May 24, 2012

Definitely Dubai

Dubai one the most favorite destination for holidays. Thanks to HeiTech my employer through which I got chance to visit Dubai although. I was bound to be in Abu Dhabi but managed to get some time to roam around Dubai. February 25, 2012 my travel to United Arab Emirates starts 

As usual its a rainy and cool day in Malaysia

At KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) you must have seen these planes if been there?

Leave Malaysia for now and lets get back to Dubai :)

Dubai Skyline starts as soon you enter Dubai and never ends. Still lots of construction underway.

Architecture in Dubai is stunning 

DAMAC - Engineering at its best 

White and Blue combination is common 

I don't know what is it? but its marvelous. Might be a canon which can fire a huge rounds :p

Entrance to Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall just awesome you can easily spend a whole day inside a mall


ATM GOLD Machine. You can purchase gold through ATM. 5g to 50g, coins, lockets options

Got the ticket to be on top. This card for ElectronicTelescope view it costs 50AED. Please don't buy it. Its of no use. Its just for three minutes and screen is very blur. Trust me you will waste you money don't buy it.

Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol famous stunt by Tom Cruise  

Here we go... On The Top. Managed to book tickets online. If you purchase tickets online it costs you 100AED. But you want to purchase tickets on the same day it might cost you 400AED and its almost impossible to get ticket on the spot. Try to purchase tickets online at

Very nice gallery while moving towards Burj Khalifa. Whole gallery is decorated with slides on wall and Arab culture present in excellent way. 

Waiting Que for Lift 

828 meters high? Did they spell it wrong? Metres?

Inside the the lift, it takes less than a minute to reach 127th floor

Dubai from top. This view is stunning 

Dancing Fountain famous for its extraordinary dance on Arabic Music. If you visit Dubai Mall in evening must go there. There is a show after every half an hour till 10:00 PM.

Major Skyline Dubai

Keep this EMAAR's building

EMAAR building from top

Dubai Fly Over. The top line is Dubai Metro Line constructed on top of all roads

Can you see the Dubai Metro?

Finally going back

Again beautiful gallery with screens, screen Burj Khalifa construction and records all way till Dubai Mall

I can see this board on entrance gate of all malls in Dubai. But how many follows very difficult to find :p

Excellent view 

The way they use to take Burj Khalifa

Cute Zainab, eating biscuits 

A bit confused!

And the Burj Al-Arab. Its amazing just amazing even more beautiful than Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is high no doubts but Burj Alrab is just amazing. Although you can go inside for visit but you can take photos from outside. This hotel most of the floor owned by Armani so you must have bookings to go inside.

Burj Alrab have one the biggest aquarium

Here comes the Ski Dubai. If you time and 200AED must visit this place. Its fun with a sand desert you can enjoy and Iceland or imagine to be in Switzerland for a while. 
There many thing to enjoy in 200AED ticket you can enjoy Chair Lift, Air Ball Slide and one more stuff i forgot but its very entertaining.


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