Sep 11, 2009

Now India's turn to expand its embassy

Now India's turn to expand its embassy
LAHORE - After giving 58 acres of land to the US Embassy, the Indian Embassy in Islamabad has also been allotted 10-acre land for its expansion, it was learnt on Tuesday.
The Indian Embassy will construct more offices as well as residences on the land, provided to it in the Diplomatic Enclave. Besides that, Indian commandos and security guards would be deployed at the Embassy for security purpose.

It has been learnt that the land has been given after a request by New Delhi.

However, a government department had made provision of land conditional to some steps.

Highly-placed government sources said it is not an unusual thing. Keeping in view modern day requirements, the Indian request was accepted and "we are well aware of the situation", they said.

It has been learnt that construction work has been started for expansion of the Indian Embassy.
On the other hand, some circles in Islamabad are expressing their reservations over the allotment of land to the Indian and US embassies, besides raising questions regarding the purpose of providing land to these embassies.

They say that at least the Parliament should have been taken into confidence over this sensitive matter.

These circles also are of the view that a question arises whether Pakistan's friendly countries, including Saudi Arabia, China, and other Muslim states have land equal to that of the US and Indian embassies' and as to why these countries did not feel need to expand their missions and take extra security steps.

Moreover, China's protest over unnecessary expansion of the US mission as well as extra security measures and later its denial is being discussed in the government and diplomatic circles. It is being said reservations of friendly countries over the issue should not be neglected, because this would isolate Pakistan at the international level.

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