May 24, 2011

Groupin - Get above 70% Discount on your Car A/C service-Al-Rehman Motor service of Rs. 1500 in just Rs. 400.

Get above 70% Discount on your Car A/C service. Al-Rehman Motor Workshop offers the service worth Rs. 1500 in just Rs. 400
Value Discount Savings
Rs. 1,500 73% Rs. 1,100
Company Information: Al-Rehman Motors Workshop
IJP Road, Near Dubai Road Chowk, Rawalpindi
Islamabad, PK

Just to Keep You Cool in the Scorching Summer!
There are two basic types of people on road in summer; those with a pleasant grin on their faces and those with twisted eyebrows and with the shirt buttons open. Temperature ignites the temper… have you ever noticed how difficult it gets to bear someone's smallest of mistakes when the temperature jumps above 40. A lot of action going around on the road in summer, one simply can't afford to get stuck in the traffic jam without the car AC… so here's one super cool offer for you at groupin! Get your car AC serviced from Al-Rehman Car A/C in just 400/-…

About Al-Rehman
Al Rehman Motor Workshop deals in all EFI vehicles, to provide a diverse range of quality services. we not only perform quality repairs but we also keep our clients informed and educated about their automotive repair issues and guide them with the best ways to keep their ride perfect for them as well as for the environment.
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Shahzad Afzal

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