Aug 30, 2015

Love is blind and sees no age, this is what "Ye Mera Deewanapan" tells

Jehangir is mad about Mehtab, the woman who is a paying guest and nurse at his father’s clinic. While Dr Nafees ud Din is charmed by beauty of Mehtab and admires her for efforts she make. His wife Attiya, mother of Jehangir, is all the time bullied and teased by the two sisters of Dr Nafees.

One day Dr Nafees confess to Attiya that he wanted a pretty wife but he got Attiya, who is not beautiful as per him, he wants to marry a beautiful woman. The typical Gori Chamrri, and wide eyes.

The two witch like Nands of Attiya don’t let a single moment go to tease, insult and humiliate Attiya. Jehangir is sick of it, while now he has only one attraction in life apart from giving her mother a graceful life. Mehtab, he adores her, the way she talks to him made him fall for her. Though she is elder to him and asks Jehangir to call her Aunt but he does not.

He has immense love for Mehtab and wants to make her own, which seems impossible because of their age difference. 

Story of drama serial “ Ye Mera Deewanapan Hai” is very new and old both. A young boy falls in love with an elderly woman and on the other side, his mother is living a life in hell. As the two evil sister in laws had snatched every happiness of her. The traditional husband does not pay heeds to Attiya and leave her on his sisters disposal.
Though the drama has just started but in the promo we can see Jehangir warning his dad to be a good boy and stop acting rude with the family.

Saima jee the film star has come to small screen now and no doubt she looks ravishing. Jehangir’s role is played by Junaid Khan. Unlike his other characters, in this one Junaid looks quite childish and nuts. But the moments he hits on Mehtab( Saima) makes him look quite smart. 

Dr Nafees ud Din is Javed Shiekh who is doing pretty well but I am looking forward for more acting by him. Anita Camphor and Saima Qureshi are the two evil Nands whom are a nightmare to any woman.

The romantic dramatic story starts and we see a very quick response, things are moving very fast and I am unable to predict what comes next if everything gets settle down. But the writer Zanjabeel Shah must have thought about it and something must be on our ways.

Yeh mera deewanapan hai airs on A plus and is quite a treat for those who are wants some change in romance. The chemistry shown between junaid and saima is very good.

Saima Noor has acted before on tv screen and seems now she is more into television dramas then movies. We wish her luck and wants to see her in more graceful characters.

The title track is actually owned by a Bollywood track which is a remake and is a treat for your ears. The romance between two might disturb you but the actors did it so well, that you will enjoy the scenes.

We are looking for two things, that how Jehangir confess love for Mehtab, and will the duo sisters end making mess in Attiya's life?

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