater privacy for users but making life harder for police and intelligence agencies.

The company has faced similar problems in the past in India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

Now Pakistan seeking more security to counter uprooting terrorism in country.

"Yes, PTA has asked the cellular companies to stop offering Blackberry Enterprise Services after November 30", Khurram Mehran Spokesperson of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority confirmed to a national daily. The PTA has written a letter to the cellular operators to give 90 days of notice to the customers before closing the services altogether.

He informed that only 4,000 to 5,000 people are using Blackberry Enterprise Services (BES) in Pakistan, which is not a huge number. He further said that no BES connection would be active after November 30th, 2015 in Pakistan.

The government has decided to stop the Blackberry Enterprise Services due to the security services, as conversation under BES could not be decoded. The monitoring system in Pakistan could not keep check on the BES. 

It is necessary for security purposes to intercept those conversations. Now the BES users are trying to find some other service for them as they are going to lose their favorite service now.

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Heavy rains and floods took dozens of lives in Pakistan

Photo Courtesy: Samaa
Rains and floods became so tremendous that people of southern Punjab and Chitral got effected by them.

Monsoon season is going in Pakistan and in this regard we witnessed heavy rains, which caused flood in many areas of Pakistan. Chitral faced heavy food of all time which brought havoc in the area. 

“According to the reports we have received until now, 26 people have been killed in Chitral, three in Punjab and seven in Balochistan,” Ahmed Kamal, a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), told AFP.
“Up to 350 villages have been damaged in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province and 422 in Punjab. An overall population of 250,000 has been affected due to floods,” he said.

At least eight members of the same family were killed on Friday night in Chitral when their house was swept away in the gushing floodwaters, an official in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said.

A warning on its website said that the severe weather is likely to persist in the northern Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral over the next four to five days, and has the potential to produce more flooding.

It prompted the Pakistani government to dispatch troops there to rescue those trapped by the flooding. The army says it is using helicopters to evacuate people from remote villages.

The flooding also has killed 12 people in Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province and in the country's eastern Punjab province. According to the National Disaster Management Authority, the floods in Punjab have affected about 200,000 people.

The latest spell of rains, which started on Friday, is likely to continue for another two days in Pakistan. Floods triggered by monsoon rains kill scores of people annually in the country.

Still we are unable to get some measures done for this sake. Punjab Disaster Management Authority also announced to prepare a report in this regard. Every year we face such situations and see politicians doing point scoring. When it comes to give relief to people, we cannot see much work.

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Jul 24, 2015

Don't forget to take tissues for wiping tears while watch Salman's biggest hit ever " Bajrangi Bhaijaan"

Bajrangi Bhai jaan bangs the Indo-Pak cinemas and broke all records of fame and business in both the countries.
Emotions and laughs, a roller coaster ride starts when the movie starts. I needed a lot of effort to get into cinema for watching “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” and all the hype I heard about this film ended up right. Lahore faced huge crowd in cinemas on this Eid, even after Eid all shows were going house full, and whosoever watched it recommended in his/her social circle.

There are few mishaps which we cannot avoid while watching it as a Pakistani, but otherwise it was an amazing creation by Mr. Khan. He has taken Eid as a launching date and no doubt gives much entertainment to the viewers in all respects.

Salman Khan always seems neutral and loving when indo pak relations are concerned, while he never showed any grudges towards Pakistan in every time of political tensions between these two countries. Even this film depicts that writer wants peaceful and love relationship between two countries. Seventy-two-year-old Koduri Ventaka Vijayendra Prasad penned the story of this super hit film, and he also wrote Bahubali which was released simultaneously in India, but “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” broke all records of success. It is said that Prasad has a wish to visit Pakistan. "If only someone can invite me to Pakistan, I want to visit that country," Prasad told Indian daily in an interview. 

Let’s talk about “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” now. It's story of a Bajrangi (aka Hanuman, the Monkey Hindu God) worshiper who is innocent and has a humble heart. Who does not believes in doing any wrong or deceiving someone. 
Photo Courtesy: FB Page of BB

Story starts from a Pakistani small mute but cute girl living somewhere in Kashmir. She is 6 years old but could not speak a single word. Her mother took her to a shrine in Delhi; while returning to Pakistan, she was lost in India, as Shahida (Harshali) took off from train while her mother was asleep.

Meanwhile when we see Bajrangi, who is so simple and dumb that failed in all educational exams for about ten times. When he finally cleared in graduation his father could not sustain that much happiness and passed away.

Pawan (aka Bajrangi) went Delhi to fulfill his father’s last wish where he met Rasika (Kareena Kapoor Khan). Both fell in love, when Rasika told his parents about their affair, her father declared if Bajrangi could own a house then those two can get married. 
Khans sharing chemistry on screen

Luckily Shahida (aka Munni) found Bajrangi, who took her with him. Rasika’s dad is angry old man and asked Bajrangi to send her back when he got to know through some nodes that she is Muslim and Pakistani. He tries to send her back through illegal ways and for that he also illegally crossed border. 

That tiny little got bonded with Bajrangi and Rasika, through their way to home they met a Pakistani reporter Chand Nawab; who first thought Bajrangi is an indian spy, but when heard him saying he came all the way just to escort that missing girl her home safely, Chand nawab decided to help them in every thick and thin. Chand nawab’s character was first seen as a small town reporter but he helped them greatly as Bajrangi was very truthful and all those problems Bajrangi and Munni faced were because of his habit of speaking truth everywhere.

A few more things about Chand Nwab’s first appearance. He is actually a Pakistani reporter, whose beeper was seen on youtube. Nawazuddin’s character is real and he acted as Chand Nawab did in that beeper. Salman says he wants to meet the real Chand Nawab, who is turned “Hero” back home. If you search Chand in google it will automatically refer you to Chand Nawab, who is viral nowadays. That beeper is hilarious though. Link is mentioned below. Gulf news reported that real Chand Nawab asks for some compensation from Mr. Khan.
Chand Nawab in a scene
Bajrangi got shot by Pakistani Police and captured while munni found her mother. Later on the police officers helped Bajrangi go back to india and while on border, finally Munni as in Shahida spoke. Yes yes you hear me right. She called Bajrangi as MAMA, what bajrangi first asked that little girl to call him. I bet if you managed not to cry in whole movie, you will have tears in your eyes at this moment. But beware, this is not the only scene. I somehow managed not to get too sentimental from the start but the writer and director will really make you weep just from the beginning.

When we talk of Munni as Shahida, she is big talent in small packet. Harshali is such a sweet looking and talented girl that without speaking a single word in whole movie she’ll catch all your attention and you will adore her. Great expressions and a million dollar smile. Kareena Kapoor was a school teacher and was seen in a typical Dehi wali Girl attire. While Mr. Khan preferred a normal man look, wearing Kurtas on Pants, having a small locket around his neck, which becomes much in demand these days.

Indian dailies report that Harshali is very talkative in real life and the spontaneous pictures of her with Mr. Khan are very much trending on social media. Harshali is new super star this year. as once she asked Mr. Khan “ aap mjhy bhi super star bna den gay?” Salman told to an indian Daily. He thought may be her mother taught him, and while inquiring to Harshali’s mother she refused and told Harshali has set her goals.

When we talk of business made by “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, it broke all records of fame. Earned more than 200 crores in just four days of release. And the number still goes on. Meantime in Pakistan two films were also released which are unable to grab that much attention of viewers.

The cast of BB contains Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan in lead roles. Harshali Malhotra, Nawazuddin Siddique, Najeem Khan( as the young Pawan), Om Puri, Ali Quli Mirza, Mir Sarwar, Deepti Naval, and Emran Hashmi, but I could not spot him anywhere in the movie. Kabir Khan is the director and movie is produced By Salman and Kabir along Sunil lulla. Music was composed by Pritam and Adnan Sami presented a controversial qawwali “Bhar do Jholi Meri” for which Amjad Sabri sued them. 

Harshali has been under every discussion for her role in this movie and some interesting things has been shared about her, as it was not her first screen appearance. She has off and on acted in some commercials and dramas. Other than all these praises there are some flaws which can be omitted for an excellent story. 

1: In film Narowal Check post is shown as hilly area while in reality it’s not so. 

2: I could not understand how Pawan gets Pakistani currency. 

3: When Chand Nawab was recording a video of him telling about Munni and Pawan, shahida’s mother passed by, they were on shrine same day and same time but didn’t saw each other. Munni and Pawan were with Chand, even then they missed seeing her mother.

We can really omit these as many huge productions may done few mistakes which are allowed to them. The gesture of an Indian escorting a missing Pakistani girl safely to her home is applaudable and choosing such a story at this point of time when two nations are in cold war with each other may really give a good impact on our relations. My favourite number is “tum dharrkan, mein dil” which suits best on scenes of Pawan and Munni.

Harhali’s co starts praise her a lot and says she is a brilliant girl and they have not seen such cute and intelligent child starts ever.

It was also read that Amir Khan wept while watching movie, so you beware of extremely sentimental scenes coming ahead and enjoy your movie. IMDB rates Bajrangi Bhaijaan 8.1. It turned out to be Mr. Khan's biggest hit of all times.


Jul 19, 2015

Eid Celebration Across the World in Pictures

Indian Muslim devotees offer Eid prayers at Taj Mahal in Agra

Young Kosovo Muslims take part in a prayer during a celebration of Eid Al Fitr

People in Dhaka traveling to home towns a day before Eid

People gathered for Eid prayers at United Arab Emirates Dubai 

Egyptians celebrate Eid al-Fitr

Eid prayers at Musalah Deira Dubai

People gathered for Eid prayers at Germany Dortmund

People shopping for Eid on Chand Rat in Indian City Gujarat 

People Greeting Eid each other after prayers at Kabul Afghanistan 

A girl gets her hands decorated with traditional henna patterns at a roadside stall ahead of Eid Al Fitr

Malaysian Girls taking selfie while waiting for Eid Prayers

Pakistani children play at a fairground during celebrations at  Eid Al Fitr holiday marking the end of Ramadan in Quetta
People Traveling to their destinations on roof of the bus in Pakistan's second largest city Lahore. Grand Badshahi Mosque in background

Pakistani young girls decorating their hands with Hennah 

People celebrating Eid at Jerusalem Palestine

Eid Gathering at Kosovo Russia 

People offering Eid prayers at Dubai, UAE

Imam delivering summon at Eid Prayers in Sharjah Eidgah UAE

People gathered for Eid Prayers at Istanbul Mosque Turkey 

Young Emirati greeting Eid each other at Dubai, UAE 

Afghan devotees leave after offering prayers at the start of the Eid Al Fitr 

A Muslim boy holds a balloon while sitting on a handcart on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr

An Indonesian mother prays while her son plays with a balloon during morning prayers for Eid al-Fitr celebrations at the Sunda Kelapa port in Jakarta.

Picture Source: Emirates 24/7, BBC Urdu, KhaleejTimes


Jul 16, 2015

No Eid for Ayyan, Judge goes on leave

It's been more than 3 months and Ayyan's all pleas for bail getting rejected one by one.

This was the 16th time the model was sent on judicial remand since her arrest from Benazir Bhutto International Airport with $500,000.

The model was presented before Banking Court Judge Sabir Sultan since the Customs Court Judge Rana Aftab Ahmed Khan has gone on leave.

Customs prosecutor Muhammad Amin Feroz requested the court to formally charge the suspect with the crime. The judge, however, said he was a duty judge and charge-sheet against the money-laundering suspect could only be presented in the Customs court.

Ali’s counsel Nasir Abbas requested the court to extend the model’s judicial remand till August 3, when the Customs judge is scheduled to return to work. The judge said the judicial remand could not be extended for more than 14 days and thus fixed July 27 as the next hearing.

Officials have reportedly charged the model with currency smuggling. The defence team is expected to plead not guilty and will likely produce private witnesses in the case.

Hearing into Customs Intelligence’s plea for registering a new money-laundering case against the suspect has also been adjourned till August 3.

Some percieve the situations as political victimization and feel sorry for Ali as she is not getting bail. Eid is near and it seems she will not be able to spend Eid with her family or friends.

But on reaching the court, Ayyan Ali received Eid gifts by one of her fans which flashed on TV screens and as usual media highlighted the story.

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Champions hit the dance Floor, Serena and Djokovic stole hearts

Photo by AFP
Serena Williams is thought o be among the best women tennis players in the world and yet again she proved it by her victory in Wimbledon.

The newly crowned tennis player Serena and Djokovic breath new life to an old tradition while hitting the dance floor at the Wimbledon Champions’ Ball on Sunday.

At the Grand Slam tournament’s annual champions’ dinner, tennis stars dance together to ‘Night Fever,’ Bee Gees’ disco hit from the 1977 movie Saturday Night Fever.

After defeating Roger Federer in four riveting sets in Sunday’s final, the men’s champion said he was going to ask Serena to dance. 

Djokovic said he originally planned for a waltz, but they ended up performing something straight out of Saturday Night Fever instead. 

The USA Today reported dancing at the ball had been a tradition at Wimbledon, but when the ceremony moved to a smaller space in 1977, the practice was scuttled and never officially brought back. 

Williams, who won her sixth Wimbledon trophy and 21st at a major on Saturday, tweeted a link to a photo of her and Djokovic at the dinner, and wrote Monday: “congrats @DjokerNole we brought back the dance!”

The two Wimbledon champions have won five of the six Grand Slam singles titles in 2015.

Tennis lovers praised the revival of tradition and hailed the winners. 


Jul 12, 2015

Dr. Zhivago fame Egyptian Hollywood star passed away at 83

Photo Courtesy: Variety
The Hollywood star is understood to have died of a heart attack at a hospital in Cairo, where he was resting after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

In May it emerged that the Egyptian-born actor had been suffering with the illness and was struggling to remember anything about his hugely successful career.

The 83-year-old actor’s agent Steve Kenis confirmed the news to AFP after the actor’s son Tarek Sharif revealed the diagnosis in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo on 23 May. Tarek confirmed that his father only remembered that he was a “famous actor” but had difficulty remembering the details of his roles and his co-workers.

The Egyptian-born actor came in the limelight for his charismatic good looks and rose to international stardom with his role in the 1962 epic Lawrence Of Arabia, his first English-language film. He later went on to star in blockbuster Dr. Zhivago (1965) based on Boris Pasternak’s novel of the same name, and in The Far Pavilions, a television mini-series based on M M Kaye’s novel set in pre-partition India.

Tarek said his father also renowned bridge player was aware of whom he was, but when fans approached him he had a hard time understanding why.

Sharif married the famous Egyptian actress Faten Hamama, known as “Lady of the Arab Screen,” but divorced in 1974.

It was not an easy time for such a big star to lose his memory who remained whole life in limelight. Indeed anyone who suffers such disease just not only feels confusion for himself but his family also been through the same.

He was considered one of the biggest Egyptian actors who made their way to Hollywood and had a successful career. He was born in a catholic family but converted to Islam for the sake of his love.

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Pack your bags, no more party, sit in fame DJ Butt under hot waters

Imran Khan with DJ Butt. PHOTO: @ALIKANCHWALA
On one side DJ butt asking for his funds while on other side he is been served by huge tax notice. no way out for Butt.
It seems that the sit in fame PTI supporter DJ Butt is going through a bad patch. Few days back news were flashing on all tv screens that DJ’s payment has not been cleared by the party and he seeks help of media for his funds to be realsed asap.

On the other hand party leadership denied the statement of DJ Butt and said they have paid him more than we decided. Now DJ butt is trying to blackmail them.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf refuted on Saturday Muhammad Asif aka DJ Butt’s claims that the party owes him Rs80 million for his services at their sit-in in Islamabad last year.

Reports suggest the committee has sent their report to the central leadership of the party, suggesting that no further amount should be paid to the entertainer whose beats punctuated political rhetoric at the PTI sit-in.

Further, Punjab Revenue Authority has issued a tax notice to DJ Butt for Rs17 million and summoned him on July 23 for neither registering himself nor paying due sales tax to Punjab government.

“As per definite information available on record you, DJ Butt have provided taxable services during the tax period mentioned above but you failed to deposit the amount of sales tax of Rs17,260,000.”

The notice issued stated DJ Butt has neither registered himself with PRA nor made payment of due sales tax to Punjab government or PRA.

Reacting to the notice, Butt said he was already under debt for non-payment from PTI and is considering going to court against the notice.

It seems that holy month did not bring him good news yet but maybe he can get some way out of it. It was also told by some sources that DJ does not own such a big business for which he has to be payable for such huge tax.

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Noor ul Hassan stands tall among all Ramadan transmissions, ask me why?

Noor ul Hassan along his co-hosts and guests on set of Rooh e Ramazan. ( Photo Courtesy: Muniba Mazari FB)
Game shows are meant to be entertaining but we witness new hippety hop scenes for the sake of grabbing a present from the host.

Ramadan is not only a holy month but for Pakistanis it’s a month of gifts and presents as many TV channels gave gifts in abundance to the audience in their special transmission. Every channel has their own special Ramadan or regular game show; we see many hosts who give gifts to their audience as these are candies of Halloween.

I should not be comparing Halloween candies with Ramadan transmission game shows but here is something which strike my mind from day one of these weird and disgusting game shows.

Recall Tariq Aziz the first game show host who started “Inam Ghar” and entertained us all with his wits and intelligence but with his informative questions as well. Later on Dr. Amir Liaquat started his own show comprising on same idea but the theme was actually different; which became the base of all upcoming game shows we see on our screens.

I like the idea of giving people presents through these game shows but abhor the way those gifts are distributed. They are supposed to do stupid and foolish things, more famous the host is, more idiotic acts he would ask his audience to do for the sake of a mobile, bike or even for a car.

Between this race of more ratings and more popularity I noticed only one person who is diligent, decent and very courteous towards his audience and does not expect his audience to act fool in front of whole Pakistan on prime time show; or give them funny names or make them joke on live show.

Noor ul Hassan is the man who in his Ramadan show distributes gifts among his audience in such a respectable way that it would steal your heart and may be you too abhor those gaudy anchors yelling vivaciously on their splendid show sets.

It may give you a feel that those actively running hosts are probably distributing alms among audience and the way people sprang on each other to grab the bag is very annoying. Noor’s show is vice versa to all such typical game shows, and he distributes gifts through draws.

We are heading towards a game show culture which is getting foolish day by day and later on it will also end up likewise to those morning shows. PTV never lost its true spirit and the selections it made for Ramadan transmission told us the standards. Noor ul Hassan not only stands tall among all the game show hosts but it also tells us that entertainment is not only gaudy sets, idiotic phrases and foolish acts; but what content we are giving to our audience in what way.


Jul 9, 2015

Facebook goes feminist, subtle change in friends icon

Throughout the world we see women getting empowered and for the sake of this purpose only our society can take initiative. 

Brands and social media websites are doing much for this purpose and here we saw a new initiative taken by the biggest social media website ever.Facebook has made a subtle change to the "Friends" icon that appears at the top-right of its homepage, bringing the woman in the image in front of the man, The Verge reports.

Facebook design manager Caitlin Winner explains in a Medium post that the change was brought about after she noticed that while the man in the icon in the Facebook stylebook — or "glyph"— was symmetrical (except for his spiked hairdo,) the lady "had a little chip in her shoulder."

Then Winner encountered another problem: "In comparison to the new lady, the old man icon seemed stiff and outdated." So she then set about smoothing down his hair and adding a slight slope to his shoulders.

In updating the man, she also noticed there were many places on Facebook where a single male figure is used to represent an action — such as the "add friend" icon — so she drew a female single silhouette too.

The next issue to tackle was the size and order of the female silhouette in the "Friends" icon.

Winner says the new male and female silhouettes have already been shipped out for desktop, and appropriate male and female icons are now designated in the new profile creation process.

You may have not noticed it but these slight changes in icons matter a lot. Many apprenticed this new change in icon on social media.It's also being hailed as a small, 32px small, to be precise, victory for feminism.

Link related to blog: Binsider


Komal felt the heat of her selfie

Selfie fever has taken new heights worldwide. Everybody wants to be an early bird to post their selfie portrait on social media and get appraised. some got severe accidents and some lost their lives juts for a single click. 

The thing which cannot be denied that social media become bit harsh and it comes to slam someone and want to tell your opinion or either criticism. There is a study that says that people get to harsh or rude while commenting or criticizing people on social media which also breaks some one hearts.

Unique and better selfie portraits are everybody's wish but how to get them . Well some people think out of the box and find awkward situations to take their selfies and post them to get more likes and followers.

Pop Pakistani Singer " The Bao Jee Girl" Komal Rizvi felt the heat of her idiotic selfie and claiming that she did the right thing as it was her right to celebrate a meeting with a celebrity. 

Recently, philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi got admitted in hospital for ill health. Many celebrities not only visited him but also had photo sessions which they posted on social media. One photo which raged the people was when Komal Rizvi posted a photo smiling and dropping her hair on ill Edhi, lying half conscious in hospital.

This reminded me of a man who took a selfie on his uncle's funeral in Sri Lanka and posted it on Facebook , this evoked a campaign to tell people that every moment is not a selfie moment.

Komal gt slammed by FB users and got harsh comments. In reply to those comments she posted that photo again and said that she was super excited to see Edhi sb and his family allowed her to take photo. we Sang, laughed and chatted about so many things while if we see those photos which she posted, edhi sb is seen weak and half conscious, except one photograph in which he is sitting on bed for a group photo.

Question here is to tell people who will decide what situation is right to take a selfie portrait and what is not? Everyone taking photographs should realize that every moment is not a selfie moment or if we visit someone to wish him good health, we cannot stand on his head and smile and take selfies for our fame.

She was widely criticized and the criticizers not only slammed her with words but with hilarious memes, which may roll you down and at some places her intervening head looked so real that you might believe she was there.


Jul 6, 2015

New GoPro action camera is here "Hero4"

The Hero4 Session took GoPro three years to build and develop and it’s clear this is the future of GoPro.

GoPro Hero4 Session, coming July 12th, and it represents one of the company’s greatest leaps forward in product design and usability—as I discovered first-hand while paddling down whitewater rapids.
The next generation of the GoPro action camera. Called the Hero4 Session, this new camera is the first major redesign of the company’s ubiquitous camera since the original Digital Hero launched in 2007. But it’s not just a pretty new face. This camera is a significant step forward for GoPro. This is the first GoPro that doesn’t need a case to survive extreme activities.

The Hero4 Session is the smallest GoPro yet. It’s a one and a half inch cube and weighs just 2.6 ounces. That’s about half the weight of an iPhone 6. And users will not need to lug around different cases to use the camera. It’s waterproof. This is part of the company’s efforts to reduce the amount of stuff needed to use a GoPro camera.

With the waterproofing, GoPro built a new microphone system that works similarly to human ears. A membrane drains water that’s trapped on the microphones. And this happens crazy quick: Just a second or two. This means that the GoPro can pick up clear audio moments after leaving the water. There is also a rear-facing microphone, which the camera switches to when it detects high amounts of wind noise on the front microphone.

The Hero4 Session feels fantastic. A pleasing rubber material coats the camera. It’s solid and sturdy and feels like it can take a tumble down a mountain. The top-mounted button requires a firm press. The LCD screen is bright and crisp.

The Session is the GoPro to buy. The video quality is great and more importantly, it’s the easiest to use. But it’s expensive at $400 and that’s a shame. GoPro needs to drive more consumers to the Hero4 Session. This camera is GoPro’s future.


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