Oct 2, 2015

My Reply to "India's reply to Pak at UN"

PM Nawaz Sharif represented Pakistan and represented very well. He not only raised issues about terrorism but Kashmir was also main point highlighted from Pakistan's side. Well we are happy Kashmiris must be happy that at least someone somewhere still remembers them.

Guess what who is not happy from all this? Who is angry and that Kashmir issue is highlighted in UN General Assembly? Who is not happy that Pakistan broadcasted the message that we are suffering from Terrorism and this not Pakistan but the world as whole should come together to kill this cancer.

Yes no one else but our close neighbor "India" and Time of India came forefront to reply to Pakistan claims if you haven't read you can read here and laugh on the statements made by the great Times Of India

Here is my reply to  "India's reply to Pak at UN":

Well if you claim that all the points raised by PM Nawaz Sharif are allegations then how you proof your statements are not just lame excuses and are not false allegations. My dear TOI I believe this is your official statement as you did not mention these answers are coming from any expert or specific journalist.

So you must have read it and did proof reading of the "answers" before posting right? ok for example this one "It needs no imagination to figure out which side initiates this exchange."  yeah it needs no imagination.. Did you ask Kashmiris too? Ohh they answer India... I'm sorry that's what you said imagination right.

Well I'm not a journalist or not an expert in this field but I can answer each of your point. In your last point you said you are ready to dialogue with Pakistan but in "an atmosphere free of terrorism and violence." Well I thought we are going to discuss how to "stop terrorism and violence across the borders".

Ohh so you are waiting to stop terrorism and violence first and then discuss on terrorism and violence.. thumbs down to your demand and imagination. It's like after late night party you ask your friend to company you first to your home and then you will company him to his house :) in simple words you want "terrorism" and violence.... to end :)

Again your claims "Pakistan misuse the high-level segment of UN General Assembly"... and yes you are wrong and you forgot and did not google even that it was India who took Kashmir problem to the United Nations (UN) Security Council on 1 January and year was 1948

Trust me your each answer is just a lame and childish excuse and playing with words and far far from the facts. And please take a note I don't hate India, India as country is one the places on earth I want to visit. I have so many Indian friends and good ones they are educated and their mentality is not like you "Times of India". They know governments on both sides need to show some flexibility and work together only then you can beat "Terrorism" and "Violence".

Now one word
کشمیر بنے گا پاکستان

Ok ok that was اٹوٹ انگ I forgot!!!!!

but ....................... شہ رگ ??? O come on let Kashmiris decide this time :)


Smartphone apps for fitness freaks, quit gym but stay in shape


Now get a reason to quit gym and at no or low cost have your own fitness trainers.
How many of us get fitness crazy nowadays and everyday plan to join a gym for being a fit. You cannot deny that due to busy schedules we are unable to join a gym and learn a perfect workout for getting rid of extra fats. It isn't always an easiest thing to do, Apart from that who wants to pay for a gym membership they may not be motivated to use? 

While our Smartphones has replaced many things in life, let’s give a chance to them once again and get through with the hassles of joining a gym. Working out and getting back into shape is under your fingertips now.

Smartphone apps make it easy to find motivation to work out, access guided routines, and track progress. Let’s get a glimpse of few of those awesome apps that will help you ditch the expensive gym membership, save money, and cut own extra fats.


Do the workout in the comfort of your living room. Sworkit Lite (iOS, Android, and Amazon) has adapted video-based instruction, mixed it with a timing tool and data tracking capability, and put it all into a smartphone app. Choose the workout length as well as which muscle groups to target each day. And it’s free.


Spring Moves (iOS) is a personal DJ app that syncs the steps of a workout with the beat of streamed music. It also tracks distance, calories, and pace. (Free to try; but $3.99/month to subscribe)


It's impressive when an app knows exactly what you need. FitStar (iOS) is an interactive app that asks questions in order to deliver tailored, personalized workouts. It’s also for Free.


Created by and for CrossFit loyalists, WOD Deck of Cards (iOS and Android) is for those who want to be surprised and challenged and constantly switch things up. Users choose one type of workout to represent each suit, and then draw a card to see how many times they must complete it. (Free)


For the couch potato with a fondness for "The Walking Dead," Zombies, Run! (iOS and Android) app motivates users to exercise for a chance to escape a zombie takeover. The effort of running from the undead is rewarded with supplies and tools based on the amount of exercise completed. (Initially Free; $2.99/month to subscribe)


An app that inspires more than calorie burning, Charity Miles offers rewards for running, walking, or biking distances by donating to a charity of the user's choice. The more you move, the more you help. (Free)


This app can be a social media lover’s newest #fitfriend. Through a supportive community that offers virtual high-fives, PumpUp (iOS and Android) applies the accountability factor and community aspect of social media to working out. (Free)


Fitness and healthy eating are essential to achieving optimal health, and Noom Coach (iOS and Android) offers in-depth diet analysis. Keep track of foods consumed through the app and receive feedback, advice, and helpful strategies to meet fitness goals. (Free)


The app offers a choice of poses as well as the ability to create a personalized sequence depending on user preferences. ($3.99)


Pakistan Women cricket team won T20 against Bengali tigresses

Pakistan is trying hard to revive true cricket spirit and for that reason they invited Bangladeshi women cricket team here.
In first T20 international; Pakistan Women Cricket team defeated Bangladesh by 29 runs at the Southend Club ground in Karachi on Wednesday. 

In reply to Pakistan's 125-run target, Bangladesh could only score 95 for seven wickets in their 20 overs. Ayasha Rahman scored 23, Fargana Hoque 23 and Rumana Ahmed 22 runs. 

Earlier, Pakistan skipper Sana Mir won the toss and opted to bat. The team reached their score of 124 runs with the help of Bisma Maroof's 65 and 44 runs by Javeria Khan. 

Anam Amin grabbed two wickets for the green-shirts. 

The visiting Bangladeshi women team will play their second T20 on October 2, followed by the ODIs on October 4 and 6. 

The series in Karachi is a welcome sign for the return of international cricket to Pakistan, where no international cricket matches were played between 2009 and 2015 after a terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka team's bus in Lahore in March 2009. Before Bangladeshi team arrived, few months back Zimbabwe men's side toured Pakistan in May-June this year for two Twenty20 internationals and three one-day matches. 

Security is on high alert and cricket lovers are hopeful that in future more cricket teams will come to Pakistan and that will revive international cricket here. Pakistani Women team was highly applauded on their good performance on social media as well.

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Oct 1, 2015

Pakistani Hajj pilgrims death toll reaches 45

The horrendous incident with Hajj pilgrims jolted the world and raised many questions. We heard lots of versions of the story while the death toll is still not confirmed yet.

The number of Pakistani pilgrims – who were killed in a stampede in Makkah’s tent city of Mina - has reached 45 now as per local media reported on Tuesday.

“Fifty-three Pakistani pilgrims are still missing,” media reports quoted Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf as saying, who added that all out efforts were being made to find all the missing Pakistanis.

He said that out of the 39 injured Pakistanis, 29 had been discharged from the hospitals, while 10 were still under medical treatment, adding that some Pakistani pilgrims - who lost their lives in the stampede - were buried in Saudi Arabia.

On September 24, Saudi Arabia was hit by a tragedy after a stampede broke out in Mina killing at least 1,100 and injuring many others. The incident occurred when pilgrims were performing stoning of the devil, last major ritual of the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

Before that the incident of crane crash took lives of many people and was highly critised. Later on in the same series this incident happen. Many are afraid of performing their ritual duty as they lack confidence on Saudi administration, who failed to give security during hajj.

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Two polio cases found in Quetta and Peshawar while Punjab to start anti polio drive

Polio is one the worst issues we are facing in Pakistan. Though international world has helped a lot to eradicate polio from this land but it still cannot be ended with all those endeavors. 
Recently two fresh cases of crippling polio disease were confirmed in Quetta and Peshawar; which raised this year’s count to 35 across Pakistan.

Sources in Baluchistan health department said to a national daily that polio virus was detected in Naqeebullah, a three-year-old boy residing in Eastern bypass area of the city while those in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa health department confirmed the virus in a one-year-old girl, Kainat. She is a resident of Sheikhan rural area of Peshawar.

The polio victim in Quetta was reportedly administered vaccination drops at least seven times by health workers. Naqeebullah’s case came weeks after an anti-polio campaign in Quetta and other 31 districts of Baluchistan ended on September 17.

We have witnessed instances of terrorism on anti-polio drive in both the provinces. Health workers have been attacked and killed, while refusal on the part of some parents has further worsened the situation.

On the other hand Punjab will hold a polio campaign as part of Sub National Immunization Day (SNID) in seven districts of the province from 7th to 9th of October, Director General Health Services Punjab Dr. Zahid Pervaiz announced on Tuesday. The campaign will be conducted in the following high risk seven districts: Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Muzaffargarh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajanpur and Rahim Yar Khan.

The authorities along people from different walks of life are trying to mend people’s mind and doing a lot to counter this problem but in Baluchistan and KPK area it seems bit difficult. The residents are not willing to give their children polio vaccine which is causing risk to many.

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Sep 27, 2015

Break the silence to punish the culprits, Drama serial “Sangat” warns you not to be silent

The worst crime which prevails in our society is silence. Silence over wrong doings and ill happenings. We are tamed not to be spoken, and yet this we face worse incidents due to that silence. Ayesha and Adnan are a happily married couple. The only thing which bothers them is Adnan’s mother want a grandchild so desperately that she keeps on pinching Ayesha for that every time.

The story of new drama serial “Sangat” tell a lot about the silence which the victims opt; everything was going fine in Ayesha’s life and then suddenly a tragedy happens. One night she was at her mother’s place, where dacoits come and loot everything Ayesha and her mother had. One of them raped Ayesha as well, who later on was revealed to be her mother’s colleague’s son Shavez. May be he liked Ayesha some time before but she got married to Adnan. And he took revenge by raping her.

Nobody knows this that Ayesha had been raped, and that was Shavez who spoiled her life. Adnan tries to heal the wounds and thinks his wife is suffering from some trauma and is scared. He consults psychiatrist and later on Aamil Baba as well, but nothing is working out.

The story actually tells how the silence made Ayesha more mentally sick and heavy, as she thinks Adnan is being betrayed by this. She is also afraid how he would react if got to know about the reality that his wife has been raped that night. This is a tough phase for all.

The more you hide, more the culprit becomes stronger. How society will accept the reality that Shavez is the one who has to be punished and put in trial not Ayesha. Saba Qamar played Ayesha’s role and Adnan was being played by Meeqal Zulfiqar. While Shavez’s character was acted by Zahid Ali who is doing pretty well. Other cast of the drama contains Samina Ahmed, Kiran Haq, Saba Faisal and others. Story is written by Zafar Miraj and directed by Kashir Nisar. Drama serial “Sangat” is aired on Hum TV and is quite a good watch. 

I am looking forward how Shavez’s inner guilt leads the story and will Adnan act in a typical way when he get to know the reality? Adnan and his family may turn their faces then what will Ayesha do? Either keep begging for his husband’s mercy or give some strong answer to Shavez after losing everything she had?


Sep 26, 2015

Contribute to Malaysian society being a Pakistani or any other expat

Malaysians are great people. I've met very few of them who are reluctant to welcome the foreigners. But all the five fingers are not equal so, it's perfectly alright.

I've also noticed for the past few years that the Pakistani population is increasing in Malaysia. One large percentage of this population is the students coming from Pakistan or from gulf countries to study foundation or degree programs in Malaysia. Then comes the Pakistani businessmen or skilled workers which are many in numbers but the list of non-skilled workers/ labours is getting longer than any other category. According to an estimate there are above 60,000 Pakistani passport holders present in Malaysia. This figure does not include Pakistanis having Malaysian citizenship.

Maybe not heavily, but Malaysian industry definitely somehow depends on these Pakistani workers. We’re all taxpayers and contributing heavily in our fields; be it IT, construction, carpet industry, some import/ export line of work, any other business or job etc. One proof of this dependency is the rapidly increasing Pakistani population itself.

I strongly feel the area we are lacking at (or not doing much) is our attitude towards this Malaysian community. By "attitude", I mean what we are doing here, how we are dealing with non-Pakistanis here and the way we are contributing to this society.

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Sep 19, 2015

Son of Dubai ruler "Sheikh Rashid " dies of heart attack

Dubai announced a three day mourning period after the son of the Gulf emirate’s ruler passed away, the official state news agency WAM said on Saturday.

Sheikh Rashid, eldest son of the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, suffered a heart attack on Saturday morning, the agency said.

During the three days of mourning, UAE flags will be flown at half mast, Al Arabiya reported. Sheikh Rashid, was a keen horse lover and was the owner of Zabeel Stables.

According to the Dubai Media Office, funeral prayers of the late Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum are to be held after Maghrib prayers at Zabeel Mosque in Dubai.


Sep 17, 2015

Curious Ahmed accused of making a bomb, gets Obama and Mark’s attention

When the news of a ninth grader Ahmed Mohamed got viral on internet, we saw the response by those whom it was quite unbelievable to come and rescue the Muslim boy. The 14 years old Ahmed of Irving, Texas, who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school when teachers accused him of making a bomb, grabbed the focus of social media furor. 

A series of tweets in support of the boy, tagged with #IStandWithAhmed, noted the Islamophobic double standard surrounding the case, arguing had the young inventor been white with a non-Muslim name, he would have been celebrated. As of Wednesday afternoon, the hashtag was trending with nearly 500,000 tweets. 

And then there was POTUS. At 12:58 p.m., President Barack Obama sent a simple tweet offering his support for Mohamed's technical curiosity and inviting the student to the White House to show off his homemade clock. 

Many people, including the boy's family, accused the school and law enforcement officers of racial profiling and Islamophobia. "He just wants to invent good things for mankind," Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, Ahmed's father, told the Dallas Morning News. "But because his name is Mohamed and because of Sept. 11, I think my son got mistreated." 

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also tweeted her support, writing, "Ahmed, stay curious and keep building." 

Not only the Obama and Hillary, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said in a post that he welcomes the boy to meet him someday. The islampophibic mentality of the school was condemned on a larger level; but it also showed how the leaders take over the matter and give the impression of love and empathy. The gesture by Obama and Zuckerberg was highly acclaimed in all over the world. 

Ahmed will one day do some good for the country and prove that being a Muslim or having a different skin color cannot make him any less than a genius or patriot to his country.


Many disliked the dislike button after announcement by Facebook, here is why!!!

How would someone translate meanings out of the dislike notification, i bet it's weird to digest the fact you are being disliked in many uncertain situations.
What if you actually does not like somebody’s post and you wished there was a dislike button on Facebook just to tell that you have no liking for that particular post, comment or photo. I wished it so many times, and I'm sure so many of us did as well.

Seeing the other side of picture, there is some sad or bad news shared by a friend; and you have no choice but to like the post. E.g. someone shared the news of his beloved's death or accident or a stolen purse, and in answer you like the post. Well that's kind of absurd but we all do that.

The news is now a new button for disliking the posts on Facebook is coming on our way sooner. Mark Zuckerberg has finally confirmed that Facebook is working on something akin to a "dislike" button that will allow its users to acknowledge users' posts with just a click, but without appearing to approve of said post.

When asked at a Q&A session about whether the social network might follow up 2010's "like" button with a dislike, Zuckerberg confirmed that the company was "working on it".

However, he also suggested the button, when it is released, might not be called "dislike". "People aren't looking for the ability to down vote people's posts, what they really want is to be able to express empathy... We have an idea that we think we'll be ready to test soon and depending on how that does we'll be ready to roll it out more broadly."

The purported button could have several alternatives to "dislike" that allow users to empathize with a status or photo but without showing disapproval.

I am restless, because I can see how people tend to misunderstandings on the world of social media, because of ironical meanings. I can sense that many of us would not understand what does the dislike button did to their posts and I am pretty sure that many of us will have cat fights, arguments or even hot words among each other. 

Few days back a recording was viral in Pakistan and India, in which a man calls to someone and kept on telling him “ Aap humein bilkul pasand nhi aye”( means we did not like you at all), though the recording was very hilarious and told us what a person feels when he is disliked by someone. We are waiting for some more studies regarding social media and the dislike button which is to be introduced sooner and see what behavioral changes it will bring to so many of us who are not good in bringing out the under cover meanings.


Sep 16, 2015

Gayle is in for PSL, now that's a news for cricket lovers

Pakistan Super League (PSL) secretariat head Najam Sethi has said that it is a major boost for the T20 league that West Indian superstar Chris Gayle has confirmed his participation in the tournament.

Gayle is one of the most sought-after players in the world’s T20 leagues and his confirmation has increased the credibility and excitement surrounding the PSL.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has already announced that the league will take place in Doha, Qatar from February 4 to 24.

“It’s a major breakthrough for the PSL that Gayle has agreed to play,” Sethi told a national daily. "Only a few players enjoy the same reputation Gayle does and we’re very excited to have him. We’ve been working really hard to get Gayle on board and have been on his trail for the past four weeks.”

Apart from his extraordinary international record, Gayle also boasts unmatched domestic T20 numbers — scoring 8,224 runs in 222 T20 matches at an average of 44.21 and a strike rate of nearly 150 (149.25) with 16 centuries and 52 fifties. Along the way, he has smashed 586 sixes and 640 fours; a reflection of his destructive nature and brute force up the order.

Apart from Gayle, West Indies T20 captain Darren Sammy has also agreed to be part of the extravaganza, while compatriots Kieron Pollard, Samuel Badree and Sunile Narine are in line to star in the PSL as well.

Gayle was the most searched person on Google during CW 2015, and the event organized by PCB is expected to be revival of cricket under Pakistan's banner. Fans of Gayle are happy over this news and want him to be good as always in PSL. Due to security issues game is to be played in Doha, and we are waiting for the moment to come when international teams come on our land and we can actually celebrate the revival if international cricket.

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Bilawal's speech in workers convention depicted his future in Politics

Bilawal goes strict on Punjab government, lambasted Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), saying that the people of Punjab are being ruled by the firends of dictators and of terrorists.

Addressing Party Workers Convention at Bilawal House, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said the incumbent government has handed over Lahore, which was bastion of democracy, to the friends of extremists.

He said the incumbent rulers in Punjab have snatched livelihood from farmers and laborers and PPP stands with them.

He said today the farmers in Punjab are forced to throw their potatoes on roads because neither province’s rulers are ‘khadim’ (servants) nor ‘ala’(great).

Bilawal said the incumbent rulers could not make the 200 million people of the country fool with metro bus system.

He said not the metro bus but introduction of fair and equitable policies is the only route to development and prosperity in the country. Across the world subsidy is provided to the farmers but PML-N government robbing them.

“Farmers are committing suicides and setting their own crops on fire as they are not being paid the due return of their hard work by the government,” Bilawal added.

Bilawal Zardari claimed his party always provided urea and power to the farmers on subsidized rates during its government and paid them well of their produce.

PPP chairman said that the government has not provided the benefit of reduction of oil prices in international market to the people and imposed Rs. 23 tax on petrol and Rs. 30 on diesel.

Bilawal added that traders are also staging protests against the government for imposing withholding tax. During the election campaign, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had promised to end load shedding in six months and change his name if failed to do so. He said now with which name he should call CM.

PPP chairman said the cost of Nandipur Power Project has increased to Rs81 million from Rs22 million but it hasn’t started generating electricity. He said why Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is hesitating from launching a probe into the case.

Speaking about Zarb-e-Azb, Bilawal said it was actually launched seven years ago when PPP government had conducted a successful operation against terrorists in Swat and Waziristan.

He said at that time, PPP was in favor of crushing the terrorists with force but the incumbent rulers were holding talks with them.

Seems Bilawal is getting more power for being in the long run of politics and this is all part of his training to lead the party. Though nation is quite done with hereditary political culture but it does not seems to end sooner.

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Femen protesters interrupted topless in a conference on topic of wife beating

Muslim community is not yet confirmed that what should be done to a rude and egoistic wife, in this regard at many places few verse of Quran are quoted to beat her in terms of taming her.

Two fundamentalists women protested against this thought of Muslims that women should be or should not be beaten up by their husbands in whatsoever cases.

A pair of topless protesters interrupted a Muslim conference in Paris just as two fundamentalist preachers were discussing the question of "whether wives should be beaten or not."

The women can be seen on video (NSFW link) clamoring to the stage and shouting at the audience before they're forcibly removed.

One appears to be punched and kicked off the stage, as she's surrounded by conference-goers who stormed after her.

The women, 25 and 31, belong to the group Femen -- a feminist group founded in the Ukraine and known for its controversial topless protests, mostly in Europe.

One had the slogan: "No one subjugates me" written in French on her naked torso. The other had "I am my own prophet."

The event began in controversy, with an online petition demanding it be cancelled due to the reported fundamentalist topics.

The women were reportedly taken into custody. Conference organizers planned to sue them for the disruption, according to news site Sputnik.

The question is, we are living in 21st century and still believes that any religion can ask to be violent on any member of the society, is actually wrong. The meanings derived from those verses are interpreted wrongly, which makes few Muslims extremists.

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Sep 14, 2015

Double trouble comes to the house of Bigg Boss in this season

Salman says Nine is Mine, while this this time Original Big Brother trend will be followed in Bigg Boss season 9.
When Salman Khan returns to hosting Bigg Boss in mid-October for its ninth season, the popular reality show will be in for a drastic makeover. This year for the first time contestants entering the Bigg Boss house will play the game in pairs.

"The only thing that is confirmed so far is that the housemates will play the game as couples to try and avoid elimination and finally win the show. None of the contestants have been confirmed, so we are not sure of names or the nature of the pairings yet," said a source in the production team of the show to an Indian daily. 

"It is yet to be finalized if the pairing of contestants will be a predefined affair or the two-member teams will be created on the spot once all members enter the house in the inaugural episode," our source added.

The concept is actually similar to what the original American show Big Brother did in its season 9. On that show, though, contestants were randomly paired up after they entered the house. They had to survive as teams of two during the initial rounds before the finalists being allowed to play individually for the grand prize. It is too early to say if Bigg Boss season 9 will have one winner or two.

The pairing concept will also reportedly bring in a concept called Power Couple from Big Brother 9. In the original American show, the concept gave the strongest couple power to eliminate any couple they wanted to. The concept seems just apt for raking up some random dirty politics, on which the show has forever thrived.

Recently, Salman set off social media in a frenzy by posting the message: "Nine is Mine." The message trended on Twitter and it was soon obvious that Salman was confirming his return to the show as the host of its ninth season.

It is reported that the seasons in which Salman Khan hosted, rated more as compared to other seasons. No doubt fan following of Salman brings more to Bigg Boss.

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Rally in Kashmir turned into ‘Azadi’ Protest when Pakistani flag waved in marathon

The first international half marathon in the Indian-held Jammu Kashmir turned into an Azadi demonstration, culminating in stone-throwing protests, as Pakistani flags were also raised in the marathon, the Indian media reported.

The national Indian daily reported that police resorted to cane charge and fired tear smoke shells to disperse the protesting runners. On Sunday morning, as the runners assembled near the Kashmir University, the beginning point of the first ever half marathon of the disputed state, a masked youth took to the stage and raised a Pakistani flag.

As the 21-kilometre run started, some youth raised pro-freedom slogans and resorted to stone throwing on the policemen and paramilitary forces guarding the venue resulting in clashes. As the situation turned out of control, police resorted to cane charge and fired tear smoke shells to disperse the protesters, the paper reported.

The half marathon was organized by a Big 92.7 FM radio service to raise awareness about saving Srinagar’s iconic Dal Lake and was participated by some international professional runners. The state-run Press Trust of India news service reported that the protestors pelted stones at the Indian armed forces.

As many as 15 international athletes had confirmed their participation in the event for which more than 15,000 people had registered. The ruling PDP government accused some protesters of indulging in ‘eve-teasing’ leading to disturbance. The police arrested 12 persons allegedly involved in the incident.

This raged the Indian government and authorities, though this showed how much Kashmiri youth loves to be part of Pakistan. Recently a woman hoisted Pakistani flag on her house, which made her under trial, This is the other event which showed that Kashmiris want to be recognised as Pakistanis.

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Mecca Grand Mosque crane collapse death toll 107, Hajj to go ahead

The demise of many human lives in Mecca crane crash was the saddest news of the week.
 The Pakistani officials on Sunday confirmed that six Pakistanis have died in a crane crash incident in the Saudi city of Mecca late Friday during annual pilgrimage.

Saudi officials said that 107 people were killed and nearly 300 wounded when a crane toppled over at Mecca’s Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia due to strong winds and rains. Pakistani Ambassador in Saudi Arabia Manzoorul Haq said that six Pakistanis were killed while 36 were injured in the deadliest crane crash.

In a statement, the ambassador said that the injured Pakistanis were receiving treatment in three hospitals in Mecca. Pakistani mission released names of those died in the incident. Pakistani sources said that at least ten Pakistani intending-pilgrims were missing. Over 150,000 Pakistanis are performing Hajj this year, according to the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

While Saudi authorities said on Saturday the annual Hajj pilgrimage would go ahead despite crane collapse, in which 107 people were killed, where crowds returned to pray a day after the disaster.

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have already arrived in Mecca for the haj, one of the world's largest religious gatherings which last year drew two million worshipers.

Two Indian pilgrims also expired in the crash. This was one of the most deadly incident of the week around the world in which dozens of people lost their lives.


Sep 7, 2015

Syrian Christians are forced to be converted by ISIS or leave the land

The Islamic State (Isis) has given an ultimatum to the Christian population living in the Syrian city of Qaryatain to either pay exorbitant taxes, convert to Islam or leave.

The Sunni terror group had forced the Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad out of the city in August. It captured the strategic town located along a road linking Palmyra with the eastern countryside of Qalamoun, north of Damascus.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Christians have been given a 48-hour ultimatum.

SOHR noted that most of the Christians are waiting for the Isis to return their identity cards so that they can leave the city.

The Isis had recently destroyed the 1,500-year-old Mar Elian Catholic monastery in Qaryatain and threw away the "sacred" remains of the popular saint.

The terror group had also kidnapped over 200 Christians, including women and children, in August. There has been no news of them since then.

The ISIS terror has causing loss of many lives and the humanity is in danger. Humans of Iraq and Syria feel insecure, no matter what religion they belong to.

Recently pictures of Syrians drowning and stranded in sea has captures international media's attention, but it is still of no use. Even the Muslims of the territory are suffering and leaving their hometown.

The ISIS is the new terrorist group upsurging in Iraq and Syria, in the name of Islam, which they does not practice at all, killing the humanity and telling the world who is responsible for all this.


India blames Pakistan for ceasefire violations, while Pakistan says vice versa, result cause loss of lives

Blame game continues so the life loss of many innocents on both sides of border.
Indian defense ministry has blamed Pakistani forces for violating ceasefire along Line of Control (LoC) in Poonch district of Kashmir.

The ministry spokesperson said in a statement on Saturday, at least one soldier has been injured as Pakistani troops targeted forward posts around 07:45 am.

However reliable sources in Pakistan military claim no such incident has taken place and that Indian allegation is totally baseless.

Instead India has been violating ceasefire along LoC and Sialkot Working Boundary which claimed as many as twenty Pakistani civilians in recent weeks, they said.

Meanwhile Pakistan’s Permanent envoy to United Nations Maliha Lodha has asked the UN Security Council to take notice of unprovoked Indian aggression along Line of Control (LoC).

In a letter, Lodhi requested the United Nations to play its role in putting an end to Indian ceasefire violations that has so far killed 20 Pakistani citizens and injured 100 others in cross border shelling and firing.

She alleged the Indian forces have been violating the 2003’s ceasefire agreement between both countries.

She further added the UN Military Observer Group for Pakistan and India should hold a probe into the matter especially in which civilian Pakistanis were killed in Indian shelling.

The violation of ceasefire agreement has increased in August during which 20 people were killed and more than 100 injured in unprovoked firing, she maintained.

What in return we get on both sides is loss of human lives who have no choice, either leave the place or live their risking their lives. People on both sides of border suffer most as compared to other citizens.

They demand national and international forums to take this under considerations; so that the citizens of both countries living on LoC live freely without fear of being shot one day.


Big Boss 9 will be more religious this time

Big Boss season 9 will be having few old starts and few controversial ones this time.
The most favorite reality show of India is about to start it's new season sooner. This time Salman Khan aka Dabbang Khan will be the host of the Big Boss 9th edition. As Salman Khan mentioned “I’ll be back”, when he had to leave the Big Boss season 8 prior to his film arrangement.

According to the sources, Salman Khan will be back to his regime, starring as host of Big Boss 9. Salman Khan produces ‘bang’, which no one else can. Salman Khan has played pivotal role in making Bigg Boss a super hit. 

Many other stars have hosted Big Boss but the rating hits records only in Sallu Bhai's show. A source also claims, Radhe Maa and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh will be showing their ‘skills’ in 9th edition of the show.

Who is Radhe Maa? Well the woman who was under discussions when a photo of her got viral in mini skirt. The religious Indian spiritual leader, having hundreds of followers all across the country. Although, yet no confirmation of participation is being made by her.

On the other hands Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is a social reformer, preacher; who recently came up with controversial film ‘MSG: The Messenger of God’. According to some sources, Baba g has around 40-50 million followers.

Big Boss season 9 will be quite religious this time and we are waiting anxiously about revealing the stars and celebrities who are going to be part of it.

Kamal R Khan and Dolly Bindra will be participating again while, Uday Chopra and Chetan Bhagat are also expected to be part of show.


Mawra Hocane slammed for being pro Bollywood, proved how extremist we are in ourselves

My patriotism is another country's treachery, learn to agree on disagreement could save us from hate speech and vengeance.
Pakistan’s social media users has gone crazy over Indian film “ Phantom” which says that Pakistan has terrorists and movie was banned by Lahore High court on plea of Jamat ud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed; who is allegedly Mumbai Blasts master mind as said by Indian Media.

The movie got a lot of criticism and in press conference actor Saif Ali Khan said” I don’t have faith in Pakistan”; the statement got more reaction. Saif and Katrina Khan starrer got no good business of box office as well. IMDB rated Phantom as 4.8 which is quite below the belt rating.

In that instance Pakistani actor Faisal Qureshi uploaded a video slamming Saif Ali khan, later on Shan Shahid and Hamza Ali Abbasi jumped unto the train and gave a strong answer to Saif ali khan.

Model and actress Mawra Hocane got slammed by twitteratis and Facebook users on defending Phantom and saying that she is pro humanity. The movie only tells about terrorists and it does not say Pakistan is a terrorist country.

In response to that a motivational speaker and trainer Ashraf Chaudhary gave her a befitted answer and later on called her a sl**t in response when he forgot the preaching of tolerance. While Shan Shahid asked to ban Mawra for supporting 'Phantom'.

My say is that Phantom is just a movie, and it cannot lead us to a war, watch Bajrangi Bhai Jaan directed by the same person i.e. Kabir Khan. The issue which I see is that people who cannot win from a logic they start character assassination, and in a woman’s case it is the easiest thing to do. Favoring or not favoring movie Phantom cannot judge your loyalty with the soil and this cannot be forgotten that one’s patriotism is other country’s treachery. 

Seeing the universal facts, and the present situation in which we are in, any hate speech lead us to more hate speech. The hate speech we do to defend our argument is too mainstream now and we can see this on any matters. Few of the comments I saw were regarding actress’ new Bollywood movie poster and the other thing she was criticized for spelling her name.

I don’t think anyone has rights to point finger on anyone’s name spells. This is us who decided which letter to use and what if Mawra write ‘Hocane’ instead of ‘Hussain’ makes her any less a Muslim or Pakistani.

What wonders me is how intolerant we have become. How indecent we are in our conversations towards women, we think if a woman says of her heart she is nothing but trash, and if she is from showbiz then she has a certain name which can be tagged with her to shut her mouth.

Agree to disagree, respect other’s point of view, you have to dislike them but have no right to humiliate and say indecent words when you are out of logic or argument.


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