May 31, 2011

Afridi retires from international cricket

Afsoos sad afsoos... my heart is full of pity. I don't understand what will be the future of this country Pak-Pakistan. Its says "Pak sar Zameen".... is this a Pak Sar Zameen are you sure??? We always taught our children in their schools the Nation anthem which repeats "Tu Nishaan-e-Azam Aali Shaan". How shamefully we lie to our children is this thing shows Azm... this is what Azam-e-Aaali Shaan is??. What the hell are we doing?? I don't understand on which way are we going? We are corrupted from head to toe, from individual to the whole nation, from public to our leaders, from police to our great Army, we are corrupt and we have polluted this country with our corruption. I always thought there is one person in Pakistan who's name is known by 18 karor people... trust me Pakistan ka bacha bacha knows him... yes his name is Afridi. Whatever he was but believe me if you love cricket you love Afridi, if you don't still you know Afridi. Shame on us... shame on he is retiring from cricket by saying what... watch his words he said "It was hard for him to play under a cricket board, which pays no respect to the players" "Jiss board main cricketers ki izat nah ho main us board ke under cricket nahi khel sakta". He also said muje sach bolane ki saza de gai... yes this is true and it is true for the whole nation. We are really fed up of each other we even don't trust each other... and when our leaders speak what they say the Federal Minister Ghulam Balor recently spoke about kalabagh "Mojoda Pakistan main dam nahi ban sakta, pehle Pakistan ko torain phir damn banaain" what the hell???? America attacked Pakistan in Abbottabad and our president congratulates America, and says its a huge success. Ahh ... well done president well done we are really proud of you.... and when Navy Air Base PNS Mehran was attacked and they crippled Pakistan Navy and you see what Naval chief is saying "Wo jahan say aaey they wahin bhaag gaey" ohh are you kidding me??? you are Naval Chief of Pakistan. Really???

You can't feel my pain.. what I am feeling at this moment when I read the news Afridi saying this I was unable to control my self. I am sure these are the Questions which every Pakistani asking themselves what is going on? Aakhir ye kia ho raha hia? ye khatam kab hoga? When it gonna be end? Would it end? How much we have to suffer more? How much???? If we did not change.... if did not change our selves... trust me the future is not so far when our children or grand children would be asking us "Pakistan" what "Pakistan"???

Shahzad Afzal
May 31, 2011
1:52 AM
me and my sadness :(

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