Dec 4, 2008

A news channel 5 woker sucide for not paying salary from 4 month.

A news channel 5 woker sucide for not paying  salary from 4 month.
22yrs old and brother of seven sister azam was working for Channel five  Lahore.He was not given salary from last four month.IT is great concern for news paper and electronic media workers.
what we should do in such circumstances? ????????. .....I ask my senior journalists Hamid Meer,Huma ali,Mazhar Abbas,Talat Hussain,Mushtaq Minhas,Khawar Naeem hashmi,Arif Hameed Bhatti,Sohail warriach,Anjum Rasheed,Jugnoo Mohsin,Saleem Bokhari,Khalid Chaudhry  and others respected fellows that where we are stand?????
**** In many newspapers and TV channels worker are not being paid from many month*******
Please set aside your MAJBOORIES,Come out for electronin and print media workers rights.Dont let the media and print media worker in the circumstance where they are forced to choose sucide way
I appeal all concern circle to do something before media worker  whom are not   being paid on time,try to seek shelter in sucide. 

Naeem Hanif
General Secretary
Punjab union of journalists.

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