Jun 20, 2015

Altaf offended over Khawaja Asif’s remarks, announced to resign

On Tuesday TV screens were flashing with the statements coming from Khwaja Asif and MQM in their response. As per details, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain said that he can no longer hold the reins of his party after witnessing ‘the silence’ that followed Khawaja Asif’s statement in the National Assembly, reported by national media.

“It is enough, now I cannot lead,” he told a news channel, adding that he was disappointed over the silence of entire nation. “The whole assembly became a silent spectator when Khawaja Asif ridiculed us,” he added.

He said that, although two million Muslims migrated from India after partition in 1947, the defense minister had claimed in an interview that actual ‘Mujahirs’ were only those who came from the Indian regions of Jalandhar and Ludhiana.

The MQM chief said that people from minority Muslim provinces of UP, CP, Agra, Hyderabad Deccan and Lucknow also migrated to Pakistan after the partition.

Hussain said that he has struggled for 37 years to unite the people who migrated from Muslim minority provinces in India but Khawaja Asif rejected the sacrifices of immigrants from of those provinces.

The MQM’s Rabita Committee has called an emergency meeting to discuss the future course of action following the remarks from the defense minister and the MQM chief’s announcement.

While on the other side, Asif said in National assembly when he tabled the resolution for Pakistan Army Act (Amendment) Ordinance 2015. It was a politically-motivated outcry as the MQM lawmakers fear “they can be tried under the law for their wrongdoings”. The ordinance is a part of the National Action Plan against terrorism which all political parties had already acquiesced to support.

Earlier before Altaf Hussain declared to resign the party over some conflict with government but later on he backed off from the resignation.

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