Jul 27, 2015

NY times claims detainess in Pakistani jails are vanishing

Declan Walsh along Taha Siddiqui came up with a piece in international daily " The New York Times" telling that missing persons's families receive no news or dead bodies of their lost beloveds. The article is quite bold and clearly says that Military has been vanishing detainees in covert jails of the country. A statement said.

"People live in abject fear of speaking out about what the military is doing," said Mustafa Qadri of Amnesty International, which received reports of more than 100 deaths in military custody in 2014.

The article says that Pakistani military detention is in-humanitarian and killing people except of giving them under fair trial. This is to counter terrorism and all those who have been taken for investigations had been in contact with Talibans.

At issue is a network of 43 secretive internment centers dotting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and the tribal belt. Little is known about the centers, formally established in 2011 and given greater powers by a tough antiterrorism law passed last year. Most are based in existing jails and military bases and operate far from public view. The total number of detainees has not been made public."

It also says that hundreds of cases have been filed in Peshawar court for their lost beloveds but no news came from them. This is also of importance here that missing persons are a very crucial topic, a university of Lahore was made to cancel their talk on this issue, while a social activist Sabeen Mehmud was shot down for having thoughtful conversations regarding the same.

Some more statements from the article clearly says that Pakistan Military are killing people and the first news their families get about them is of their death. To counter terrorism many innocents are also abducted and without giving fair treatment meet their fate i.e death.

Pakistani military officials tortured and killed people suspected of being militants “with the knowledge, if not consent, of senior officers,” said one American assessment in 2011.

It also says that Obama Administration has not done anything to stop these violations, instead of it provided more weapons to Pakistan for countering terrorism. 

Instead, the administration approved more weapons for the Pakistani military: In April, it approved almost $1 billion worth of helicopters and laser-guided Hellfire missiles for use in counterterrorism operations.

Few detainees' relatives accepted that their relatives were in contact with Taliban for few months before they were arrested. It also says that ISPR did not respond to NYtimes over their concerns.

The article erupted anger in Pakistan Army supporters and declared at defamatory. 

Link related to blog: NY Times

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