Apr 11, 2015

Imran’s Power show and Asif Zardari’s conference, kept nation politically warmed up

It has been a politically busy day for Pakistan and people of Pakistan. The power show of PTI in Karachi and PPP’s Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari’s conference in Karachi kept people glued to their television screens.

Former President Asif Ali Zardari said that there is no real democracy in Pakistan because all political parties have their lot of rotten eggs.

While addressing the conference Mr. Zardari said that instead of banning any party and damaging democracy, they should clean their parties from those people who are creating negative impact on policies. He said that there is no way other than dialogue in order to keep democracy stable.

“We are happy that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and the government reached an agreement and we hope that this government will complete its 5 years”, said Mr. Zardari.

Answering a question about his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, he said that Bilawal will enter the practical politics when his age and experience will mature.

Talking about Yemen conflict, Mr. Zardari said that it is impossible to keep away from this conflict so an All Parties Conference (ACP) should be called to discuss the strategy about Pakistan’s role in Yemen war.

On the other hand, speaking on the scuffle between PTI and MQM workers at Jinnah Ground, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said he did not want to think that MQM’s police was based on double-standards. “I hope these people were not in their control and I want the MQM to take strict police action against them. I don’t want what happened to repeat.”

Mr. Khan said this was a defining moment for MQM as people don’t want the politics of guns. “MQM needs to separate itself with people who believe in such a brand of politics”.

The PTI chairman termed an improvement in the security situation in Karachi as essential to economic growth. He further said that there needs to be a system of merit in Karachi and Pakistan. “The people of Karachi were concerned that they were not given jobs on the basis of merit”.

According to Imran Khan this and the coming year would be decisive for Pakistan as the judicial commission would ensure that the next elections would be free and fair. “The open hearing will show people what happened in the elections”.

“After the formation of judicial commission there will be real democracy in Pakistan. In the present system capable people cannot succeed. The judicial commission will be basis of Naya Pakistan,” Khan said.

Newly wedded Reham Khan also remained center of focus for all media and nation. Everybody was more excited to see Mrs. Khan standing by his husband’s side. While speaking briefly to reporters and in response to a question of not receiving the gold set by the MQM, she replied: “There is no bigger gift to be called the nation’s Bhabi (sister-in-law) and have a husband like Imran Khan”.

She also said to be with his husband and will return sooner to Karachi. She urged women to come out of homes and vote for the NA- 246 candidate Imran Ismail. No doubt she added more charm to the rally.

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