Dec 2, 2008

Zahid Hamid - Brass Tacks

2 Dec 2008

Dear brothers and sisters,


Assalam alaikum

You're listening Radio Pakistan - Delhi!!



See you in Panipat!!!

Our defense of motherland has drawn harsh reaction from Hindu Zionists. 
Wanted to share a sharp exchange with you all. His mail is at the bottom. 
Read it first. It is time we prepare to repeat the history, inshallah.
  Do what you want and we do what we have to. Day of reckoning is not far.
  See you in panipat :))
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hey zaid hamid, the only way to finish your country off is to have the IMF
block the 7.5billion helpline and we block our rivers...


Hum ko torhnay walo apni khair manao (US IS GOING TO BREAK IN 6 PARTS) - MUST READ

When global powers become arrogant, destructive, and imperial and deny justice, they begin to disintegrate and crumble. History is full of super powers which are mere dust now. USA and India are next on the line of regional and global heavyweights who are now crumbling under their own weight. Just read the following article and have faith and hope that those planning to disintegrate us would history much earlier, inshAllah


Note Open attachments to read full article in Urdu language.



Pak Alert Press - Latest Headlines

Video: The Men Behind Barack Obama

RED ALERT: Pakistan is under attack! An American has spilled the beans. Just watch this video. The weakening of the federal government would make sure that US gets what it wants.

Click here to load videos


Video: The Mumbai Fraud Exposed By Zaid Hamid

Zaih Hamid speaks about Mumbai drama on NewOne TV show " Siyasat Aur Pakistan"
Click here to load videos



Whose Who Of The Hindutva Army

Before the self-loathing Pakistanis jump on the Indian bandwagon of 'Pakistan is bud of all evils', we need to wait to see if the terrorists involved in the (deplorable) Mumbai attacks were, as usual, carrying their Pakistani national identity cards in their pockets, or if they turnout to be Bajrang Dal's shinning stars, like Anti-Terrorism Squad's (serving) Indian Army Lt Col Prasad Shrikant Purohit?
Click here to read full article


Mumbai Terror Attacks: The Mossad Angle

Our worst fears have come true. It is clear that Mossad is involved in the whole affair. An entire city has been attacked by Mossad and probably units of mercenaries. It is not possible for one single organization to plan and execute such a sophisticated operation. It is clear that this operation was backed by communal forces from within the Indian State. The Home Minister Shivraj Patil should resign. The RSS-BJP-VHP-Bajrang Dal should be banned. Advani and others ought to be arrested.

Click here to read full article


Mumbai terrorists are NOT Muslims but Hindus


He is wearing a yellow band on right hand. A clear sign of Hinduism !!!! Compare the two pictures -- One taken in Mumbai yesterday. Other in 2002 of Hindu fascist in Gujarat riots. Both wearing same yellow band on right hand.


Mumbai Drama PowerPoint Presentation

Open the presentation file from the attachment


Indian army deliberately defaced terrorists!!

Even in a real war this does not happen like this. This was a carefully orchestrated drama where identities of the terrorists had to be removed, even to the limits of shooting them through their eyes -- both eyes!!. Just another face of sinister Hindu Zionist mentality.




 The doctors who conducted the post mortem said the bodies of the terrorists were beyond recognition. "Their faces were beyond recognition." There was no way of identifying them," he said. Asked how, if this is the case, they knew the bodies were indeed those of the terrorists, he said: "The security forces that brought the bodies told us that those were the bodies of the terrorists," he said, adding there was no other way they could have identified the bodies.  An intelligence agency source added: "One of the terrorists was shot through either eye."


Doctors shocked at hostages's torture


News1 program on Mumbai Drama Uploaded

The program on the Mumbai Fraud has now been uploaded. The links are as follows:








BrassTacks on Siyasat Aur Pakistan-Mumbai Fraud Exposed

Siyasat Aur Pakistan has now been uploaded. Links are as follows:






Iqbal the Mysterious Eps2

Episode 2 of Iqbal the Mysterious has now been uploaded. The links are as follows:



Zaid Hamid



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  1. Thanks for great info......

    Zahid Hamid

  2. Inshalah pakistan will ment 1947 with real principal of life, there is no power at this earth which distroy to pakistan ,have a great reason that .pakistan is a marical of Allah.
    pakistani nation will be a great nation of this world ,inshalalh ,this is not only hope will be done by grace of Allah very soon, be unite and be honest,be fare with your pakistan never be discaurage to prapoganda of enime. Allah is great planer. pakistan paindabad. we have need leader such as zahid hamid and imran khan.


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