Dec 3, 2008

Biased Reporting and Editing at BBC

BBC World is proving to be Pro-Israeli and Pro-Indian Channel.

The atrocities committed by Israeli army on Palestinians or the

Indian army and police on Kashmiris in particular and Indian Muslim

in general are ignored but smallest attack on Israelis or Indian Hindus

is exaggerated.


Why BBC has given up the journalist's code of Olympian objectivity

and total purity of motive is not known. But it is suspected that the

editors and reporters are bribed heavily to kill the news of atrocities

on or injustice to Palestinians and Indian Muslims and even Indian

Christians, Sikhs and Dalits.


Whereas Hindu-Zionists sponsored mercenaries and terrorists have

paralyzed the city of Karachi and killed over 30 innocent people by

sniper firing, BBC is not giving it importance and the stale story of

terrorist attack on Mumbai is being over-played by spinning tales

of heroic rescues. The suicidal attacks in tribal areas and US drone

attacks in that region are also killed quite often.



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