Dec 28, 2015

Shah Rukh and Kajol to mesmerize Pakistani fans on Hum TV show

Indian Cinema has been very famous in Pakistan from years and while they do a lot for promoting their movies, we can see a very new trend here in Pakistan as well.

Since Ranbir and Deepika starred Bollywood hit Tamasha had been launched the distributors in Pakistan have given a thought to promote the Indian movies here in Pakistan too.

Ranbir and Deepika talked to journalists through video link and then Deepika and Ranvir Singh also promoted their movie Baji Rao Mastani, tough we all enjoyed that candid conversation with them.

Now Hum TV is going to do something bigger than that and as Dilwale is about to hit the cinemas in both Indo-Pak on 18th of December, Shah Rukh Khan sent love for his Pakistani fans through a video message.

While Shah Rukh Khan along Kajol Devgan is set to appear in morning show of HUM TV hosted by Sanam Jung.

According to an English daily website, a source in HUM TV confirmed that. Sanam will host Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol for the promotion of their upcoming movie ‘Dilwale’, which is set to release on Dec 18.

Hum TV is also distribution partner of ‘Dilwale’ in Pakistan that may be the reason why Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol choose to appear on HUM TV morning show and through that not only a few people but whole Pakistan will be able to see the stars of Bollywood on Pakistani TV Screen.

It is necessary to mention here that Indian movies do a lot of business in Pakistan too, that is why many Pakistani producers and actors ask to ban Indian cinema on local screens.

As per reports, the show will be recorded in Dubai, it is expected to be on air before the release date of Dec 18. Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol will be wearing Pakistani Designers’ Amir Adnan and FnkAsia dresses on the show, i.e. a blac dress fro Mr. Khan and a red gown for Mrs. Devgan.

The news got viral on social media and Pakistani fans are very excited to see their beloved stars on Pakistani Screen sooner.

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