Dec 16, 2009


The truth is that far from being the poor victim it likes to portray itself as, Israel is in fact the most aggressive and belligerent nation in the region, having invaded pretty much everyone it shares a border with.

The following maps show what Israel has actually done.

The above map is Israel as it was first created by UN declaration in 1947. The blue portion is Israel, the rest is all Arab lands. Note that Jerusalem was completely within Arab lands and Israel was much smaller than it is today. Note also that there is NO Israeli presence inside the area surrounding Jerusalem. No settlements, certainly no IDF. 

The red square outlines the approximate region shown in the map to the right.

This is Israel as it is today. Note that the western border of Palestine has been pushed up to Jerusalem. Such a land grab is NOT the result of a defensive act, but of an invasion to bring Jerusalem under Israeli control, even though Jerusalem was not originally part of Israel. The maps clearly tell the story of an Israel conquering lands which do not belong to it. Since Sharon took office, Israel has built more illegal Jewish Settlements on Palestinian land. Note on the above map that the majority of the lands which were originally Arab lands when Israel was created, are now under complete (white) or partial (orange) Israeli control. Only the black areas remain to the Palestinians, and those are shrinking by the minute. 
How does a defensive action result in the total conquest of someone else's lands? The answer is that it does not. Israel is the aggressor. The maps of Israel then and now prove it. 


Stop buying into what Sharon claims Israel "has to do" and look at what Israel has actually done.. The maps tell the story of a nation eager to conquer lands which do not belong to it. Israel has invaded virtually every nation it shares borders with, including Syria and Lebanon, and as the map above shows has almost conquered Palestine and is ready to "ethnically cleanse" the region. Far from being the poor victimized society desperately defending itself Israel likes to pretend it is in order to wrest more money from Americans, Israel is in fact the most militarily aggressive nation in the region. 

Israel has ALWAYS portrayed non-Israelis as animals, in order to make it easier for the American tax payers who pay for the weapons accept their killing. And Israel has always resorted to staged terror bombings to further its agenda, such as the Lavon affair and more recently when a supposed suicide bomber turned out to be a known Israeli collaborator. In one recent case photos showed that what was reported as a suicide bomb in Jerusalem was actually a car bomb

Even now, the Israeli media admits that nobody (other than the purported bomber) was actually hurt in this latest bombing. Now, would a real anti-Israel suicide bomber, obviously able to select where and when the bomb is to go off, really choose to detonate the bomb when there is nobody around, damaging ONLY buildings?

So, if you are being lied to about the Jerusalem bombings, and with Israel's past use of, indeed PRIDE of, deception as a tool to be used against friend and enemy alike, it's time to take another hard look at the fact that every other nation on Earth except the United States is opposed to what Israel is doing.

You know, if the United States REALLY wanted peace in Palestine, all they have to do is stop signing the checks that pay for Israel's war machine.

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.." 
-- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.


Another claim that Israel likes to make is that Palestine never really existed to start with.

"How can we return the occupied territories? There is nobody to return them to." Golda Maier, March 8, 1969.

"There was no such thing as Palestinians, they never existed." Golda Maier Israeli Prime Minister June 15, 1969

Again, maps tell a different story.

click for larger map of Palestine ca. 1851

click for larger map of Palestine ca. 1864

click for larger map of Palestine ca. 1866

click for larger map of Palestine ca. 1887

click for larger map of Palestine ca. WW1

click for larger map of Palestine ca. WW1 (detail)

click for larger map of Palestine ca. WW2

click for larger map of Palestine ca. WW2 (detail)

See also " Descriptive Geography and Brief Historical Sketch of Palestine by Rabbi Joseph Schwarz, 1850"

Young turks_grand serai_jaffa Jaffa, Palestine: Palestinians gather at the Grand Serai (local government offices) in July 1908, to celebrate the al-Hurriyah Revolution (i.e. the Young Turks Revolution) against Sultan Abdul Hamid and in favor of the restoration of the constitution and the holding of Parliamentary elections. (via Walid KhalidiBefore Their Diaspora).

Jaffa beach front_pre1914 Jaffa, Palestine: General view of the city from the sea looking east, pre-1914. (Matson Collection, 1898-1914).

Jaffa clock tower pre1914Jaffa, Palestine: Street scene in the old city next to the Jaffa's famous Clock tower, pre-1914 (Matson Collection). 

The bazaar in jaffa 1896Jaffa, Palestine: The bazaar in 1896.

Jaffa and its orange groves pre-1914 Jaffa, Palestine: General view of Jaffa and its orange groves, facing south; before 1914. (Matson Collection)

Harvesting jaffa oranges Jaffa, Palestine: Harvesting the oranges. (Matson Collection)

Sorting jaffa oranges 1920s Jaffa, Palestine: Sorting and packing citrus fruits, 1920's. 

Packing jaffa oranges Jaffa, Palestine: Oranges being wrapped for sale. (Matson Collection). 

Jaffa oranges for export Jaffa, Palestine: Boxed Jaffa oranges being loaded for export, early 1920's. Jaffa oranges were Palestine's leading export. After 1948, Jaffa's nationalized orange groves and the established markets for their products provided the major source of income for the new state of Israel. 

Al-Ameiryah High School_staff Jaffa, Palestine: The staff of the Government Secondary Boys' School (al-Ameiryah High School) in 1923. Seated center is Salim Katul, author of a series of textbooks in Arabic on the natural sciences.

Orthodox elementary school_jaffaJaffa, Palestine: Elementary school pupils at the National Christian Orthodox School (1938).

Jaffa secondary school Jaffa, Palestine: Carpentry class at the Government Secondary Boys' School, 1924. The inscription over the door reads, "The least worthy of you are the least learned".

Orthodox school band_jaffaJaffa, Palestine: The band of the National Christian Orthodox School (1938)

Al-Ameiryah boy scoutsJaffa, Palestine: Wolf Cubs and Boy Scouts with camping gear, at the Government Secondary Boys' School, 1924.

Jaffa high school soccer team Jaffa, Palestine: The Government Secondary Boys' School first XI (Soccer) in 1923.

Jaffa demonstration 1933Jaffa, Palestine: Palestinians demonstrate in Jaffa's central square against the plans of the British government to increase Zionist immigration into Palestine, 27 October 1933.

Musa Pasha KathemJaffa, Palestine: British Soldiers clubbing Palestinian dignitary Musa Kazim Pasha al-Husseini at the 27 October 1933 demonstration against British policy on Zionist immigration into Palestine. Musa Kazim Pasha al-Husseini died six months later, 27 March 1934, at the age of eighty-one, having never recovered from the effects of this beating. (via Walid Khalidi, Before Their Diaspora).

Arab revolt_jaffa demo 1936Jaffa, Palestine: The beginning of the Arab Revolt of 1936-39. British riot police clash with Palestinian demonstrators protesting Britain's pro-Zionist policies (specifically increasing Zionist immigration into Palestine), Central Square, Jaffa, 12 June 1936. (via Walid Khalidi, Before Their Diaspora).

Stop and search_arab revolt_jaffaJaffa, Palestine: British soldiers search one of Jaffa's residents during the Arab Revolt, 1936.

Jaffa palestine_punitive demolitions1The Punishment of Jaffa, Palestine: British soldiers cordon off Jaffa's old city in preparation for the punitive demolition of Palestinian buildings in reprisal for the Arab Revolt against British policy in Palestine; 1936.

Jaffa palestine_punitive demolitions4The Punishment of Jaffa, Palestine: British soldiers carry out punitive demolitions in the old city, in reprisal for the Arab Revolt against British policy in Palestine; 1936.

Grand saraya truck bomb 1948Jaffa, Palestine: The ruins of the Grand Serai (local govt offices, see the first photo in this post). A truck loaded with explosives covered with oranges was parked outside the entrance on 4 January 1948 by members of the Zionist militant organization, Lohemai Herut Israel (the Stern Gang). The resulting explosion destroyed the building and killed 26 Palestinian civilians. (via Walid Khalidi, Before Their Diaspora)

Al-Manshiyya jaffa_may 1948Jaffa, Palestine: The ruins of the Manshiyeh quarter, after indiscriminate bombardment by the Irgun.  

Palestinian refugees from jaffa May 1948 Jaffa, Palestine: Palestinian residents salvage whatever possessions they can carry as they flee the city. (via Walid Khalidi, Before Their Diaspora)

Fleeing jaffa harbor_may 1948Jaffa, Palestine: Palestinians driven into the sea at Jaffa Harbor, late April 1948.  With the land routes cut off by the Haganah, tens of thousands of the citizens of Jaffa and neighboring villages fled by boat: south to Gaza and Egypt, and north to Lebanon. (via Walid Khalidi,Before Their Diaspora)

Jaffa refugees_gazaJaffa Harbor, Palestine: Palestinian refugees flee Jaffa by boat for Gaza, Apr-May 1948. By the time Jaffa finally fell on 13 May 1948, fewer than 4,000 of its 70,000 residents remained.

Jewish refugees resettled in jaffa_1949Jaffa, Israel: Jewish refugees from Europe are resettled in ethnically-cleansed Jaffa, 1949.

From a reader:

Here is a follow-up to my previous e-mail which touched upon the topic of how many Zionist Jews claim that Palestine doesn't exist, never did exist ever, and of course, they really want to wish away Palestine completely forever, that's obvious.

Well, as I mentioned, if you look in your Bibles, you will clearly see Palestine on the maps in there.

And I took the following photos at the local Palm Springs Air Museum, which focuses on WWII history, in November, 2007.

What is also interesting to note, is how this museum, which as you will see, has a huge wall map including Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East right around WWII.  You can clearly see Palestine (G.B.).  The G.B.. stands for Great Britain, since after WWI, Great Britain took over control of Palestine from the Ottoman Empire, whose base was in what was to become modern-day Turkey.  The Palestinians never suffered under Ottoman control, nor British control, however, ever since Zionist Jews from Eastern Europe decided to create a racist, ethno-centric militant Jewish state in Palestine (as they successfully got a green light from Great Britain as in infamous Balfour Declaration of 1917), which came into being as "Israel" in 1948, the Palestinians have mightily suffered ever since then under militant Jewish rule, having to deal with militant Jewish terrorists, and many fled in terror, hoping to return, however the Palestinian refugees have NOT been allowed their inalienable Right to Return, nor compensated, even though it is their right according to UN Resolutions, International Law and the majority of world opinion.

What is also interesting, and irksome, and so typical, is that some Zionist Jew just had to put their propaganda on the map, as you will see in a following photo, even though Israel was NOT in existence by the time of the WWI or even WWII.  Zionist Jews are relentless in spreading their misleading, self-serving, malicious and false propaganda in order to deceive the American public so they will continue to support Israel blindly.

Here is the overview of the map:

Look closely to the right of the right plane's tail with the letters BP above, and you will see the Israeli propaganda on two pages in a black frame -- a close up to follow further below.

And here is the Israeli propaganda below, most of it is complete misinformation, since Israel started that war and then slammed all of Lebanon, causing massive damage to infrastructure all over Lebanon and killing thousands of innocent Lebanese civilians.  However Hezbollah was able to drive the Israelis out, thanks to the weapons and excellent intel they possess.  Unlike Gaza, their borders are NOT controlled by the Israelis, and they can rightfully defend and arm themselves, surviving despite the outrageous, lethal barrage of bombings that Israel rained down on Lebanon, completely out of proportion to any harm that Lebanon was able to inflict on Israel (miniscule in comparison).  They were "lucky" at least to drive Israelis out of their country, again by the way.  This is not the first insane massive bombing attacks the Lebanese have suffered by the war-mongering Israelis, who still illegally occupy some of southern Lebanon, the Sabaa Farms, and wants to claim the big river's water for Israel.  That is one reason why Lebanon and Israel are officially at war and enemies.

I called up the museum and complained about the what I called Israeli false propaganda there on the map, and the person who answered thanked me and said she would look into it.  I have not been back since to see if it was taken down.  But as you can clearly see below, yes indeed, there was PALESTINE on the map, and I pray to God it will be restored, and once again the Palestinians will be able to live in peace and dignity on THEIR ancestral homeland, safe, secure and sovereign.  Note how this Israeli propaganda labels the Palestinian Territory as simply West Bank.  ALSO, please note that the Golan Heights, as shown in the Israeli propagandistic map above, is SYRIAN territory and is ILLEGALLY occupied to this day by Israel, but our mainstream media RARELY ever mentions that.  This is why Syria and Israel are enemies to this day.  Oh, but we are supposed to believe that Syria just "hates" Israel because it's "Jewish". HA. Hogwash! Stealing land is an ACT OF WAR in any culture.  NO ONE would tolerate some neighbor just stealing their neighbor's land! How would YOU like it??

For Truth, Peace, Justice, Liberty and Equality for All,

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