Feb 9, 2011

Wael Ghonim Egyptian Hero, cyber activist

Egyptian Hero, cyber activist...
Wael Ghonim Google executive released in Cairo on Monday

Ghonim said after his release that he was picked up by three plainclothes men in a street in Cairo, bundled into a car and taken off for interrogation by state security men.
He said he was blindfolded throughout his detention.
"I am not a symbol or a hero or anything like that, but what happened to me is a crime," he told TV.
"If you want to arrest me, that's your right. But there are laws and I am not a terrorist or a drug-dealer. We have to tear down this system based on not being able to speak out."

"My aunt called me crying after Ghonim's interview saying "I'm going to Tahrir tomorrow! God Bless him! He made us proud!" Twitter user MennaGamal wrote on her account.

"Ghonim just became the mayor of Tahrir Square!" Twitter user AngelSavant wrote.

DFMorrison, another Twitter user wrote, "If you feel recharged by #Ghonim for the Egyptian Revolution to reach its goals, Retweet! #Tahrir #Egypt #25Jan."


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