Jul 24, 2015

Don't forget to take tissues for wiping tears while watch Salman's biggest hit ever " Bajrangi Bhaijaan"

Bajrangi Bhai jaan bangs the Indo-Pak cinemas and broke all records of fame and business in both the countries.
Emotions and laughs, a roller coaster ride starts when the movie starts. I needed a lot of effort to get into cinema for watching “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” and all the hype I heard about this film ended up right. Lahore faced huge crowd in cinemas on this Eid, even after Eid all shows were going house full, and whosoever watched it recommended in his/her social circle.

There are few mishaps which we cannot avoid while watching it as a Pakistani, but otherwise it was an amazing creation by Mr. Khan. He has taken Eid as a launching date and no doubt gives much entertainment to the viewers in all respects.

Salman Khan always seems neutral and loving when indo pak relations are concerned, while he never showed any grudges towards Pakistan in every time of political tensions between these two countries. Even this film depicts that writer wants peaceful and love relationship between two countries. Seventy-two-year-old Koduri Ventaka Vijayendra Prasad penned the story of this super hit film, and he also wrote Bahubali which was released simultaneously in India, but “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” broke all records of success. It is said that Prasad has a wish to visit Pakistan. "If only someone can invite me to Pakistan, I want to visit that country," Prasad told Indian daily in an interview. 

Let’s talk about “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” now. It's story of a Bajrangi (aka Hanuman, the Monkey Hindu God) worshiper who is innocent and has a humble heart. Who does not believes in doing any wrong or deceiving someone. 
Photo Courtesy: FB Page of BB

Story starts from a Pakistani small mute but cute girl living somewhere in Kashmir. She is 6 years old but could not speak a single word. Her mother took her to a shrine in Delhi; while returning to Pakistan, she was lost in India, as Shahida (Harshali) took off from train while her mother was asleep.

Meanwhile when we see Bajrangi, who is so simple and dumb that failed in all educational exams for about ten times. When he finally cleared in graduation his father could not sustain that much happiness and passed away.

Pawan (aka Bajrangi) went Delhi to fulfill his father’s last wish where he met Rasika (Kareena Kapoor Khan). Both fell in love, when Rasika told his parents about their affair, her father declared if Bajrangi could own a house then those two can get married. 
Khans sharing chemistry on screen

Luckily Shahida (aka Munni) found Bajrangi, who took her with him. Rasika’s dad is angry old man and asked Bajrangi to send her back when he got to know through some nodes that she is Muslim and Pakistani. He tries to send her back through illegal ways and for that he also illegally crossed border. 

That tiny little got bonded with Bajrangi and Rasika, through their way to home they met a Pakistani reporter Chand Nawab; who first thought Bajrangi is an indian spy, but when heard him saying he came all the way just to escort that missing girl her home safely, Chand nawab decided to help them in every thick and thin. Chand nawab’s character was first seen as a small town reporter but he helped them greatly as Bajrangi was very truthful and all those problems Bajrangi and Munni faced were because of his habit of speaking truth everywhere.

A few more things about Chand Nwab’s first appearance. He is actually a Pakistani reporter, whose beeper was seen on youtube. Nawazuddin’s character is real and he acted as Chand Nawab did in that beeper. Salman says he wants to meet the real Chand Nawab, who is turned “Hero” back home. If you search Chand in google it will automatically refer you to Chand Nawab, who is viral nowadays. That beeper is hilarious though. Link is mentioned below. Gulf news reported that real Chand Nawab asks for some compensation from Mr. Khan.
Chand Nawab in a scene
Bajrangi got shot by Pakistani Police and captured while munni found her mother. Later on the police officers helped Bajrangi go back to india and while on border, finally Munni as in Shahida spoke. Yes yes you hear me right. She called Bajrangi as MAMA, what bajrangi first asked that little girl to call him. I bet if you managed not to cry in whole movie, you will have tears in your eyes at this moment. But beware, this is not the only scene. I somehow managed not to get too sentimental from the start but the writer and director will really make you weep just from the beginning.

When we talk of Munni as Shahida, she is big talent in small packet. Harshali is such a sweet looking and talented girl that without speaking a single word in whole movie she’ll catch all your attention and you will adore her. Great expressions and a million dollar smile. Kareena Kapoor was a school teacher and was seen in a typical Dehi wali Girl attire. While Mr. Khan preferred a normal man look, wearing Kurtas on Pants, having a small locket around his neck, which becomes much in demand these days.

Indian dailies report that Harshali is very talkative in real life and the spontaneous pictures of her with Mr. Khan are very much trending on social media. Harshali is new super star this year. as once she asked Mr. Khan “ aap mjhy bhi super star bna den gay?” Salman told to an indian Daily. He thought may be her mother taught him, and while inquiring to Harshali’s mother she refused and told Harshali has set her goals.

When we talk of business made by “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, it broke all records of fame. Earned more than 200 crores in just four days of release. And the number still goes on. Meantime in Pakistan two films were also released which are unable to grab that much attention of viewers.

The cast of BB contains Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan in lead roles. Harshali Malhotra, Nawazuddin Siddique, Najeem Khan( as the young Pawan), Om Puri, Ali Quli Mirza, Mir Sarwar, Deepti Naval, and Emran Hashmi, but I could not spot him anywhere in the movie. Kabir Khan is the director and movie is produced By Salman and Kabir along Sunil lulla. Music was composed by Pritam and Adnan Sami presented a controversial qawwali “Bhar do Jholi Meri” for which Amjad Sabri sued them. 

Harshali has been under every discussion for her role in this movie and some interesting things has been shared about her, as it was not her first screen appearance. She has off and on acted in some commercials and dramas. Other than all these praises there are some flaws which can be omitted for an excellent story. 

1: In film Narowal Check post is shown as hilly area while in reality it’s not so. 

2: I could not understand how Pawan gets Pakistani currency. 

3: When Chand Nawab was recording a video of him telling about Munni and Pawan, shahida’s mother passed by, they were on shrine same day and same time but didn’t saw each other. Munni and Pawan were with Chand, even then they missed seeing her mother.

We can really omit these as many huge productions may done few mistakes which are allowed to them. The gesture of an Indian escorting a missing Pakistani girl safely to her home is applaudable and choosing such a story at this point of time when two nations are in cold war with each other may really give a good impact on our relations. My favourite number is “tum dharrkan, mein dil” which suits best on scenes of Pawan and Munni.

Harhali’s co starts praise her a lot and says she is a brilliant girl and they have not seen such cute and intelligent child starts ever.

It was also read that Amir Khan wept while watching movie, so you beware of extremely sentimental scenes coming ahead and enjoy your movie. IMDB rates Bajrangi Bhaijaan 8.1. It turned out to be Mr. Khan's biggest hit of all times.

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