Jan 2, 2012

New Year Fireworks in The World 2012

Happy New Year to All My friends. Despite of the pains of 2011 World Welcomes 2012 in a great way

As Ever Sydney held the most costliest Fire Works on 2012 Welcome

Beijing also celebrate new year night in own way

Hong Kong girls celebrating new year's eve

London fireworks more than 250K people gathered in capital welcome 2012

Philippine welcoming 2012 

Shanghai shining in colorful lights to welcome the new year 

As ever Taipei, Taiwan fireworks on new year eve 

Fire Works in Singapore 

Now let me share my photos, I was in Sunway Pyramid a famous shopping mall and recreation place in Subang Jaya Malaysia. Getting very popular after Kuala Lumpur.

First watch the video
New Year Fireworks in Malaysia

Some famous restaurants and bar's organized special parties for New Year Eve

It 1'st January 2012, 00:01

That's me... Celebration 2012

That was a great, they snowed each other

In front of Sunway Pyramid youth in happy mood

That was cool 

Malaysia is populated country with diverse population they do celebrate Eid (Raya), Christmas, Devaali and Chinese New Year also 
Chinese kids cute as ever :)

Is that not cool 

Kuala Lumpur, Although I missed the KL's fireworks but those were awesome 

Kuala Lumpur, 2012 New Year Celebration 

Pictures Source:
Sunway Payrmid - Pakistan Probe
Kuala Lumpur - Facebook shared
All others - BBC Urdu 

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