May 2, 2014

In The Memory of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The missing aircraft, MH370, pictured in 2011 (Wikipedia)

March 8th, 2014 Midnight 00:41
It is a usual night at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). 227 passenger boarded Malaysian Airline Flight MH370. Flight is bound to Beijing. It should take 6 hours on normal routine flight.

MH370 Route (chinadaily)

Total 239 people are on board, 154 are Chinese (1 Hong Kong, 1 Taiwan), 38 Malaysian and 37 other nationalities. 12 crew members all from Malaysia 

People on board by country(Wikipedia)
Country No.
 Australia 6
 Canada 2
Hong KongChina (Hong Kong)[f] 1
ChinaChina (Mainland) 152
 France 4
 India 5
 Indonesia 7
 Iran[g] 2
 Malaysia[h] 50
 Netherlands 1
 New Zealand 2
 Russia 1
 Taiwan 1
 Ukraine 2
 United States 3
Total 239

Last Words from MH370:
At 01:01:19 AM Malaysian ATC contacted the Airline for the last time 

01:19:24 ATC: MH370, please contact Hu Chi Minh City 120.9, good night01:19:29 MH370: All right, good night 

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