Oct 20, 2015

Read it first before Jail breaking iOS9

Apple’s new OS is the most happening thins. While the news came up that Chinese hacking crew Pangu Team has reportedly cracked Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 9. Which allowed users to load unauthorized applications and enhance the functionality of their phones.

Pangu Team released their jailbreak tool, Pangu 9; and the website Motherboard reports multiple users already have it working on iOS versions 9.0 through 9.0.2.

Many of us don’t know what jailbreaking is; and you probably don’t want to try it. Jailbreaking breaks much of the security of iOS, and while it promises to let you load up your device with a slew of free apps, many of them are pirated or contain malware.

In fact, all recent reports of compromised iPhones and iOS malware have been specifically targeted at jailbroken devices. Users with a stock install of iOS are far less likely to be hacked because Apple locks down so much of the platform.

Even if someone wants to jailbreak their device it is harmful for their phone and for data as well. iOS9 is widely praised for the high security reasons but this technique will weaken your phone and cause troubles in future as well.

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