May 15, 2015

Only in Pakistan - Hilarious

There are places on planet earth,where common sense doesn't apply 

Have you ever wondered what is use of that "Extra Tyre" on the back of each Raksha... here is best use of it 

Our furniture is most power... do you need any more proof?

Snacks in Pakistan be like :)

Na na... Donkey is too mainstream!!!

Wait... what???

ok... I got it... but "Tezgam"  :)

Arabs are crazy in sheesha... but can they compete with our "Huka"

I can't live without my bike... where ever it goes I will follow!!!

hahahaha nailed it... 

Nothing much... just my refilling my "ass"

don't worry right one is for foreigners and left for local Pakistanis :)

"hun kharka sunhia"

Well I can't agree more..

This newspaper cutting is from "Daily Peshawar" so don't freak out!!!

Best Marketing award goes to... this rakhsa driver :)

That is hell scary....!!!

L.E.D. bakras :)

Ahhh... I never knew there are different style in "Circumcision - Khatnas "

Afridi must not be happy at all!!!!

Do you have a proof???
Hold my beer... I got it... !!!

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