Mar 1, 2011

Modern Education System in Pakistan

Our Education System is hijacked...
Modern Education System in Pakistan:
Very shocking and video/research on our modern educaiton system in Pakistan. What is going inside these modern school see for you self..

Modern Coeducation In Pakistan Sex Nurseries

In 1947 Pakistan appeared on the world map as a Muslim country and in 1956 its declared Islamic Republic of Pakistan, based on this name its clearly shows that Pakistan's new path will be guided and followed Islamic Law and system

After 2010 hunted by modernization and globalization Pakistani nation split in to...

10 percent Islamic..

90 percent republic (Modernized)

Once it was time when our Pakistani Schools and universities use to produce successful scientist and sportsmen, doctors for the nation

in evening.. When kids and boys took participate in different sport activities. But now its look likes past science.

Today everyone is going to education center in evening. It’s good!!! But everybody knows what's the main purpose behind this regularity.. to study or to meet with your loved one there.

Before 2001 Coeducation system was running well in Pakistan.. but in some limit and boundaries.

After 2001, when USA attacked on Afghanistan, Pak Govt closed many madresaas in the name of terrorism

government's educational system which had already been corrupted and destroyed by government's irresponsible behavior about education, helps and open the door for modern education system to take place or the local madras educational system.

Then many of the families started to send their children in modern schools

as the Madarssas were shutting off and school took-over... Big businessmen and some international groups found it to be a great business with lot of profit.

Then school becomes a business unit rather than a centre for education' many names come forth and they wanted to put forth all such things that would attract more youth to their colleges and Universities

These groups used co-education and luxuries like high building and air-conditioned class rooms as a weapon to attract more students only to increase the strength

And then we have seen a very different sight in those schools who over organized debate contest in thier class rooms and halls

And colleges... where the students used to take a great studies.. to chrome their talent...

Our universities... they never used to produce successful scientists sportsmen doctors for the nation...

She is not a bar dancer... she is university student..

Our Schools... Colleges and Universities when they all walk together on one way...

then which product came in the society...

Pakistani school girls photos hot sexy Pakistani school girls pictures

Drug use in girls' colleges | Students' sexual abuse

KARACHI: Teacher of seminary held for raping, killing girl

Sab kuch to dediya muje meri Darasgah ne... Ub kuch mulqat e Yaar bhi miljai tu ahca hoga...

Think Again
Modern Coeducation system or sex nurseries????

Report Made By
Shareyar Kahn

English Subtitles & Messages
Kashif Iqbal Khan

College dating clip
Metropolitan channel

research and analysis, video effects
Shareyar Khan
Above English subtitles from the video are translated by
Shahzad Afzal

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