Mar 29, 2015

Pakistani’s left in the lurch in Yemen

With the tense situation of Arab Emirates, many Pakistanis are waiting to come back while they are unable to do so. On Saturday Pakistani officials said they were preparing to evacuate its citizens and diplomatic staff stranded in Yemen; and two planes are on standby for them.

“Pursuant to the directive of the prime minister, the government of Pakistan is making all necessary arrangements for immediate evacuation of Pakistani community members and embassy personnel from Yemen,”said in a statement from the foreign office.

There are around 3,000 Pakistanis in Yemen and the foreign office said stranded citizens were being taken to safer cities from where special PIA flights will be arranged to bring them home.
A convoy of 12 buses would transport 500 people to the western port city of Hudaidah on Saturday, it said, with two PIA planes on standby.

“We are also in contact with all neighboring countries of Yemen for evacuation of Pakistanis there without visa by any safe means,” it said in a tweet.

Pursuant to the directive of the prime minister, the government of Pakistan is making all necessary arrangements for immediate evacuation of Pakistani community members and embassy personnel from Yemen. Foreign Office
In an earlier tweet, the foreign office said it was facing problems evacuating stranded citizens, with the main airports dysfunctional while routes to operating airports and the sea were unsafe.
Pakistani television channels aired live Skype and telephone interviews with citizens left in lurch in Yemen who complained that they were being threatened by rebels.

On Friday, Pakistan’s defense minister said it was ready to defend Yemen’s “territorial integrity” but had not yet decided to join the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Shiite Houthi rebels.

The media reports say hundreds of Pakistanis are on the rocks and waiting to be rescued. The miserable condition of them has distressed many people and wishing to bring those stone broke bring back to our land sooner and safely.


Watch Final Live Australia v New Zealand Cricket World Cup 2015

Watch Live Australia v New Zealand Cricket World Cup 2015
ICC Cricket World Cup, Final: Australia v New Zealand at Melbourne, Mar 29, 2015
Please wait for the stream to load....
Final: New Zealand v Australia March 29 @3:30 on Channels 1 to 10

Final: New Zealand v Australia March 29 @3:30 on Channels 1 to 10


Mar 28, 2015

What’s for Pakistan in Yemen War?

The Saudi interest engages the United States with Yemen on a level well beyond counter-terrorism. Saudi Arabia is far and away America’s most important Arab ally left standing. Its critical role in the global energy market as well as its cooperation with the United States in the dual struggle against both Iran and the Islamic State (ISIS) mean that the United States cares deeply about what happens to Saudi Arabia. 

While Pakistan offered help to Saudi Arab in war against Yemen. Reason the Sharif Government has deepest corner for Saudis and want to be America’s apple of the eye. With one indulgence they want to get into America’s and Saudi Arab’s good books. May be it is high time to repay price of the gifted animals and birds; but it’s costing high.

Opposition leader in the National Assembly Khursheed Shah on Friday warned that Pakistan should not take part in the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. “First, we were thrust into the war in Afghanistan. That fire engulfed Pakistan,” he said, cautioning the government not be forced into participating in another war.

Speaking on the floor of the assembly, the Pakistan People's Party senior leader said he expected that Parliament would be taken into confidence over the current developments in the Middle East and Yemen.

“Today, we read in the newspapers that the government has decided to go and protect Saudi Arabia,” he said. “The House should be taken into confidence before taking any decision,” he added, warning that if Pakistan will be “engulfed in fire if we decide go into this war”.

Shah said that Pakistan should go to the Middle East to restore peace and not to participate in war. Same opinion was of PTI leader Imran Khan.

Pakistan is not the only one interested in war against Yemen. The 10 countries involved in the intervention in Yemen are: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan, and Pakistan. 


Google's new initiative is to power your home with solar

The Government of Pakistan claims that till May they will end load shedding but it’s like we trust no government on this matter now. Contemporary energy producers acquire land and many complexities but the substitute energy can be very cheap in other terms and available, in case of Pakistan Solar energy can be savior from load shedding and hassles. The solar electricity generation comes with no air or water pollution. There are no carbon dioxide emissions to contribute to climate change; from manufacture of solar panels. Reason is that they're on roofs, land use impact is basically nil.

It also consumes much less water than sources like coal, natural gas, or nuclear, preventing strains on community supplies. The only hurdle is that the systems generally cost more than $10,000, which is around 100,000 Pakistani rupees estimated. Only lucky people who are wealthy can afford it and get rid of old power backups.

That's where a new fund put together by SolarCity and Google comes in. At $750 million, with $300 million of that from Google, it aims to get customers over the upfront cost, thus driving accessibility to household rooftop solar down into the middle and lower-middle class but for Americans only.

"It absolutely has democratized solar in a way, and made it more accessible," Jonathan Bass, SolarCity's vice president of communications, told an international magazine.

The SolarCity-Google fund’s explicit goal is to break the assumption that green energy is more expensive than traditional electricity. This business model won't be able to make the pieces fit everywhere; but they're open for business in 14 states of America only; and think they can reach 25,000 new households and add 500 megawatts in new capacity.

For many customers, the thinking is: "'If you can lower my overall energy bill — if I pay less for solar than I'm paying for utility power today, with no out of pocket costs up front — that's something I'd love to do,'" Bass said.

Third world countries while facing so many problems, Pakistan along them is also one who is still unable to fight energy crisis. Such initiative by Google can lead to a better life of people but no such investment is introduced here because of so many reasons. Security and bad economy is on top among them. Rather than participating in other’s war, government should try to bring attention of foreign investors to Pakistan and resolve energy issues.

Imagine if a mediocre person can utilize solar energy, the saved money can be used in so many other ways. Along his life standards he can educate his children with the money saved from electricity charges. As mentioned above even Americans find it expensive for powering their houses with solar energy, it looks like Pakistanis will be able to get this in 15 to 20 years. Though this is introduced here but it’s too much expensive that middle class people cannot afford it.


Nervy win of Australia tingled Indians, Asia lost WC 2015

It was the final battle of India for World cup but unfortunately they lost the match badly and Australian Kangaroos jumped to the finals. While Indians not only faced defeat we saw many other emotions as well.

The most trending issue was Kohli and Anushka during, as Kohli failed to give good performance; twitteratis blamed Anishka for his bad day. The social media blamed and shamed both the stars, in the meanwhile Ganguly got into this fight and saved Anushka by saying that why she has to be blamed? She has done nothing wrong. Even in my point of view she was to cheer her love but not to distract him and if India loses it’s not her fault.

“What wrong Anushka has done? She had only gone to see a cricket match like the families of other players. It is unfair to blame her for Kohli’s performance. It is the immaturity of people (criticizing Anushka),” said the former Indian team captain Saurav Ganguly.

Another obtrusive behavior which I have witnessed today on social media, was that Pakistani’s were divided into two groups. Yesterday Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarrar retweeted about bringing the cup in Asian country and many Pakistanis second her opinion that even if Pakistan is unable to get into finals, our sympathies and prayers are with Indians because we belong to same region.

On the contrary the Facebook was full of the posts hoping for India’s defeat and Aussies win. It depicts that a large number of people were divided into two mindsets. One believed that the cup should come into any of the Asian country and even if it is India we don’t mind and they debonairly accepted their expected win. The other group was completely scornful about India and they were hankering for India’s defeat. And many distributed sweets if their circle for celebrating India’s defeat.

So these are the two behavioral drawbacks of the match today which were widely seen and experienced. I believe that defeat is part of game as well, but striking in someone’s personal life is morally wrong. The love birds were criticized and slammed too much on social media. The other side of picture could be this that Aussies are brilliantly too good that is why they have been winning since many years.

Snapping Anushka or celebrating for India’s defeat could no good to anyone but the narrows minds are unable to understand this.


The next “Hot Ride” is Pink Rickshaw on the roads of Lahore

Have you ever imagined that a women should be a bus or rickshaw driver so that so many of our sisters could have safe rides and move around freely without fear of being molested, harassed or abducted by the auto man?

Well I have dream of it and now it seems that the women are going to conquer the old and stereotype mindsets of our society. The commutation is biggest issue of every woman or girl going out from home for different purposes. Government of Punjab tried to resolve it by providing bus facilities and a special Pink Bus which will only carry female passengers but it somehow failed.

Now another initiative of Government of Punjab is to run “Pink Rickshaws” which will not only carry female passengers but also female drivers. The sassy color will tell you that it is for the women and by the women.

Sounds pretty amazing but do not forget it will bring so many other hazards for female drivers. Though the cultural barriers are going to be removed by these sassy pink rickshaws and female drivers. It will also help them to earn their bread and butter and keep the wheel of life moving. This new opportunity will lead to endless opportunities and those who are incapable of working in offices or abhor bossy behavior of people can have their own business which is easy and affordable for them.

Although many women pool cars’ rides but no one had this kind of vehicle which is actually a modernized auto rickshaw and adopt it as a profession. The new design has safe and covered sitting for both driver and passenger; and it could also save them from being showy on signals.

I was expecting that women will be riding Scotties in near future but now I see a broader spectrum in front of me for those who are illiterate or want to do something less hectic.

This will also make women financially independent, although they have to face much criticism from society and driving auto rickshaw on the roads is not at all an easy job, but I hope they will succeed, as women can do anything in the world. They will break the old barriers and will become a good example for our new generation.

Now many women and girls can move on freely and without fear of being harassed. The initiative deserves praise but Government should not also forget the pros and cons of the business, the special workshops should also be made and specialized mechanics should be hired for the maintenance so they don’t need to get into hazards of local workshops and their processes for maintenance.


Superlative Bride vs. Realist Perfect Brides

I have been thinking what the criterion is for a perfect bride; since I have grown up nitty-gritty for a perfect bride were tall like a Date tree, fair complexion like milk, shiny teeth like pearls, dumb like cow, active like ant, long hair like snake and the list goes on.

The mentality of a patriarchal society has not been changed even after getting education. The latest demand of a suitor is a woman who is educated, younger than him, immensely pretty and some prefer a working lady. Along these demands they also want a tall girl with fair complexion and even if she is not of good conduct who cares, she is pretty and that’s it for them. They will be mesmerized with her looks regardless of knowing how scurrilous she is. 

Recently came across a person who was lonely, lost his parents but seeking a wife who is a working lady and tall, it wonders me that men nowadays don’t wish for a caring and loving wife but seek a pretty bride regardless of the fact that what she lacks in her nature. Mostly men desire a wife who is thought perfect but their definition of perfect wife is quite complicated.

Here are some nitty-gritty of a superlative bride and a real perfect bride.

Fair Vs. Unfair:

A girl whose complexion is like moon is symbol of producing fair children, well who cares she brought up rude and manner less kids. On the contrary if a girl has tan, dusky or dark dusky complexion but is a Lady in real terms will never be preferred because they doubt on their son’s genes and want beautiful grandchildren.

Tall vs. Short:

The most desirable girls are those who have good heights over the girls who are short. Obviously a short girl can be only of good conduct or nature but she cannot clean Fans, ceilings and walls by herself without any help. How can one afford to buy stools for wife, rather he bring a wife who is substitute of a ladder and stool.

Working vs. Non-working:

It was a mindset that women working in offices are of bad morale. Obviously a girl who has explored every bit of this cruel world will be more aggressive, spontaneous and confident about her decisions. While a girl who spends her time at home will have lesser social contacts and will only spend day watching soups with full of family politics and unrealistic novels. They can do no help to their husband when in the time if need because they are so sensitive and dumb. A working woman is more brave, responsible and groomed as compare to a girl who has not seen outer world.

Hijabis vs. Modern girls:

Another most desired bride is the one who is Hijabi and pretends all the time as she is the last from the dynasty of most noble family on the earth. She avoids to talk na-mehram (apparently) and covers her hair all the time. She is chosen over the girl who does not covers her head, talk to men but that conversation is constructive, she is confident of herself that she is not crossing her limits. Well even then a man loves to talk such a woman but not to marry her because they love hypocrite women.

This is the nature’s rule that men are attracted towards beautiful women rather than good women and they judge her from their appearance. Even education cannot teach men of our times that a perfect bride is she who can comfort them and take care of them. Even if she is dusky, short or spontaneous but if she is of good nature and conduct she can raise your off-springs in a desirable way. Men should see what kind of mother they want for their kids not what kind of wife they want for exhibitive purposes.

Try to have realist approach and prove that education has done some good to our society. This does not mean that a tall, hijabi, less educated or home sitting girl will prove to be a bad wife but a girl who is vice versa to her can be a good wife as well. It is injustice to abhor such girls to make them your life partner.

Look at one’s capacity of heart not the shape of her.


Mar 27, 2015

“Good Celebrity" Angelina became Science Hero by removing Ovaries to prevent Cancer

She belongs in the good celebrity category and there are no doubts about it. Angelina Julie Pitt revealed that she had her ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed because of cancer fears. Doctors say that because of her family history, it will reduce her risk by almost 90 percent.

For better or worse, celebrities have a way of making us think. While many celebrities shun away the spotlight outside their particular medium, some good ones actually make use of their fame to help mankind by recording public service announcements, endorsing charities, or raising awareness of important social issues.

The BRCA1 gene mutation puts women at about a 5x greater risk of breast cancer and an almost 30x greater risk of ovarian cancer. Those numbers are both significant and scary. Julie's mother died of ovarian cancer at age 56 (having also been diagnosed with breast cancer), as did her grandmother. This strong maternal family history led her to get a blood test, which confirmed that she indeed had inherited the BRCA1 mutation.

Angelina made the audacious and brave decision not to keep it a secret. Rather than hiding (which she very easily could have done), she openly stated that she was sharing her condition with the world to raise awareness, helping to educate other women who may be similarly affected.

She wrote an op-ed piece in The New York Times on March 24, just a week after the procedure. In it she detailed the latest (and hopefully last) chapter in her ordeal and why she continues to undertake it. Though she admitted that she is still not completely out of the woods (still carrying a 3-5 percent risk of both cancers), she revealed that her main reasons for her candor were to raise awareness and to let women know that they have options, surgical and otherwise.

The decision of mastectomy and removing of Fallopian tubes and ovaries do not spare her but she used it to tell other women that they can save their selves if they want to. As a celebrity it was not an easy thing for her because she lives perpetually in the public eye, is the most successful and famous couple.

The step taken by Angelina terms her as a Science hero while some criticize her for being so brave and bold; they sees her as a foolish women while some see her as a Hero. Her husband Brad Pitt was with her in hours when got the new of surgery even he supported her.


Mar 26, 2015

Watch Live Australia v India Cricket World Cup 2015

Watch Live Australia v India Cricket World Cup 2015
ICC Cricket World Cup, 2nd Semi-Final: Australia v India at Sydney, Mar 26, 2015
Please wait for the stream to load....
Semi: Australia v India March 24 @1:00 on Channels 1 to 10

Semi: Australia v India March 24 @1:00 on Channels 1 to 10


Want some "Jalaibee"? I bet you'll regret

Recently released with a bang, Pakistani film “Jalaibee” did not get much appreciation after its release. As the weak and Bollywood type story of the movie remained incapable of getting much attention of people. The cinematography was done very professionally and with an Arri Alexa camera which had great result on screen, but it also showed minute errors and flaws of the movie which looked bizarre. It twisted audiences' minds but also came to naught.

The cast is very strong and good except few ones, The Mafia King’s role was played by Veteran Actor Sajid Hasan, street criminals Danish Taimoor as Billu and Ali Safina as Bagga, the bar dancer Zhalay Sarhadi as Bunnu, King’s dumb and beautiful daughter was Sabeeka Imam as Iman, King’s closest man Adnan Jafar as Dara and the avengers Waqr ali as Ali Jamal and Uzair Jaswal as Jimmy.

Story is full of stupid twists and they claim it the best so far action thriller movie of the times, which after watching the movie seems like a rumor. The story is written and directed by Yasir Jaswal and he spend heavy amount on making this movie which he might not be able to get back. The producer is Eman syed and movie came under ARY Films and Redrum Films banner. No doubt it’s a complete flop.

Movie has mixed Urdu and English dialogues, which do not pull together. The story is like a Mafia Don named King killed a man, whose foreign qualified sons come back to Pakistan for avenging their father’s blood. Elder son Ali traps King’s daughter Iman and kidnaps her father by getting information from her.

While two street criminals who indirectly work for King lost the stolen money, and Dara, who is King’s man, asks them to return money by day after tomorrow. The goofy Bagga and angry young man Billu steals a car (P.S. a hot yellow Mustang 70 the original attraction in whole movie, which contains kidnapped mafia gang leader) and finds someone in dickey. Out of fear Billu shoots that man and is off to a casino which he wants to rob with the help of a bar dancer Bunnu. Poor Billu is screwed up badly because Dara owns that casino; and he became furious when saw Billu and Bagga looted the casino.

After all the incidents everybody dies, nobody gets the money; but the lone survivor is the real villain of the movie, about whom I will not disclose because I don’t want to kill you curiosity here although every scene was predictable. The action scenes were given Hollywood touch while the movie looked like a 90’s Bollywood style storyline which lost attention even before interval. Background music was sometimes so dull that it killed the punch lines and soul of scene. Otherwise the songs included are better than the story. Waqar overacted in some scenes but Sajid Hasan and Zhalay were phenomenal, Yasir could have made best use of their talent but he failed to do so.

Zhalay performed an item number “Jawani” but in a covered manner and was pretty good with her acting and dance. Later on the covered performer i.e. bunno was roaming with Billu and Bagga in a short hot black dress which looked so unreal. Many flaws and blunders which anyone can point out but the appreciation is for making a movie and trying to revive the cinema culture.

IMDB rates movie as 7.2 but near me it deserves less than 5. Yasir jaswal can do better work with an original screenplay and we are looking forward for some work in future. On the contrary we feel sorry for his loos of 100 million because the movie had earned till now 40 million, out of which a large amount was given by Real State Tycoon Malik Riaz, he bought almost 10,000 tickets for Bahria Residents.


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