Jun 5, 2009

President Obama’s Speech At Cairo, June 4, 2009

President Obama's Speech
President Obama's Speech At Cairo, June 4, 2009

It was visionary speech and it was not addressed just to the Muslims of the world but to the whole world. It was a vision of a world at peace, which is comfortable with difference and diversity. His words:

So long as our relationship is defined by our differences, we will empower those who sow hatred rather than peace, those who promote conflict rather than the cooperation that can help all of our people achieve justice and prosperity.

More eloquent speeches have been made by US Presidents in times of crisis but this speech was different for two reasons: 1) the person who made the speech – the first black President of the USA whose father was a Muslim; 2) in every war the US fought or crisis the US faced, its confidence in its line of action and its eventual victory was not in doubt. Today, America is doubtful of the legitimacy and efficacy of its course, and is unsure of even its objectives. He said, a 'course correction' is very much needed. And he is right. But America needs the trust and support of the Muslims of the World in order to be able to make that 'course correction'. It is not because the Muslims states have become united in purpose; it is because the Muslim youth are almost universally hostile to what they perceive to be the US objectives. It is the spread not the power of the resentment that is so debilitating to those who have to deal with it.

The message of President Obama to this very dispersed and diverse resentment against the US was clear, realistic and visionary. An overwhelming majority of the Muslims in the world can empathise with it. He stands taller in their eyes and is seen as a friend. However, they do have doubts. These are:

1. Would the speech be seen as an ultimatum by the Jewish lobbies who may then set about making sure that he also became a 'one term President' like President Carter and Bush Sr who also tried to be even-handed in dealing with Israelis and Palestinians.

2. There was no mention in his speech of the dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, primarily because of the leaders of Pakistan who are inept as well as unconcerned with safeguarding the national interests. But Kashmir involves the rights of self-determination of more people (17 million) who have suffered much more (100,000 dead) and are much more viciously repressed than the Palestinians. The alternative vision – of Global Jihad by Al-Qaeda – would retain its charm and magnetism to the Muslim youth and America would continue to suffer its consequences even though US support to India on Kashmir is neither as firm as that to Israel nor does it serve a clear US objective or interest.

3. The Indian lobby is not as strong in the USA as is the Jewish lobby but both co-operate and reinforce each other. It is quite probable they may not overtly focus on making President Obama a 'one term President' but focus on making him fail in Afghanistan and Pakistan thus achieving the same result.

Alarm bells are ringing in Tel-Aviv and New Delhi. Both have intelligence assets in Afghanistan that could be used to precipitate US failure in Afghanistan. They have used those assets (TTP) against Pakistan, Iran and China. The political parties in Pakistan have not yet understood that the new President of the USA has different objectives and is eager to revise strategy in Afghanistan. He does want to help defeat the diabolical Takfiris who have the potential to menace not just the peace in Af-Pak but also in the surrounding region. The USA and Pakistan have a common interest in defeating those killing our people and soldiers, destroying our bridges and property, burning our schools, those who have uprooted millions from their homes. The character of Zardari and Karzai should not distract attention from the fact that the danger of Takfiris- whether they call themselves Al-Qaead or Taliban – is real and immediate. Imran Khan of TI – a brave and honourable man - is quite wrong in saying that Pakistan is fighting an insurrection; Pakistan is fighting occupation. It would have been an insurgency if it was supported by the public as is the case in Afghanistan. The TTP have no public support and the Pakistan Army is fighting occupation of FATA and Swat by them the way occupation must be fought.

We recognise that the danger to the Muslims of the World comes from the India and Israel. If America under the leadership of President Obama wants to break free from the shackles of their political lobbies, we want to help him achieve that goal. The best way we can help him is by achieving a victory against Takfiris in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The victory would be defined by a broad based government in both countries led by patriots of proven merit. The defeat would be defined either a take over by Takfiris of Al-Qaeda and their allies, or balkanisation. Let us not forget that the Takfiris were used by the Zionists to oppose a moderate nationalists leader like President Nasser who was uniting the Arab World against them. The allies and cohorts of Takfiris led public agitation against other nationalist leaders who were resisting the west - President Sukarno, Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Libyan Leader Muammar Qadhafi. The Takfiris are playing the same role now – pitting Muslims against Muslims.

US defeat in Afghanistan will not bring a government friendly to Pakistan in power. The defeat would result in uprooting of population at a scale that the entire region would become ungovernable.

The AIM of Pakistan MUST be to win the war against Takfiris – Al-Qaeda as well as the TTP – and to secure the withdrawal of the USA from Afghanistan after having earned the gratitude and goodwill of Afghans. Encouraged by the initiative taken by President Obama, We welcome the vision and the sincerity of the American Leaders and looks forward to his success in bringing peace in long troubled parts of the world and in creating a world comfortable with difference and diversity.


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