Mar 11, 2015

Apple is ready to introduce it’s smart watch

This is the age of gadgets and competitions. Every tech brand is in race of giving more and unique to consumers. Most of the time people become confuse of what these tech giants are up to now and some become gadget freaks.

Gadget freaks are happy that now apple’s Smart Watch is going to be launched in April and ready to hit nine countries at the same time. This is the first ever product in this category and company is excited as well as people. The pioneer of iPad and many other awesome gadgets; aims to have its smart watch on wrists in China, U.S and many other countries.

Apple watch will be pricing from $349 and limited edition of Gold Apple Watch will be available in price topping $10,000. "Apple Watch begins a new chapter in the way we relate to technology," said chief executive Tim Cook, who starred at an Apple Watch media event in San Francisco.

The analysts are predicting that this watch is going to surprise people. Users can send a real-time display of their heartbeat to another Apple Watch to "let someone know you are thinking about them."

The watch is integrated with Apple Pay's mobile wallet and can be used to view pictures, monitor news and connect to social media. Apple said that the ranks of businesses accepting Apple Pay is booming, and that it recently sold its 700 millionth iPhone. "Now it's on your wrist, not in your pocket or your pocketbook," Cook said.

There is no doubt that Apple has its worth in market and tech world. The new watch will be more sensational and bring people more close to technology, which was never ever thought.

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