May 7, 2010

Indian copycats of Songs

Indian copycats of Songs

This Remind me a program of PTV hosted by Zia Mohiyuddin, Dhun Hamari Tumharey naam hoi... , and

This doc provides some info that how indians stole our music for their industry. We are not claiming here that Pakistanis musicians are very pious and they never stole any music from indian composers, but the point is few Indians are denying this fact since long. Anyways, enjoy the difference :-)
Special Thanks to Syed Arbab Ahmed.


Now I am going to list very few, this list is very big & it will take years to complete but I am pointing out few just to give you some idea of those stealing, & Indians keep doing this:

Vital Sings - Sanwali Saloni (Original Pakistani Song)

Indian version (Indian Copy)



aik baat kahoon dildara (Original Pakistani Song)


Ek Baat Kahon Dildara-Mission Istanbul (Indian Copy)




Mission Istaanbul New Song(Yaar Mere Dildara) (Indian Copy)



Waris Baig - Kul Shub Dekha (Original Pakistani Song)

Indian version called Lamha Lamha (Indian Copy version)




NA KOI GILA HAI (ZANJEER) (Original Pakistani Song)


Dil ka kya kasoor (Indian Copy version)


Rahim Shah - Pehlay to Kabhi Kabhi Ghum tha in Urdu & Pashto languages (Original Pakistani Urdu version Song)

Rahim Shah, Pakhwa ba kala kala gham wu (Original Pakistani Pashto version Song)

Indian version by a "LIAR" Altaf Raja because he said that he dreamed about this song (Indian Copy)



TEREY MEREY PYAR KA (SALAKHAIN) (Original Pakistani song male version)


TERAY MERAY PEYAR KA – SALAKHAIN (Original Pakistani song male & female version)


Song - Tere mere pyar ka..... by Kishore da (Indian copy song)



Boohay baarian by hadiqa kiani (Original Pakistani Song)


Hum tumhare hain sanam - madhuri SRK film (Indian Copy)



Hadiqa Kiani Mahi (Original Pakistani Song)

Jaane kya chahe mann - Pyaar ke side effects (Indian copy)



Ali Zafar's Channo (Original Pakistani Song)

Chorre Ki Batein (Indian Copied version)



Bheega bheega sa December by Abrar-ul-haq... (Original Pakistani Song)

Full song - bheega bheega sa ye December
(Indian Copied version)



Nusrat fateh ali khan"Dam mast Qalandar"Massive attack mix (Original Pakistani Song)

Tu cheez badi hai mast ~ Mohra (Indian Copied version)



Nusrat - Sanson Ki Mala (Original Pakistani Song)


Sanson ki mala pe (koyla) ! Madhuri dixit !! (Indian Copied version)



Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mera Piya Ghar Aaya (Original Pakistani Song)


Madhuri Dixit dance - mera piya ghar aaya FULL SONG from Yaraana (Indian Copied version)


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Kinna Sohna tenu (Original Pakistani Song)

Kinna Sona Tenu Rab Ne (Indian Copied version)



(naye kapray badal ker jaaoon kahan ) by Khalil Haider (Original Pakistani Ghazal)


Yun Ankhiyaan Mila Ke – Andaaz (Indian copy of Pakistani famous Ghazal)




"Agar tum mil jao" by Tasawwar khanum.. (Original Pakistani Song)

Agar Tum Mil Jao (Indian copy)



agar tum mil jao – zeher (Indian copy)




DIL DIL PAKISTAN by Vital Signs (Original Pakistani Song)

Dil Dil Hindustan Yaadon Ke Mausam Vijay Benedict Anand Milind (Indian copy)

lol hahahhaha what a BAD COPY of a Pakistani national song, INDIANS r bad copy machines, you even copy our "NATIONAL SONG".



Woh kon thi (Original Pakistani song)

woh kaun thi – jojo (Indian bad copy)



Sanwali Saloni Si Mehboba by Junaid Jamshed HQ (Original Pakistani song)

Sanwali Saloni Teri - Hum Sab Chor Hain (Indian bad copy)






Mera Babu Chail Chalibai – INDIAN (Copy)






Kala sha kala mera kala hi sardar goreyan nu dafa karo INDIAN BAD (Copy)

The amount Indians musicians, directors, story writers etc have copied Pakistani products, Indian common people can't even imagine.



Punjabi Song - Way Ik Tera Payaar Menu - Noor Jahan (Original Pakistani song)

Ek Tera Pyar Feat. Devika (an Indian pop singer) (Indian copy version)


KEHNDEY NEY NAINA (JUMA JUNJ NAAL) (Original Pakistani song)


Kehnde Ne Naina (My Eyes Speak) - Punjabi Lounge by Devika (Indian copy version)




KADI TEY HAAS BOL (SHOUKAT ALI) (Original Pakistani Song)


Punjabi Songs - Hass Bol Ve (Indian copy of Pakistani song)



PPP (Pakistani political party's) song Dil aa Teer biJaa karo (Original Pakistani Song)
IndraJeet - Main Na Jhoot Bolu
(Indian copy of Pakistani song)




Meri waffa mere waday pe aaitbaar karo (Original Pakistani Song)


Mera sehra baand ker aaon ga (Indian copy of a Pakistani song)



MAIN JIS DIN BHULA DOON (Original Pakistani Song)

Main Jis Din Bhula Doon[Police Public-1990] (Indian copy of a Pakistani song)



saajan ji ghar aaye Indian copy listen it after 4:56
From every corner Indians have stolen Pakistani product

Mehndi Laa Kay - Shehnai (1986)



Bad copy of: Marjawan OR Marjawaaan by artist:  Fakhir   from Pakistan Album :  Sub Tun Sohniyeh  (Original Pakistani Song)

Mar Jawa - Aashiq Banaya Apne (Indian copy of a Pakistani song)



Mera Naam hai muhabbat (Original Pakistani Song)

in dino or Tum Kaisi Muhabat kertai hoo - Life in a Metro (Indian another of a Pakistani song)



chaley to kaT hii jaa'ega - musarrat nazir (Original Pakistani song)



musarrat nazir - LaThay dii chaadar uttay saleTii (Original Pakistani song)

Rageshwari - latte di chadar (Indian copy version)



Mussarat Nazeer - Mera Laung Gawacha (Original Pakistani song)

Mera Laung Gawacha -Bally Sagoo (INDIAN COPY VERSION)

Mera Laung Gavacha (INDIAN COPY VERSION)

This is yet another bad copy of a PAKISTANI song MERA LAUNG GAWACHA - THE ORIGINAL - MUSARAT NAZEER. Oh my God the amount the Indians have copied us its simply unprecedented.









Few more clips of Indian copies of Pakistani songs, few years back "Shoaib Mansoor" the director of In the name of God made this program to give credit of the master pieces of Pakistani singers and musicians to Pakistanis:

Dhun Hamari Tumhare Naam Hue - 01

Dhun Hamari Tumhare Naam Hue - 02

Dhun Hamari Tumhare Naam Hue - 04





*Now Indian copies from other parts of the world*


Ya Ghali - Arabic song (Original)

Indian version (Copy)




Pritam (Indian music director) COPYPASTED Kya mujhe pyar hai (film woh lamhe) from Indonesian band



Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai Remixx



Inspirations 1 : Pritam (copy) acts I

Inspirations 2 : pritam (copy) acts II


Pehli Nazar Mein - Original Korean Version

Indian version called Pehli Nazar("composed" by a guy named Pritam and sung by Pakistani Atif Aslam)




Daddy Cool (2009) Movie Theatrical Trailer (Indian copy)




Mr. Boombastic - Shaggy (Original)

Mr. Lova Lova -Ishq (Indian Copycat)




Michael Jackson - Thriller PV (Original)

Indian Thriller (Indian Copycat)




Michael Jackson - Smooth criminal (Original)

MJ [SmOOtH CriMiNaL] - iNDiaN STyLe (Indian copied version)


Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - Rhythm is gonna get you  (Original song)


TRIDEV - Oye oye (Tirchi Topiwale) (Indian copy)



Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise (Original sound track)

koyla theme (Indian copied version)




The list just goes on and on…….



A time of reckoning for Bollywood- Indian own confessions of copying other's ideas & work


 "" ********************************************************************


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