Apr 15, 2015

Men walk in Skirt to raise their voices against violence on women

We have seen in past that “Walk a mile in Her Shoes” campaign launched in many countries to raise voices of men for women rights. A that kind of protest was witnessed recently in Turkey. 

Visitors to Istanbul’s famous Taksim Square this weekend witnessed an unlikely sight, dozens of men dressed in skirts - some in miniskirts and others in long flowery skirts more likely to have been borrowed from mothers or grandmothers.

That was not some fashion show but a protest. 

The men did this as a show of support for victimized women following the rape and murder of 20-year-old student Ozgecan Aslan two weeks ago.

The young woman’s slaying provoked a nationwide debate, with some conservatives citing “provocative dress” – such as short skirts – as one reason behind sexual assault. This is an old excuse of those who think a dress allows a man to rape someone which we have been hearing almost after every rape in the world.

This inspired calls on social media for a “skirt-wearing” march on Saturday, with scores of men pledging to participate. Despite a cold snap, it appears many made good on their promise. The men were joined by many women and children, who accompanied them on a march through Istanbul and showed solidarity.

They wanted to stop violence against women and protect women. The idea behind a skirt march is no doubt tremendous but it will take a long time to give women their rights.

They also become viral on social media.

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