Sep 27, 2015

Break the silence to punish the culprits, Drama serial “Sangat” warns you not to be silent

The worst crime which prevails in our society is silence. Silence over wrong doings and ill happenings. We are tamed not to be spoken, and yet this we face worse incidents due to that silence. Ayesha and Adnan are a happily married couple. The only thing which bothers them is Adnan’s mother want a grandchild so desperately that she keeps on pinching Ayesha for that every time.

The story of new drama serial “Sangat” tell a lot about the silence which the victims opt; everything was going fine in Ayesha’s life and then suddenly a tragedy happens. One night she was at her mother’s place, where dacoits come and loot everything Ayesha and her mother had. One of them raped Ayesha as well, who later on was revealed to be her mother’s colleague’s son Shavez. May be he liked Ayesha some time before but she got married to Adnan. And he took revenge by raping her.

Nobody knows this that Ayesha had been raped, and that was Shavez who spoiled her life. Adnan tries to heal the wounds and thinks his wife is suffering from some trauma and is scared. He consults psychiatrist and later on Aamil Baba as well, but nothing is working out.

The story actually tells how the silence made Ayesha more mentally sick and heavy, as she thinks Adnan is being betrayed by this. She is also afraid how he would react if got to know about the reality that his wife has been raped that night. This is a tough phase for all.

The more you hide, more the culprit becomes stronger. How society will accept the reality that Shavez is the one who has to be punished and put in trial not Ayesha. Saba Qamar played Ayesha’s role and Adnan was being played by Meeqal Zulfiqar. While Shavez’s character was acted by Zahid Ali who is doing pretty well. Other cast of the drama contains Samina Ahmed, Kiran Haq, Saba Faisal and others. Story is written by Zafar Miraj and directed by Kashir Nisar. Drama serial “Sangat” is aired on Hum TV and is quite a good watch. 

I am looking forward how Shavez’s inner guilt leads the story and will Adnan act in a typical way when he get to know the reality? Adnan and his family may turn their faces then what will Ayesha do? Either keep begging for his husband’s mercy or give some strong answer to Shavez after losing everything she had?

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