Dec 2, 2008

Mumbai Attacks - Hoax same as 9/11


Bismillah hir Rehman nir Raheem 


Assalamo Alaikum. 


The Indian Government and its Brahmins have become used to uttering unending lies and breaking all commitments just like their cow worshipper and racist brothers i.e. Zionists. Just like 9/11 and Zionists Putin's demolition of building and blaming those against whom they have already planned a counter reaction, Indian Government with their cow worshipped brethren have carried out one of the worst terrorist act in a city which carried the name of Bombay until few years back. The name was changed because it contained the word "Bomb" as initial part of its name. The name once delayed a flight from Saudi Arabia as some body heard the name of "Bomb (ay)" on phone. 

Israelis are master deceptionists for example the notorious lavon affair when they killed the foreign tourists in Egypt and blamed Akhwan Ul Muslimoon. To their bad lack, one of the bomb implanter got arrested and cat came out of the bag. Israel instead of being ashamed over its terrorism, became proud and created a statue to remember the "great sacrifice" of its terrorist. Israel had tried to sink USS Liberty by attacking on it in the Daylight. The USA Government proved to be no more than a puppy and puppet of Zionists as its President Johnson and Secretary Robert McNamara refused to send USA planes to save fellow Americans hit by Israeli terrorist attack in a sunny day. 

Mossad and RAW along with Afghan secret agency RAAM etc. India is playing all sorts of terrorism in Pakistan. Of course it has full supports of other puppies and puppets of Zionists such as Qadyanis and MQM. MQM is currently carrying out shooting in Karachi on the orders and instructions of their Hindu gods. 

As the planes in 9/11 were remotely jammed and controlled from a Ship in New York harbor to precisely hit the WTC, this time, the shooting began from inside a Zionist Center. Pakistani people are eagerly waiting for an Indian attack as they want to liberate Indian occupied Kashmir and take revenge of Fall of Dacca on 16th December. They would like to make entire Indian army in occupied Kashmir to surrender. Once the war starts it is not going to end even if both armies decide to do so. Insha Allah it will continue till the dismantle of Indian Empire with liberation of Kashmir, Khalistan, Hyderabad Dakkan and Juna Gar. So a fire which was started by Indian Brahmin Government may backfire. 

The current attacks in Mumbai have exposed Indian stupidity just like Zionists stupidity as everyone knows that 9/11 was a Zionist act of terrorism to attack Afghanistan and restore heroin for its underground mafia, same may be for India which wants to defame Islam and Muslims and perhaps trying to attack Pakistan. Pakistan army must withdraw all its forces from Northern area and bring it on the borders with India. Pakistani people will fight along with their army against the attackers which have already deployed 700,000 terrorist army in Kashmir which has killed about 100,000 Kashmiris through state terrorism in last 60 years.


  1. shahzad you have truely gave a oicture of what a jew and hindu is planning against the innocent muslims.what we as a muslims need is to unite and et together agains these enemies.t

  2. Re: suleman ahmed

    yes Suleman you are right... this is the time for Muslims wee need to be united now!!!

  3. Ye dear suleman ahmed ! sure... it would be a big jihad We have to do something... Please if you any idea or plan please tell i will InshaaAllah be with you. Thanks


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