Oct 1, 2015

Pakistani Hajj pilgrims death toll reaches 45

The horrendous incident with Hajj pilgrims jolted the world and raised many questions. We heard lots of versions of the story while the death toll is still not confirmed yet.

The number of Pakistani pilgrims – who were killed in a stampede in Makkah’s tent city of Mina - has reached 45 now as per local media reported on Tuesday.

“Fifty-three Pakistani pilgrims are still missing,” media reports quoted Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf as saying, who added that all out efforts were being made to find all the missing Pakistanis.

He said that out of the 39 injured Pakistanis, 29 had been discharged from the hospitals, while 10 were still under medical treatment, adding that some Pakistani pilgrims - who lost their lives in the stampede - were buried in Saudi Arabia.

On September 24, Saudi Arabia was hit by a tragedy after a stampede broke out in Mina killing at least 1,100 and injuring many others. The incident occurred when pilgrims were performing stoning of the devil, last major ritual of the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

Before that the incident of crane crash took lives of many people and was highly critised. Later on in the same series this incident happen. Many are afraid of performing their ritual duty as they lack confidence on Saudi administration, who failed to give security during hajj.

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