Feb 23, 2015

Peace Clinic established in Pakistan

Dr. Anupam Sibal
Peace makers and diplomats trying a lot to bring peace in this continent but two hospitals did it.

Pakistan and India’s two leading hospitals have established a ‘peace clinic’ by conducting a joint surgery procedure at the combined liver ward unit for pre-transplant and post-transplant care in Karachi city.

Experts of both countries in a Press conference at the Dr Ziauddin Hospital said that the Ziauddin and the Apollo Hospital of India had started joint surgery procedures and established a combined liver ward unit at the Pakistani hospital in Karachi on a platform they called a ‘peace clinic’.

Prof Anupam Sibal, group director of the Apollo Hospital and renowned pediatric liver transplant surgeon, spoke on the occasion about the combined kidney and liver transplantation unit that was established in collaboration by the two hospitals.

He also said that the expertise of Indian doctors will be used to treat Pakistani patients. “I am thankful to our Pakistani friends for giving us the opportunity to utilize our expertise for the benefit of the people of Pakistan,” he added.

The media was informed that the Pakistan-India peace clinic had the primary goal of treating kidney and liver transplant patients in Pakistan.

Earlier, physical check-ups of liver transplant cases for pediatric patients by Prof Anupam Sibal and online adult check-up by Dr Subhash Gupta were conducted along with a joint team of doctors and medical staff from the two hospitals. 

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