Jul 30, 2009

Mind-blowing Love Tips....

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1. Play footsy under the table when out at dinner with friends 

2. Keep a picture in your wallet always 

3. Send cards for no reason except to say i love you 

4. Leave a message on the answering machine 

5. Dedicate a song to them on the radio 

6. Plant a tree together 

7. Make up a secret love code and use it in conversation with a crowd of friends 

8.Write a series of love letters and send them anonymously 

9. Send an e-kiss over the internet 

10. Come home early as a surprise 

11. Place an advert in the "found" column of a newspaper 

12. Write a love message and leave it under the pillow 

13. Write a personal love poem 

14. Write it in the condensation on the bathroom mirror 

15. Hire a sport car for the day and take them to nice place for lunch 

16. Drink champagne in the bath 

17. Be spontaneous- shout out "i love you" in the supermarket 

18. Say it every day 

19. Take a walk along the beach on a cold day and write it in the sand 

20. Serenade them with your song 

21. Pay off their credit card 

22. Write it "backwards" in the dirt on their car's back window 

http://i26.tinypic.com/5tujvl.jpgJoin smilingsmilers for Nice Mails

Join smilingsmilers for Nice Mails


Join smilingsmilers for Nice Mails

23. Cook a special meal - if you can't pay some one else 

24. Keep every card,letter or photograph they give you in a special place. open it up on your anniversary and reminisce together 

25. Sponsor a pair of love birds at the zoo 

26. Hold hands in public 

27. Crave it in a tree 

28. Write it in food 

29. Give her your jacket when it's cold 

30. Send a red rose for every day,week or year you've been together ( depending on the length of your relationship and the size of your wallet! ) 

31. Buy a packet of love hearts and sneak them into a coat pocket 

32. Make a special anniversary card 

33. Get a tattoo and keep it a secret between you 

34. Give them some money as a surprise and tell them to buy something just for themselves 

35. Walk up and down outside their office with an " i love you " sign 

36. Let them lie in and bring breakfast in bed 

37. Organize a meal at a romantic restaurant in advance. so when you arrive, the table is covered in flowers and gifts 

38. Cut out the letters " i love you" and post them every day for eight days 

39. Secretly learn how to massage and surprise them with your new skills 

40. Buy a box of chocolates and put one on the pillow every night 

41. Send them your last Rolo 

42. Make a tape of yourself reading a love poem and secretly put it in the car stereo so it automatically plays when they next switch on 

43. Fill their handbag or briefcase with cut out hearts 

44. Keep her lipstick marked coffee cup 

45. Go to see a romantic film at the cinema and sit on the back row 

46. Always kiss goodnight 

47. When they go away, hide a note or present in their suitcase to find later 

48. Invent a cocktail and name it after them 

49. Write it in the early morning dew outside their window 

50. Take a picnic and go back to the place you first met 

51. Open a joint bank account 

52. Learn to say I LOVE YOU in 10 different languages 
Arabic - Bahebak
French - Je t'aime,
German - Iche liebe dich,
Greek - S'ayapo,
Hawaiian - Aloha wav'ia oe,
Italian - Ti amo,
KLingon - Qabang,
Latin - Te amo,
Russian - Ya vas liubliu,
Spanish - Te quiero,



Join smilingsmilers for Nice Mails

Join smilingsmilers for Nice Mails

Join smilingsmilers for Nice Mails

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