Dec 28, 2015

The tale of Power Puff Women

The modern day society is obsessed to be tagged with brands, big, small or even medium. They want to have everything branded for making their self more worthy and esteemed. People have forgotten the difference of attachment vs loyalty with a particular brand.
We see many emerging new brands in Pakistan, especially in the fashion industry. Day to day they are rising more with a bigger fan following, but something horrible is happening around which they are unable to see.
Rather than creating an emotional attachment to their particular brand, they are making people, esp. women addicted to their products. What's wrong with that? Indeed, one cannot find anything wrong about it but the recent incidents happening in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi proved a vicious mentality of buying Sale items by hook or by crook. 
The outlets turn into battlefield and women became a warrior. Those who use to flaunt the class and their education, bent to the lowest levels and not only showed the stronger side of them by snatching clothes and having cat fights but made the sale mania craze stronger than ever.
The branded clothes went on sale every year, twice or thrice in 12 months, but few brands are very reluctant to sell their clothes in meager sales. That is why when they announced the 2 days special sales, whole female population gathered at the outlets and showed the desperateness for mere clothes.
I am myself a huge fan of sale but the thing which astounded me, women have become emotionally vulnerable to buy those branded clothes for less price that they can even fight, bite, yell, snatch and misbehave in public while forgetting the Lady side of them.
On Black Friday Sales, we saw a catfight in Sapphire, a newly opened retail outlet of women clothes, which got world attention and was viral not only in Pakistan but in Britain, America and other parts of the world as well. The mirror published the news under Weird news section, which might be not a good thing.
Sapphire is not the trend setter and I am lucky enough to witness such great rush of women in Khaadi Store last year followed by this year as well. When the stocks end, women become furious and even pleaded other women to give them the dress for a bit more price because they have came so far and do not want to go empty handed.
Recently a similar video went viral of a Karachi-based designer outlet Agha Noor who announced flat 50% off in respect of celebrating their anniversary, which was more repulsive than the former ones. The huge mob of women broke the outlet door, many fallen on the floor, many lost their phones, purses and even dupattas, which can be seen clearly in the video. 
I just ask myself one question whenever to see women degrading themselves like this. Do they even have any idea the brand owners make very few clothes for themselves and believe that buying too many clothes is wastage of money? Do these women have any idea that they are representing a frustrated and desperate picture of Pakistani women dying to buy a Kurta in sale which might not even be of their size, because they can't even ask the staff for their size, and if they somehow manage to ask there won't be any left, might be they have picked up the wrong piece in haste.
Here are two suggestions, either these brands should stop announcing such sales or have massive sales, several times in a year to fulfill the apetite for more designer clothes. I feel these women who can do anything to buy that Branded Kurta, might not understand that they are portraying a very bad image of themselves and have stooped so low that we cannot even teach them. This must be stopped here otherwise it will turn into a cultre which would be very degrading for all of us. This not only happens in Pakistan but in worldwide but seeing the misery of Pakistani women the brand owners must do something for their loyal customers rather than insulting and humiliating them like this.


Facebook and Uber came together for loyal customers

Christmas is here so one of the biggest social networking giant Facebook has an exciting gift for its users. The company has launched a new feature that lets people book cars directly from Uber using the Messenger smartphone application. 

The Americans can use Facebook Messenger to book an Uber cab and simultaneously alert their friends in a chat thread under this feature. 

The new Uber in Messenger feature can be found by clicking on the car icon or finding “Transportation” in the three-dot “more” menu below where you write your messages. 

Tech crunch reported that either of those actions will open Uber’s Request Ride option where you can add your pick up location, destination, and car type. 

“We are just getting people used to the idea that you can message more than just people on Messenger,” Seth Rosenberg, Facebook product manager, was quoted as saying in a post. 

Everyone who books a cab via Messenger "Transportation" would get a $20 Uber credit. Earlier, WeChat, a messaging and calling app, allowed users to book cars in China. 

Facebook, however, claims that their move was not inspired by WeChat. Meanwhile, Uber also plans to use Messenger as a test case for real-time customer service 

"We will start testing live support through Messenger to find out if this is the best way to start using real-time support through this," Rahul Bijor, Uber's head of API and strategic partnerships, was quoted as saying. 

According to Facebook, there are 700 million people on Messenger. The new feature will most likely be available in the US by Christmas. 

Uber is not launched in Pakistan yet, so there is nothing for this region other than some new features who let you give a nickname to the chat, while customize chat color and adding some different emoji buttons. So wnjoy them and forget something big from Facebook.

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Peaceful talk could resolve contentions, no need for war, says Sushma Swaraj

Indian Union Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj told parliament on Wednesday that talks with Pakistan are the only way to deal with terrorism; whereas New Delhi was engaging with Islamabad with a belief that dialogue was the only option to remove “the shadow of terror”.

The Indian Minister visited Pakistan last week; while the authorities and diplomats were very hopeful for the successful dialogues. 

Indian media reported that she said to the Lower House, Swaraj said India and Pakistan decided to hold talks on terror when Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif met in Ufa (Russia) in July and then in Paris recently.

“We said we can talk so that terrorism comes to an end. So talks (between NSAs) took place in Bangkok where we discussed terrorism. But one meeting will not bring a solution to all problems. So, we will continue the dialogue,” she said during the Question Hour.

Swaraj further stressed that war with Pakistan was not an option and that India was talking to Pakistan regarding terrorist camps existing in Azad Kashmir. She was responding to BJP member Ganesh Singh’s question whether India was exploring options like the US did to hunt down terrorists like Osama Bin Laden.

“We have decided that through talks we will resolve the issue of terrorism as talks are the way forward so that the shadow of terror is removed. But we want to make it clear…our prime minister has made it clear that talks and terror can’t go together. Dialogue is drowned by the sound of explosion,” she said.

Swaraj’s comments came in the backdrop of India’s recent decision to restart the ‘comprehensive’ dialogue with Pakistan under which various subjects, including terrorism and Jammu and Kashmir, will be discussed.

She said India will continue to take all necessary steps to safeguard the nation’s security and safety of all citizens. Asked whether India raised the issue of cross-border terrorism at any international forum like the UN, Swaraj said the government actively discusses it in all its forms and manifestations in multilateral forum including UN, EU, SCO, ARF, BIMSTEC, SAARC, GCTF etc. and bilaterally with several countries, including all P-5 countries in Joint Working Groups on counter-terrorism.

“They held candid and constructive discussions. During my recent visit to Pakistan on December 8-9, the two sides decided that the NSAs will continue to address all issues connected to terrorism. The Indian side was assured of the steps being taken to expedite the early conclusion of the Mumbai trial,” she added.

It is evident from history that no war did any good to anyone. Sushma Swaraj’s speech depicted that if we get any good mediator then many issues between Indian and Pakistan can be resolved. 

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Shah Rukh and Kajol to mesmerize Pakistani fans on Hum TV show

Indian Cinema has been very famous in Pakistan from years and while they do a lot for promoting their movies, we can see a very new trend here in Pakistan as well.

Since Ranbir and Deepika starred Bollywood hit Tamasha had been launched the distributors in Pakistan have given a thought to promote the Indian movies here in Pakistan too.

Ranbir and Deepika talked to journalists through video link and then Deepika and Ranvir Singh also promoted their movie Baji Rao Mastani, tough we all enjoyed that candid conversation with them.

Now Hum TV is going to do something bigger than that and as Dilwale is about to hit the cinemas in both Indo-Pak on 18th of December, Shah Rukh Khan sent love for his Pakistani fans through a video message.

While Shah Rukh Khan along Kajol Devgan is set to appear in morning show of HUM TV hosted by Sanam Jung.

According to an English daily website, a source in HUM TV confirmed that. Sanam will host Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol for the promotion of their upcoming movie ‘Dilwale’, which is set to release on Dec 18.

Hum TV is also distribution partner of ‘Dilwale’ in Pakistan that may be the reason why Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol choose to appear on HUM TV morning show and through that not only a few people but whole Pakistan will be able to see the stars of Bollywood on Pakistani TV Screen.

It is necessary to mention here that Indian movies do a lot of business in Pakistan too, that is why many Pakistani producers and actors ask to ban Indian cinema on local screens.

As per reports, the show will be recorded in Dubai, it is expected to be on air before the release date of Dec 18. Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol will be wearing Pakistani Designers’ Amir Adnan and FnkAsia dresses on the show, i.e. a blac dress fro Mr. Khan and a red gown for Mrs. Devgan.

The news got viral on social media and Pakistani fans are very excited to see their beloved stars on Pakistani Screen sooner.


Modi is a changed man, said Imran Khan after meeting him

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan’s meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi remained under discussion all over media on Friday.

PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi termed Imran-Modi meeting positive, by saying that they discussed Pak-India cricket series.

In a visit to the neighboring country, Imran Khan asked Modi for promoting cricket, while as per Qureshi the PM Modi gave a positive response though Imran Khan said in an Indian TV show that Modi passed a big smile which he is unable to decipher.

Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said that the PTI chairman called on PM Narendra Modi and invited him to visit Pakistan. He added, both the leaders welcomed the recent interaction between two neighboring countries and expressed hope that the recent developments would lead Pakistan and India to closer cooperative ties.

The future of democracy is bright in Pakistan, adding that the people have developed a consensus that no system except democracy would function in the country, Imran Khan said in a TV show.

Praising the Pakistani master batsman, Javed Miandad, Imran Khan said it was his big quality to perform even when he was under pressure.

The former Indian captain Kapil Dev also joined PTI chief in the program and said he was too inspired of Imran Khan.

"I used to copy Imran Khan's hair style," Kapil Dev said, and also told how Indian women were impressed and had crush on him as well.

PTI chairman during last night’s interview said that he did not mind if Kashmir was kept in “a different package of the peace talk” so long as there was an understanding that Kashmir is a sticking point. “Sooner or later it has to be resolved,” Khan said.

“I had supported South Africa’s boycott by the cricketing world during the apartheid era because it was about human rights violation,” said the Khan.

Imran was of the view that any move that can improve bilateral relations between Pakistan and India, such as a cricket series, should be adopted.

“We don’t want to be enemies forever. You have to think about the future. There are mutual cricketing heroes in both our countries. Like Wasim Akram is adored and loved in India, Sachin Tendulkar is a hero in Pakistan,” he said.

The meeting between Imran and Modi comes days after Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj visited Islamabad and held meetings with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and PM’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz.

The current political situation between both the countries is a positive sign to make relations good and end the hatred between these two nations. Recently there was a surge for intolerance in India when Pakistani actors and artists visit them. After seeing the current situation, it can be conceived that Imran Khan has also made a strategy to have good bilateral relations.

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Dec 10, 2015

Top 10 TV Shows of 2015

List of Top 10 TV Shows of 2015

Game of Thrones

The Walking Dead

The Daily Show

Saturday Night Live


The Simpsons

19 Kids and Counting

Grey's Anatomy

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Orange is the New Black


Donald Trumps proposal to ban Muslims roundly condemned

West is under attack by extremist outfits and this is necessary to tell here that Muslims in those countries suffer the most.

The American Presidential candidate Donald Trump use to vomit venom against Muslims and after recent Californian shootings he demanded to ban Muslims from entering into America.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s call to ban all Muslim immigrants from entering the US “disqualifies him from serving as president” during Tuesday’s press briefing.

"The first thing that a president does when he or she takes the oath of office is sworn an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," he told reporters. "And the fact is that what Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from being president. And for Republican candidates to stand by their pledge to support Mr. Trump, that in and of itself is disqualifying."

Pew Research has estimated that immigration will cause the population of U.S. Muslims to more than double over the next two decades—from 2.6 million in 2010 to 6.2 million in 2030. This demographic change is entirely the product of legal admissions–that is, it is a formal policy of the federal government adopted by Congress.

The Trump's ban on Muslims was highly condemned, even a Florida mayor says he's banning Donald Trump from his city after the Republican presidential candidate called for the U.S. to stop Muslims from entering the country.

Playing off of Trump's earlier words, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman tweeted Monday that he was banning Trump "until we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all Trumps."

After billionaire Donald Trump commented that Jeff Bezos was "screwing the public" by sheltering his money through an investment in The Washington Post, the founder of replied by offering the instantly presidential candidate a seat on his space startup's reusable rocket.

We wish him a safe flight to space and expect that he respect's the humanity. Such person is highly unfit for world's largest and super power nation and this is the reason we can clearly see what will be his political career in America.

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Dec 8, 2015

Youtube restored mistakenly in Pakistan

Youtube is one of the most commonly visited websites in Pakistan, which is still banned, but it is accessible through proxies, though people still want the government to lift the ban as well.

On the weekend, it was observed that Youtube was accessible in many parts of the country. It is not for the first time, but such situation was also seen few months back when youtube was available on PTCL and after some time it was again blocked.

Even after three years the government is unable to uplift the ban and give any hope of it too. The cities where the site was operational include Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Sine 2012, YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan, while the website management turned down Pakistan government request to block the blasphemous video ‘Innocence of Muslims’, for local viewership.

Reportedly, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said on Sunday that YouTube is officially banned, and there was no change in the government’s stance on it.

The reasons for the sudden restoration of YouTube are still unclear.

Some believed that the site was accessible as one of the four submarine cables that connect the country with the internet is under maintenance, and its traffic has been diverted to some European country where the website is accessible. However, others believe that it was due to some technical fault at PTA that it was accessible in the country.

This is not the first time that YouTube has been restored under mysterious circumstances. How long the website would remain accessible is still unclear.

But the viewership of Youtube in few hours touched the heights. Though there are many alternatives to reach Youtube but people still wants free access to the internet.

Courtesy: PropPakistani

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Nov 30, 2015

Intolerance growing in India, website Slap Amir is proof of it

Indian actor Amir Khan aka Mr. Perfect’s one comment brought out the true intolerant culture in few of the extremist Hindus. He not only faced the threats but was disgusted too by these extremist organizations and their followers.

When the Shiv Sena's Punjab unit offered Rs 1 lakh to anyone who would slap Amir Khan, no one, including the party's heads in Maharashtra took it seriously. 

But now two students from the Miami Ad School has made a website where you can actually 'slap' Amir Khan. 

The website has a hand which allows you to 'slap' Amir, and his face even keeps on changing with every slap. At the time of writing, over 4.6 lakh people had already 'slapped' Amir Khan, as per the site’s counter.

The website text says: “ is for humor and creative purposes only and does not represent any political views of the people involved. Please be tolerant of our humor,” which is itself controversial statement.

Such act depicts that the hatred towards Muslims in Indian society is growing like mushrooms. This is not the first of its kind example but before that King Khan Shahrukh also felt the heat of his one statement regarding intolerance on his birthday.

This means that any Muslim living in India if talks about the growing intolerance will have to face more intolerance in return.

This is alarming and if the state does not take any action regarding this, the situation can get worse. Modi government is already infamous for its biasedness towards Muslims.

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H&O services are determined to change the fate of blue collar employees

Technology has changed our lives and the way we use to live. One example of such brilliant new way of offering services to make life better is H&O services. They are working hard to close the gap between demand makers and the services suppliers
Most of us need help in our routine life for home or offices etc. H&O services are new in town and bringing the helpers closer to those who need them most. H&O Services is a blue collar worker’s placement business entity which is devoted to resolving the issue of unemployment, non-reliability and security existing in the Pakistani blue collar market regarding workers in the different areas.

What H&O Services do?

H&O services is a social enterprise cum business entity which is designated to address daily life common problems most people face at their homes. They are dedicated to training, managing and verifying semi-skilled labor in Pakistan for giving them better standards both in living and at working. In essence, they connect households with reliable and trustworthy drivers, helpers and cooks.

This social business has witnessed PKR 2.5 million in investment and has created lots of jobs for blue collar market.

The Minds behind H&O:

25 years old Mudassar Sharif after graduating from LUMS thought to do something worthy for his people. The team consists Mudassar Sharif, founder and CEO, Muhammad Ashfaq, field manager, Maham Ejaz, marketing manager and Nawaz, business development manager. The board of directors consists entrepreneurs, educationists, and scientists. Which depicts the team is strong and has the dedication to do some good for the people. He told that his mentor was having a startup named Kamata Pakistan, and when we bring this idea to him, he guided the team at his fullest to make this dream become a reality.

Team H&O not only provides hassle free hiring but also give basic health allowance, training to enhance efficiency, health insurance and help in child’s education to their registered workers. 

The Mission:

Mudassar’s vision is to improve our society with technology and innovation. In a conversation with PakistanProbe, Mudassar told that this project was officially launched a year ago, but they got an overwhelming response.

The Social Innovation Lab incubate says H&O services is not just a website but a whole company with staff and field workers. Blue collar workers are very much in demand and people are searching them on the internet, it was his idea to pop up in this situation and make the demand maker meet suppliers through their mediation.

He added that supply side is pretty challenging. Workers are not eligible to use technologies but the demand makers can and that’s where we connect these both.

The Recruitment Process:

Mr. Sharif told that we recruit domestic helpers by field search and have contacts with some NGOs too, which help us in placing unemployed people on jobs.

They have registered 600 workers from different areas of Pakistan but are providing services in Lahore only. Out of 250 interviewed people matching with the demand of the customers, they have placed almost 75 people on jobs. 

He also told us that in a year more than 500 people contacted them while the number is increasing day by day.

Being a social enterprise, H&O services keep in mind the other social factors as well. The company has collaborated with an NGO Dastak, and lawyers too, for handling any unwanted situation. 

Mudassar says, “We do not promote child labor at all and if workers have children then we convince them to send kids for education. H&O find government schools in their locality and provide the basic and necessary things which school is not providing.”

The company has also made a strategy to counter domestic violence or women abuse though no such case was seen till now. They have charted a whole plan for making workers safe.

“We understand our responsibility, and stay in touch with workers. We highlight the violence and try our best to keep worker and employer happy. The company is also trying to register with Punjab Labor Department so that workers can get more benefits out of it.” Mr. Sharif added. 

He further said, “We are too much occupied in Lahore, and giving services in posh areas only. People usually find us expensive and we prefer giving more salary to the workers. People support us in this cause and willing to pay those workers more. Our business model is different that is why people prefer us.”


Nov 26, 2015

Break the silence to end violence

Violence against women can be ended if countered like a viral disease.

Domestic violence is as much an issue on the global scale as it is in developed countries. According to the UN, one in three women around the world have experienced physical, emotional or sexual violence, mostly at the hands of an intimate partner. In fact, the global organization calls it a “global pandemic”.

The UN’s ‘Orange the World’ campaign to end violence against women and girls coincides with White Ribbon Day, and will run from Nov. 25 to Dec. 10. The campaign encourages individuals, organizations and governments to participate in activities over 16 days to highlight the need for violence to end, and sees worldwide landmarks, such as the National Monument of Pakistan on lit orange.

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the UN Women executive director, said the 16 days would highlight the diverse range of people speaking out against gender-based violence. “As we launch the ‘Orange the world’ campaign today, we already know that tuk-tuk drivers in Cambodia, soccer stars in Turkey, police officers in Albania, schoolchildren in South Africa and Pakistan, and hundreds of thousands of others around the world are all, in their own way, taking a stand,” she said.

This is a global issue not related to any single country or religion. One of the kind of such violence is psychological abuse which is not even reported. The psychological abuse is mostly done by family members or intimate partner

Even after many campaigns world is unable to counter this problem. If the violence was countered as an epidemic, the issue could be resolved earlier if the governments take it seriously.

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Swiss region to ban full face veil, demands up to £6.5k fine

One of the Swiss states has decided to ban Burqa after the Paris attacks.

AS per details, a Swiss state has voted to fine those who wear a burqa in public. The fine would be 10,000 francs (£6.5k) which were decided in a referendum.

Ticino, an Italian-speaking canton, around two in three people voted in favor of the ban on the burqa. Many Muslim women and tourists wear it in public, in 2013.

Now the law is soon to come into force and those who break it will face a fine ranging from 100 francs to 10,000.

Not only citizens but the tourists also have to obey this law. Last year approximately 40,000 tourists came from the Middle East there. Visitors in Ticino will be informed at the border that it is unlawful in the canton to hide your face.

Security measures were put in place during the parliamentary session on the ban and a metal detective device was temporarily installed to screen those entering the building.

The Ticino law was inspired by a similar French ban, which was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights in 2014.

The law was highly criticized in other countries, esp. Muslim countries. Many demand freedom of living in Europe. The Muslim women are considered to face the barbarianism and remain always under criticism, as per western thought. While in many Muslim countries women wear it by choice, esp. when they are living abroad.

Any such law is derogatory for those who have to living in pluralistic society.

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Bangladesh bans Facebook, Whatsapp and Viber over “Security”

Restricting citizens from information flow is morally a wrong deed but many government do not bother to this fact. 
Recently it was reported that Bangladesh authorities insisted on almost a weeklong ban on Facebook and mobile messaging services. They want to ban the services until security in the tense country improved. 

On Wednesday, the government last ordered Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber blocked to be blocked over fears of unrest after the country’s highest court rejected appeals by two top opposition leaders against the death penalty for war crimes.

The telecoms regulator said the ban would stay after the two leaders were hanged on Sunday morning, prompting calls for a nationwide strike and raising fears of violence from their supporters.

“They [services] will be reopened the moment the government feels it’s safe,” Shahjahan Mahmud, chairman of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, told AFP. Commission spokesman Zakir Hossain Khan declined to confirm media speculation the ban would be lifted later Tuesday.

In a response, analysts said that the shutdown was aimed for stopping opposition parties organizing rallies in the run-up to the executions, amid anger over what rights group have called “flawed and unfair” war crimes trials. 

The regulator also temporarily banned messaging services Viber and Tango in January after they became a popular way of mobilizing large numbers of activists for anti-government protests.

In recent past, Bangladesh also hanged Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid, from the country’s biggest Islamist party, Jamaat-e-Islami, and Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, a key aide of opposition leader Khaleda Zia, after they were convicted of atrocities during the 1971 war against Pakistan. 

History is evident that social media and social media apps play the key role in modern revolutions and thus the governments do not take a chance for let the citizens come forward and speak for their rights.

A large number of Bangladeshis slammed the ban on Twitter, saying it was curbing free speech and further fueling anger against the government.

This is not it, but the Bangladesh’s fast-growing online retail industry said the ban has hit their business, with some reporting reduced sales.

Such a ban on social media is an attack on free speech and depicts the insecurities of the government regarding people’s rights.

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Pakistan grieves over fighter pilot Mariuam Mukhtiar's death

Pakistani women are capable of changing the world and Marium Mukhtiar was also among those women. 

It was reported that Flying officer Marium Mukhtiar died in the F-7 plane crash near Kundian, Mianwali. According to reports, she was on a routine flight with squadron leader Saqib Abbasi.

Spokesperson of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) said that she had got injured in the incident but could not fight the injuries. "She is first female pilot to be martyred", the spokesperson added.

“Flying Officer Marium Mukhtiar, a female fighter pilot trainee, and an instructor Squadron Leader Saqib Abbasi have suffered injuries during their ejection from the aircraft,” the statement added. The official statement said that both pilots were airlifted to hospital for medical treatment.

Marium Mukhtiar last year in an interview to BBC told that she wanted to do something different. 

22 years year old Marium is pride of Pakistan and whole nation grieves over her death. She stood a head in a male dominated society and broke the traditional barriers.

Her desire was to do something which could encourage other women of Pakistan to break the taboos and come forward.

Pakistan has now almost 300 women working in airforce, while in recent years many women tend to join air force which was a great achievement.

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Nov 21, 2015

8 Things Pakistani mothers can relate to TV Dramas

We all love our mothers and there is no second thought about it. They are honest, loveable and emotional. Yes, most of our Pakistani mothers are very touchy, sentimental and emotional.

TV channels are a cheaper entertainment and esp. for mothers, who stay at home whole day, make awesome food for her family, maintain the home, and everyone's life. Maybe I'm not the only person who has noticed this while watching TV with your mother, she always has some favourite prime time drama serial, which is quite serious, depressing and full of emotional nonsense, which every tv channel in every second drama is showing.

Few things which almost all Pakistani mothers do while watching those "Crybaby" storylines is what we cannot ignore anymore.

#8- She finds herself in any miserable character of the story

#7- Every dialogue of the leading lady makes sense to her

#6- Most of the tragic stories are having some similarities with her life

#5- She made sacrifices all her life but...

#4- She cries on every scene which has anything or even nothing similar to her past or present

#3- Her Husband never listened to her just like the man in drama did

#2- The inlaws and their unjust behaviour, but she is brave and advice the heroine by off TV commentary

#1- She is the emotic-queen of the house and you have to cheer her up after watching that depressing episode of her favourite TV Drama


If your name is ISIS then Facebook might block your account

After the brutal killings in Paris, Facebook has also made an attempt to counter terrorism but they did it wrongly.

A California woman named Isis Anchalee had her Facebook account deactivated apparently due to her first name.

The 22-year-old San Francisco-based engineer logged into her social media account on Monday only to find out it had been suspended.

She implied the lockdown was triggered by her first name's association with the terrorist organization known as ISIS.

"Facebook thinks I'm a terrorist. Apparently sending them a screenshot of my passport is not good enough for them to reopen my account," said Anchalee on Twitter.

Moments after Anchalee tweeted out her complaint, one person reported that a friend had also experienced a similar issue.

Omid Farivar, a Facebook researcher, tweeted Anchalee to apologize for the blunder, saying that the issue had been reported and that Facebook will be coming up with a fix.

The recent incident isn't the first time someone got banned from Facebook because of their name. Back in August, an Arizona couple claimed they were barred from using the social networking site until they verified their rather unusual last name: Avatar.

ISIS is an Egyptian name which means powerful, but all those people who have similar name have to be attentive that anytime their account can be blocked.

In Anchalee's case, presenting her passport was not enough to regain her account. Considering the recent ISIS attacks, more Facebook users are expected to experience the same predicament.

Over 50,000 people have supported a petition on ThePetitionSite, calling the media to stop using the term ISIS to refer to terrorists, as it can be harmful to women, especially young girls, to constantly hear their name being used to describe a terror group. This is a serious issue as many can be harassed and bullied for their name.

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No mercy for APS terrorists said Nawaz Sharif

People of Pakistan still mourn the loss of dozens of life in APS attack Peshawar. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has advised President Mamnoon Hussain to reject the mercy petitions of four convicted terrorists involved in the Dec 16, 2014, Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan attack on Peshawar's Army Public School.The military courts sentenced terrorists to death. While performing his constitutional obligation under Article 105 of the Constitution, the premier said Pakistan has changed after the Peshawar tragedy.

Mr. Sharif said the brutal and merciless killing of our children convinced us that the perpetrators of such crimes do not deserve any mercy.

Immediately after the Army Public School tragedy, the state, elected representatives and political parties unanimously decided to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice, even if it required amendments in law.

The prime minister said, “Establishment of military courts through these amendments has enabled us to bring the perpetrators of the most heinous crimes to justice in a short span of time. The death sentence awarded to the four terrorists, in fact, was the will of the entire nation. By rejecting the mercy petition of these terrorists, I am also reflecting the will of the people and honoring the promise made to the families of my children who lost their lives in the Army Public School tragedy.”

The death sentences of the convicts involved in the APS attack were approved by the army chief in August this year.

Despite the fact that Pakistan had banned capital punishment, after APS tragedy the punishment was restored. Political parties had unanimously agreed over the issue of setting up military courts to tackle terrorism cases.

The PM advised not to show any mercy so that other extremist outskirts can be taught a lesson after that gruesome incident.

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Nov 15, 2015

Pakistan: A land of opportunity (For Corrupt)

Suggested Steps to Eradicate Corruption

It is a common practice among political parties to condone corruption acts of previous government to ensure there is no political instability during their tenure. This way there is continuity of democracy thence they can complete their five years of government. This period of stable governance bestows opportunities of such corruption on them as well.

Condoning of corruption is a heavy cost of democracy in Pakistan. It would be safe to assert that Pakistan has the most expensive democracy per capita in the world!  Writer leaves a question for readers to ponder upon: Is it worth to have such an expensive democracy?    

Our political system with multi-layered redundant governments, gives such corruption opportunities and helps hide these acts as well, to these political actors and their beloved bureaucrats.

It is simply amazing, politicians who have had meager means have become multi-billionaires and no one questions them about the source of all their wealth.

Similarly, bureaucrats whose salaries are known fact, drive around in expensive cars and live in big bungalows. For God’s sake that should be easy enough to figure out that this all came from corruption! Yet no one is there to question them.

Trillion of rupees have been looted by these politicians and bureaucrats in last few years alone, but no steps have been taken to retrieve such huge amount.  National Accountability Bureau, essentially an arm of the government is expected to be neutral, fair and actually go after perpetrators of corruption. But can it be?

This situation gives others encouragement that they could indulge in such corruption and not be questioned let alone punished.

Why would businessmen and other income earners pay taxes? They know that a big percent of the money government collects is wasted and looted in corruption.

In writer’s view there are two kinds of corruption that prevails in Pakistan; financial and non-financial:
Non-financial corruption could be explained as position holders not owning their position meaning; not doing job properly or use their position to drive non-financial benefits such as giving jobs to people of their liking whether they are qualified or not, in other words indulge in nepotism.

On the other hand, financial corruption is when a position holder takes advantage of his position to make money which he is not supposed to.

Steps Needed to Drastically Reduce Corruption:
Like they say when there is a will there is a way. Here are certain stern steps need to be taken to eradicate this menace from our society.

Reduce Size of Government by Changing the Structure

We have multi-level overlapping redundant government structure. This provides opportunities for corruption in many different levels, i.e; from top to bottom and many levels in between. These are further multiplied at provincial levels and local government levels.

This multi-level government structure sophisticatedly help hiding of corruption by playing the blame game.

We are a poor country thus cannot afford such government structure.

Pakistan must adopt a simplistic hierarchical government structure proposed by the writer elsewhere, in order to ensure least chances of corruption and save funds so they can be used on the betterment of poor masses.

Eliminate Develop Funds: 

Develop funds are intended for developmental and social programs. However, the most of these funds are used for political gain or end up in personal pockets of MNAs or MPAs. These funds must be expended on the people in proportion of population by pertinent ministries instead of giving to members of the parliament.

Disallow Discretionary Funds be expended by Politicians:

 These funds must be appropriated to department budgets rather than leaving on political leaders’ discretion to give when and how they will. Examples being announcing rewards to players who perform well in a certain sport or announcing help to flood victims, however, not promulgating a concrete policy and making funds available for sports teams and planning to control floods.

These kinds of announcements provide photo-ops and helps leaders with political point scoring. Similarly for floods, nation faces flood disaster every year but no planning is done and no money is spent on permanent solutions. This is a prime example of political corruption.

Enforce Accountability: 

State should confiscate all the assets of politicians and big bureaucrats. State should confiscate all the assets of politicians and big bureaucrats say from past 25years (randomly selected) which reflect beyond their filed income taxes. Let them prove (burden of proof be on them) that they made these assets through legitimate means and then get their assets redeemed. However, then state must question their taxes filed (whether in Pakistan or outside) if their income reported does not reconcile with their claimed income.

All Systems must be in Place: 

All systems starting from exposure, conviction and public punishment of corrupts should be in place and applied consistently. Exemplary punishment should be given to convicted corrupts so no one will consider doing even iota of corrupt act.

Laws should be enacted and fiercely enforced. If a foreign or domestic company offers kickbacks to politicians or bureaucrats then that company should be banned for life from participating in state business.

All Institutions must be made Small, Strong and Independent: Every effort must be made to make institutions strong and independent. Reduce size of institutions but make them stronger. Judiciary, FBR, FIA, Police, etc. must be independent of political pressures. Bureaucracy should be replaced with technology as much as possible.

Bring in Transparency by Extensive use of Technology: 

Transparency is one of the best ways to control if not totally eliminate corruption. If technology is used to show flow of finances intra and inter-departments then people cannot hide funds and use ways to get them in their pockets.
All the government departments should have a website with complete details including finances that department is handling.

Decision making must be computerized by point-system or Yes/No answers so decisions are not on total discretion of power that be. This will help control or eliminate nepotism as well as awarding of business to companies which do not qualify against kickbacks.

Organizational structure of all departments must be made public so unnecessary hiring is checked.
Use of extensive technology will help place internal controls within organizations.

Watch & Tell and Whistle Blower Protection: 

Laws must be enacted that will give full protection to people who watch within an organization and tell what is going on. People should feel at ease to expose corrupt acts of their colleagues whether they are their bosses or subordinates.

Give Public Access to Technology at grass root level: 

Public must be able to get their business done with the government using technology so they are not on the mercy of bureaucrats. Public should be able to access records of different departments and be able to question in case of being incorrect.

Computerization of All Public Records: 

Computerized records cannot be easily manipulated. Bids on projec
ts and auctioning of state owned assets should be put on department websites so public knows who bid what and who ended up buying the asset. Similarly, same procedure used be employed when purchasing goods or services.

Departments e.g., NADRA & FBR, FIA, Police must be interconnected: 

Information sharing between departments makes it easy to check on records and makes it easy to catch miscreants.

Journalist Duty: 

Journalists feel they have done their job by pin pointing corruption. However, they fail to follow through and ensure these corruption episodes are brought to justice. They must stick to their story and force departments or people in charge to take action.

Social Engineering: 

Graph of corruption has gone up many folds over the past fifty years of our nation’s history. In order to control it, we need to educate coming generations about corruption, what corruption does to society, how this damages the very fabric of the nation and work on ways to keep our coming generations from indulging in this nuisance.

Dr. Shahzad Latif
Political Economist & Reformist
Chicago, USA

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Why Umar Akmal drops out from T20 Squad?

Umar Akmal is talented and a good batsman but due to some reasons he is always trapped in controversies.

The 25-year-old Umar was allegedly involved in an incident involving “mistreatment” of women while playing a first-class game in Hyderabad last week and was issued a show cause notice requiring him to appear before selectors.

Chief selector Haroon Rasheed said Umar was dropped on the instructions of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

“Umar had been penciled in for selection, but he has subsequently been dropped on instructions from the PCB, as he has been issued with a show-cause notice for bringing the board and Pakistan cricket into disrepute,” Rasheed was quoted as saying in a PCB release.

A PCB statement said Akmal was in contention for a place in the T20 squad, but he was dropped after press reports revealed that “he had brought PCB and Pakistan Cricket into disrepute."

Umar was last year jailed for beating a traffic warden in Lahore and his obscene photos circulated on social media a lot. Recently Umar was also seen dancing in a party.

PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan said Umar would be given an opportunity to clarify his actions.

“There should be an inquiry and Umar will be given an opportunity and after that we will take action,” Khan told media. “He is suspended and was not included in the team before we make a decision.

“Basically our players are not educated, most of them are school dropouts, so this becomes a problem and we will address that as well.”

In an interview to a national news channel, Umar said he was just dining out with boys whose name he will not take. Management was informed for my activity and I did nothing immoral there. This is not just to drop him off from the team. Surely Umar will give justification for his before board but Umar remained unaware for this decision by the board.

What is the reason that Umar gets into the limelight but behavioural misconduct? The reason could be that at very young age he got lots of fame and now his immodest behaviour is not enough to handle this fame. 

Many Pakistani players get involved into some controversies because of their ignorance. But from past few incidents the board keeps them warning. Even then Umar did something which became a problem for this talented player.

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Changing life of Transgender people in Pakistan

The progress of a country dwells in the development of mindsets. Killing the orthodox and stereotypical thoughts and bearing the fact that everyone living around us have same and equal value for life what we enjoy. 

Acceptance of transgender people always remained a disputatious topic. Pakistan is one of those third world countries where transgender people are usually limited to selected occupations 

They don’t only face discriminatory attitude, because of limited choice they are also compelled to live in poverty. 

Transgender people are misbehaved and face discrimination when it’s about earning their bread and butter. Both public and private sector organizations usually avoid offering them any meaningful jobs. 

In an effort to change this rigid mindset, Rawalpindi campus of the National College of Arts (NCA) has taken an initiative to hire several transgender people. 

NCA Director Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar told Express Tribune that the motivation behind this initiative was to create opportunities for transgender people in a safe work environment. 

Transgender people want respectable jobs and that is difficult for them as per society's stereotype mindset is quite inflexible. 

Dr. Tarar also said that “[Students and teachers] were shocked at first, and there were certain inhibitions on how they would adjust and address [transgender staffers].” 

“But the gender confusion gradually passed, and Bubbly, who works at the canteen, is now very popular among students. Some call her aunty or baji (older sister), and the whole campus has accepted them for who they are,” he said. 

“Instead of assisting them in starting up small businesses, there is a need to provide them with jobs in secure environments, where they are able to safely settle in.” he added. 

Though Sindh Govt. announced jobs for transgender people and recruited them but this was a step at a very small level and so many people remained jobless. 

The students, if they see transgender people working around them, will definitely accept these people and this is a new beginning in life of so many socially unaccepted who are a citizen of the country we all live in.

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