Mar 8, 2015

PM Modi has huge fan following on Social Media

Indian Film actors are famous around the world for their glamour but now Indian politicians are also getting fame in other terms. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is been named among the 30 most influential people on the internet by Time magazine.

The list also features President Barack Obama along many celebs e.g. Singer Shakira, Taylor Swift, Reality Star Kim Kardashian, Singer Beyonce, Justin Bieber, author J. K. Rowling and many more.

Among Holly wood stars and other celebs, Time said Prime Minister Modi roughly has 38 million followers on social networking sites.

This seems he is very much popular in and outside his country. Whereas we see no Pakistani in the list, which does not mean at all they are unpopular but may be the fact is that they are not acquainted with social media and remained aside to grab more followers.

The list also includes actor Gwyneth Paltrow, Chinese actor Yao Chen, photographer behind the hugely popular blog Humans of New York Brandon Stanton and TV personality Jimmy Fallon. According to Time report, Modi uses Facebook more than any other leader in the World except Mr. Obama.

We can conclude that Modi is quite famous person and he is active on social media trying to reach India’s 200 million people online directly. He posted a selfie on twitter after casting vote, he knows how to cater new and old generations’ interests, and maybe he knows the art of keeping his self in others’ good books.

Such interactive behavior of Indian Politician must be adopted in Pakistan as well. Rather getting involved in blame game, politicians must also try to get in touch with people on social networking websites.

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