Dec 11, 2008

Top 5 funniest News items of the week (Mumbai Attacks)

Top 5 funniest News items of the week

By Emaad Qureshi

Last week in Mumbai we saw one of the deadliest terrorist attacks of human history which took lives of about 200 people. It was really something un- thinkable and un-imaginable. In the same week we also saw some very funny kind of News keep coming out of International Media,we gave them the prestigious name of Top 5 funniest News items of the week.

(5) Times of India

Times of India reports on behalf of captured terrorists that he told Indian authrorities during investigation that "There were 24 of us who took one-year training in camps organised by Laskar-e-Taiba (LeT) at Mansera and Muzzarafabad in Punjab province of Pakistan. Ten of us were later handpicked for the Mumbai operation,''

Indian Newspaper is unaware of the fact that Manshera and Muzaffarabad are not in Punjab, Manshera is in NWFP and Muzaffrabad is capital of Azad Kashmir.Indian Newspaper even wrote wrong spellings of Manshera.we will advice them to have some classes of geography. Our government should send on urgent basis, Indian media a map of Pakistan. We are really thankfull to Indian Media for all this fun.

(4) The Hindu ( Dec 03 2008)

The Hindi reports about seven fishermen caught at the Jakhau port of Gujarat.This is really funny that how come they always succeed to arrest innocent fishermen but fail to see terrorists carrying gun and ammunition in sea boats moving towards their most important city Mumbai.


Indian authorities are saying that terrorists were Pakistanis because they had number of Pakistani made things.Just take a look at the things they had with them it is very intresting.

  • An empty diesel can of a petrol-filling station with a head-office address in Karachi

  • Several shirts, T-shirts and trousers have “fake foreign branding” but there are “specific clothing items” with names of tailors in Pakistan.

  • Toilet paper packet of Zik brothers, Karachi

  • Packet of wheat flour from a Karachi shop, two detergent boxes manufactured in Pakistan.

  • Touch me shaving cream made in Pakistan

  • Dental gel, Medicam, also made in Pakistan

  • Nestle milk packet with marking of Nestle Pakistan Limited.

  • Namaaz cap from a shop with the phone code of Multan

  • A few packets of a fairness cream shipped from Dubai

  • Metal plate with picture of a gun with instructions in Urdu; three handcuffs with steel chains.

We would ask Indians why would they had so many Pakistani made things with them, so that everyone will know that Pakistan is involved it is very childish. It is also very hilarious that they also had fairness cream and shaving cream with them as they were going to do modeling show…..

(2) Asia news Network

Asia News Network reports, Indian authorities are saying that Terrorists reached India at the day of attacks but they were getting instructions from Pakistan about the whereabouts of the Hotel. Indians are also claiming that this attack was planned six months back, for these six months what Indian intelligence was doing, we think they were sleeping.

This is really amusing.On one side they were so intelligent that they planned this attack six months back but on other side they were so stupid that they called Pakistan from their mobile phones while in India. Wouldn’t it be expected that all India Pakistan phone calls would be monitored?.Now iam 100% sure they were not Pakistanis because Pakistanis cant be so un-professional and silly.

(1) Star Television The Funny

At the end we will give you the link of the movie produced by Star plus. This movie is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. They have provided us fun-filled entertainment even beating the fun standards of Bollywood romantic movies and their humorous Star plus Dramas.

We will advice Indian and International media to keep on providing us with fantastic comedy like this, because we are really in need of this type of comedy in current era of war and depression.

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