Nov 21, 2015

8 Things Pakistani mothers can relate to TV Dramas

We all love our mothers and there is no second thought about it. They are honest, loveable and emotional. Yes, most of our Pakistani mothers are very touchy, sentimental and emotional.

TV channels are a cheaper entertainment and esp. for mothers, who stay at home whole day, make awesome food for her family, maintain the home, and everyone's life. Maybe I'm not the only person who has noticed this while watching TV with your mother, she always has some favourite prime time drama serial, which is quite serious, depressing and full of emotional nonsense, which every tv channel in every second drama is showing.

Few things which almost all Pakistani mothers do while watching those "Crybaby" storylines is what we cannot ignore anymore.

#8- She finds herself in any miserable character of the story

#7- Every dialogue of the leading lady makes sense to her

#6- Most of the tragic stories are having some similarities with her life

#5- She made sacrifices all her life but...

#4- She cries on every scene which has anything or even nothing similar to her past or present

#3- Her Husband never listened to her just like the man in drama did

#2- The inlaws and their unjust behaviour, but she is brave and advice the heroine by off TV commentary

#1- She is the emotic-queen of the house and you have to cheer her up after watching that depressing episode of her favourite TV Drama

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