Feb 11, 2015

Pakistan got Talent

Pakistan is a blessed Country filled with flair of talent and pride. I have noticed from last 10 years the passion for fashion in Pakistan is growing. People are more aware of new trends and updated fashion of the month. They are even more concern about choosing there cloths colour, style, print, material. The one reason for this awareness is media and great contribution of Pakistan fashion channel style 360. This channel made people aware of new trendy cloths and a chance to see their best ever fashion designer work through different fashion show programs on channels. 
Earlier in Pakistan there were a trend in our society to rely on one men income only but now due to the awareness and education we there is almost every individual is working which includes lots of young girl come out with their talent and got a chance to perform and show the world about their talent in any related field. Most of the girls are working now days that make them to afford their expenses. These young classy girls usually do hangout with friends, go out for shopping, more into following new fashion, affording their favorite designer.

Accordingly if I look back when fashion industry was just started and growing in Pakistan. We just have few names that were the part of that struggle. One of those name come in my mind is Vaneeza Ahmad. Top model Vaneeza Ahmad Ali, also known as Vinny, Her parents always wanted her to track a career in medicine. At the age of eighteen to study medicine in Pakistani but because of shortage of good medicine schools here, Vaneeza got admission at Kinnaird College, Lahore. She graduated from collage with the degree in psychology. While in college, Vaneeza started modeling as relaxation and a time pass hobby. She had no choice to adopt modeling as a full time career. But she started getting massive offers from different famous fashion designers. Some of them were widely known in Pakistani fashion industry. Pakistani model Vaneeza Ahmad did her first shoot with Nilofer Shahid. Her first photographer was Khawar Riaz.

After establishing herself as a top model in fashion industry, I found out Vaneeza Ahmad has also launched a lawn brand with the name Vlawn. Her brand Vlawn consists of nine different lawn prints designed by Nomi Ansari, HSY, Umar Sayeed, & others. The brand formed excitement among fashion industry & public. The brand was so flourishing and successful that in 2006, all the prints were sold out in exhibition only. I went to that exhibition and found a very trendy and beautiful lawn print first time ever.

As I said Pakistan is country full of talent and we have Pakistani model Vaneeza Ahmad she is also an actor. She got her first appearance in the drama serial Kal. Her other drama serials included Marina Khans Janey Anjaney, Tum Hello Tau Ho, Tum Say Mil Ker. Her most admired role was of portraying a Dina Wadia, daughter of founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in biopic of Muhammad Ali Jinnah also titled as Jinnah. What I have learned up till now about out famous Pakistani model Vaneeza Ahmad is that she is a very obvious on what she does & why she does. 

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