Dec 4, 2009

Doctors Hospital (Lahore) killed my 3 Year Old Daughter

Doctors Hospital (Johar Town Lahore,Punjab, Pakistan) killed my 3 Year Old Daughter

Doctors Hospital Johar Town Lahore, Punjab Pakistan


2 Dec 09: Doctors Hospital failed to
provide any records (discharge slip,
medical records, list of on duty staff) to police to date.

On 2nd day of Eid (29 Nov 09), Doctor's Hospital (Johar Town Lahore)
killed my 3 Years old daughter "Imanae Malik". She had a minor burn on
her hand because of hot water and i took her to Doctor's Hospital where
the doctors gave her 3 doses of injections to sedate her which were
NOT suitable for kids and as a consequence she died there within few
minutes in my hands.

I've lost all I had she was my only daughter... please save your loved ones
and don't go their... boycott them, request the Govt. to take over this
hospital or shut it down... please help me in this noble cause and save
your loved ones' lives by boycotting these butchers...


What you can do
At the moment, Please spread this news and tell your family and friends to
stay away from Doctor's Hospital.


  1. I'm very sorry for your loss but Doc's Hosp has saved four of my family members lives.
    To condemn an entire hosptial is absurd. You should go after the doctor who is responsible. I have read in the media that you are demanding 50 million rupees in exchange for you to drop your case. How can you put a price on your child two days after she died? I see that you are very saavy on the internet with posting on youtube, facebook, twitter etc.

  2. I totally disagree with the above post-seems you are partial to Doctors' hospital and have turned the other way to the plight of that little child. This is sheer medical negligence of the highest order-All doctors involved including the managerial doctors/ board of directors are supposed to have foreign qualified degrees in addition to their MBBS at this so-called hospital. It is strongly recommended that the relevant medical council either in the UK-the general medical council be alerted on these doctors by patients who have suffered so that disciplinary actions are started and the American Board needs to know as well to revoke their licence and start proceedings relating to fitness to practise-At least these doctors can then never work in the west!!!!!!THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE URGENTLY-ALSO BRITISH AND AMERICAN EMBASSIES NEED TO BE ALERTED ON THESE SO-CALLED FOREIGN SPECIALIST DOCTORS!

  3. its really a big big loss as i heard to much about imane malik i m also a doctor but i think those doctors who r responsible they have to punish but not the whole managment coz every one is not responsible and u cant blame the whole managment and i request to my doctors society plzz be carefull while treating patients and dont take things lightly coz we all have to answer ALLAH sws
    i m sorry for imane malik i really feel pain about her loss


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