Dec 17, 2014

Peshawar School Attack - Twitter Facebook Internet Turned Black

This is a Black Day in history of Pakistan. Yet another terrorist attack on Pakistani soil and they killed hundreds again. This time victims are not in Army uniforms in army barracks but innocent school children in school uniforms.

Inside APS Auditorium shoes of school children and blood innocent souls is begging us and we don't have words to explain

This inhuman and barbaric act not only shocked Pakistanis but whole world. A twitter hashtag "#IndiawithPakistan" start trending in condolence with Pakistani.

Pictures of dead are so horrific that I don't want to share.

They wen to school and never came back.

Many Facebook and Twitter users changed their profile pics to black

Syed Talat Hussian update his profile to back 

A famous Pakistani News Portal "" also changed the front page to Black and white and Logo also turned grey. 

Indian school in Hyderabad praying for martyred children early morning on 17 Dec 2014.

Younis Khan also suggested to post-pond forth ODI scheduled to be played in Abu Dhabi against New Zealand 

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