May 14, 2015

'Kill them all', and then we saw another black day in history of Humanity by Karachi bus attack

We have not forgotten yet the massacre of APS children, we have not forgotten killing of Hazara people and Christian community, and we will also never forget the genocide of Ismaili sect which is considered as the minority in Pakistan; they are under target now.

Pakistan saw another black day, 6 gunmen on motorcycles boarded a bus in Karachi city and opened fire on commuters, killing at least 45.

The pink bus was pockmarked with bullet holes and blood saturated the seats and dripped out of the doors on to the concrete. This is not the first time that a minority community has been targeted like this, as far as my memory recalls, few years back, Shiite pilgrims were attacked by militants and many were killed when gunmen opened fire on them.

"As the gunmen climbed on to the bus, one of them shouted, 'Kill them all!' Then they started indiscriminately firing at everyone they saw," a wounded woman told a television channel by phone, Reuters reported.

Police superintendent Najib Khan said there were six gunmen and that all the passengers were Ismailis, a minority Shi'ite Muslim sect. Pakistan is mostly Sunni.

Qadir Baluch, a security guard at a nearby building, said he heard the gunshots and saw at least one of the militants wearing a police uniform. The attack riddled the bus with bullet holes, but its wounded driver still could drive it to a nearby hospital, said Mohammad Imran, a guard there.

Imran said when he got on the bus later, he saw blood still seeping across its seats and floor. Blood stained Imran's own hands and uniform. "I hardly saw any survivor," he said.

Militant group Jundullah, which has attacked Muslim minorities before, claimed responsibility. The group has links with the Pakistani Taliban and pledged allegiance to Islamic State in November.

"These killed people were Ismaili and we consider them kafir (non-Muslim). We had four attackers. In the coming days we will attack Ismailis, Shi'ites and Christians," spokesperson Ahmed Marwat said.

Later in the day, the Islamic State group said in a statement posted on jihadist Twitter accounts, "Thanks be to Allah, 43 apostates were killed and around 30 were wounded in an attack carried out by Islamic State soldiers on a bus transporting Shiite Ismaili infidels in the city of Karachi."

It was the first official claim of responsibility by the IS leadership of an attack in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region.

The nation is shocked by this and social media got overflowed with this inhumane incident. Ismailis are a peaceful community and this is the first attack of its kind on this community. They are asked to remain mum, so that they could be saved from more danger in future. Whole nation is in grief and feel that Pakistan has become an insecure place for minorities.

Source: Reuters 

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