Feb 26, 2015

We can fight energy crisis by conservation measures

Summers are here and we are sure that electricity load shedding is about to come and make our lives hell on this earth. Pakistan’s Government from past few years is claiming to overcome this electricity shortage but there are no positive signs of this yet. During a seminar in Lahore, Energy experts said usage of energy-efficient equipment in industries and home appliances along with energy conservation measures could help overcome load shedding.

We have witnessed that industries and people waste a lot of electricity and many has found other ways to escape from high amount bills i.e. theft and adjustments in electricity bills.

That is not the way to get rid of electricity shortage. IEEEP President Engr Mohsin M. Syed said that 3000 megawatts of electricity could save by converting household UPS on solar energy panels with capacity of 2-5 kilowatts. 

In last couple of years solar energy power backups were introduced in markets but there is only one problem in using them is that they are too much expensive; a common man who can afford a normal UPS cannot afford energy efficient Solar UPS because of its high cost. Commercial sector may somehow utilize the solar power backups but for residential use, it seems impossible, because their prices are too high.

On the other hand, 25-30 percent electricity shortfall could overcome with usage of energy efficient equipments, with the help of cost effective power generation. It will save electricity and pave the way for industry to compete in international market if we start making our own low cost solar power backup systems.

Contemporary energy crisis are acute and engineers could do a lot in this regard. They could devise solutions for cost effective power generation to mitigate the menace of load shedding, which will help country and people both.

Government and big brains of country could save us from this havoc but on the other hand if mass consumption can be controlled it could also be beneficial.

People must understand that only government alone cannot overcome these crisis but we all have to play our part in this regard, save energy as much we can and use energy efficient home appliances.

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