May 18, 2011

Javed Chaudhry Column "Javed Hashmi Ban Kar Sochana Hoga" - 18 May 2011

I must say much needed column for Pakistani Nation. After 5/2 Abbottabad incident whole nation is divided in two parts. We can say one is "Ch. Nisar Group" and other is "Javed Hashmi Group", one is supporting Army & ISI and other is against them. Ch. Nisar is speaking against ISI's Director General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, but Javed Hashmi is fully sporting ISI and Army which is much needed at this moment.

America has turned against ISI and Pak Army for unknown reason, we are against Martial Law and ISI's involvement in politics. But these two institutions are power of Pakistan and we are proud of them. So have to support them any why, if America propaganda against ISI and Army succeeds (which will no Insha Allah),  it would very dangerous for future of Pakistan. America is fully ready to make Pakistan another Iraq/Afghanistan.

We are with Pakistan Amry, we are with ISI.

Pak Fauj Zindabad.

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