Dec 28, 2011

Discovering Malaysia - Cameron Highlands

Thank you Christmas we had a long weekend. Malaysia is a wonderful country they enjoy lot of holidays. Muslim's holidays, Christian holidays, Chinese and Hindus also. At the same time they celebrate Eid (Hari Raya), Deepavalli (Devali), Christ-mess and Chinese new year celebration. A diverse  population with rich culture. So we planned a Trip to Cameron Highlands   a famous picnic spot outside Kuala Lumpur. Its almost 210km from KL and aboout 4-5hours of drive also depends on traffic. You can take Bus fro Cameron Highlands from Puduraya Bus Terminal. Newly constructed and very nice bus station from here you can get bus for almost all Malaysian cities. For CH your bus will take 35Ringgits for VIP Bus. Must check bus timings online its may 8:30 and 4:30. Two buses.

So lets start...

On the bus from KL to CH

Comfortable bus with big seats and large LCD screen.

Some beautiful scenery on the way to Cameron Highlands 

A very beautiful water fall just reaching before Cameron Highlands, If you are on your own drive trust you are lucky to enjoy it. Unfortunately we were on bus so he did  not stop there.

Beautiful river 

Nice scenery to enjoy long 5hrs drive 

Cameron Valley Bharat Tea Farm

These green fields are actually tea farms

Finally in Cameron Highlands, 209km away from KL

There are some good restaurants to hangout but you have to find it 

Map of the places you must visit in Cameron Highlands. There are many Tourist Information Center just walk to them and and them about how much time you have. You can get packages for one day and half day also. You also need negotiate with them they vary from 40Ringgits to 150Ringgits from half day trip to full day tour. Walk to two or three of tourism office you will get the good idea.

A nice Chinese guy to our guide for the half day tour its Cameron Holiday Travels

If you are planning to stay which you will... now you need find a good guest house. I will suggest guest house as they are good and cheap than hotels. Their rate also vary from 150 to 350 per room. And in guest house you can stay 3-4 persons per room. As we were four and got an extra mattress for free. 

Our Guest House with one King Size bed one queen size bed plus one extra mattress 

Very beautiful view of mountains 

Cameron Highlands

Satay, must try some sort of Malaysian BBQ 

Mid night Jungle Trekking its fun ask any tourist info center to guide you for night trekking 

Water fall 

Nice scenery in jungle  

Jungle trekking 

She joined us later :)

Is it not beautiful?

Too dark :p

That's good :p


Tragedy at Chinese restaurant, we accidently got into Chinese restaurant for a dinner and order 3 or 4 different dishes and trust they were different :( be careful before ordering any thing must ask them what is it?

Nice view

Very beautiful balcony of one the hotel

On the way to the highest mountain of Malaysia Brinchang 

Some nice tracks on the way to the highest mountain Brinchang 

Finally at the Brinchang, this is highest mountain in Malaysia 2032m above the sea level. It was morning 10AM and it  was very cold zero degree. 

Viewing tower to have a nice view from top, but only if there are no clouds otherwise you can't see any thing

Some vegetable farms and fresh cabbage

Vegetable farms 

Tea farms you also need to visit 

These little mountains are planted with tea plants

Very nice view, and path way withing tea farms

There you can stay for a while and can have a cup of tea in cold whether 

Inside tea farms 

You can get a chance to visit tea factory but it will be closed on Monday, and it was Monday so we could not get the chance to visit the factory to see how tea is processed 

At butterfly farms, must visit it. Its wonderful

Gecko or don't know what is it..

Can you spot the leaf insect, have some concentration you will see it :)

Leaf frog trust me it look a leaf, really your will be amazed to see it moving 

King Grasshopper its was huge did you find it? :p

Insects museum inside butterfly farm. You need 5RM ticket to visit butterfly farm. 

Branch insect, I bet you can't spot it.... trust me this thing is a branch insect. You can only believe it when it moves.

Strawberry farms, one of the another places you need to visit in Cameron Highlands 

You can't because CCTV is watching you :p

Chinese Temple

Out side Chinese tample with Lemon tree

Jungle trekking in days, you can find such insects

Beautiful bridge 

old bridge but its abandoned now 

Some gold fishes, but trust me these are huge and these are more terrifying than beautiful 

So that is the end of Cameron Highlands tour. If you are coming to Malaysia or you are in Malaysia and planning to visit Cameron Highlands must go. You will enjoy and make two day tour stay at least one night there you will enjoy. Thank you.

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