May 31, 2015

"Eye to Eye" singer Tahir Shah to Debut in Hollywood, Ouch its a shock

Taher Shah got his ticket to Hollywood just by one song.
Oh my my, what I just heard. The singing sensation of Pakistan and the most viewed, shared, commented and criticized celebrity Taher Shah has made his way to Hollywood and just at the price of one song. Which stirred the music industry in Pakistan and all over.

“Eye to eye” is not only a singing sensation now but going to turn it into a Hollywood movie sooner. The singer Taher Shah told on his blog about this venture. 

Last night, Taher Shah requested his followers to stay tuned for some exciting news. The pop sensation announced the news on his Twitter account this evening.

Avai Media, the media house behind the film, announced on their official website that Taher would be playing the lead role in the project, which will be based on a love story. The media house further announced that the film would be titled ‘Eye to Eye’ after the song.

According to Avai Media, ‘Eye to Eye’ is expected to release by the end of this year and will be screened in several film festivals across the world in 2016.

When in 2013 ‘Eye to Eye’ was available on YouTube it was notorious for its absurd and nonsensical meanings. Even for criticism and fun a lot of people shared it which added more to the popularity of the singer.

So now what we are expecting is another absurd kind of movie will be on our way to tease our minds. What I can doubt right now is the criteria for Hollywood movies. They gave popularity of One Pound fish song as well, other than that a very childish song sung by Taher shah is added to a Hollywood movie, makes us think what is the criteria of getting into Hollywood. May be it is just the mostly viewed or number of likes on social media. Because I cannot see anything in this man except a lot of confidence for whatever ridiculous thing he has made.

Link related to blog: Daily Pakistan Global

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