Dec 3, 2008

The Indian media is very good in fabricating a story and making drama films

The Indian media is very good in fabricating a story and making drama films, they define all the characters and know none of them.

Once they say, the terrorists are Pakistani
then they say, they speak marathi

Once they say, terrorists have demands,
then they say, there were no demands.

once they say, Terrorists enter one month before incidence
then Terrorists know every street and hideouts of Bombay

Once they say, there are women with the terrorist groups.
then they say, they are all muslim extremists.

Once they say, a Pakistani from farid kot arrested [there's also a farid kot in indian punjab]
then they are unable to present that farid kot person to anyone.

And in the end, all blames goes to the country most effected by terrorism on planet earth.

lies over lies, blames over blames. Sensational stories and just baseless, that's how the indian media defined itself.

Ashraf is very right, as he pointed that THOUSANDS were killed in gujrat and USA and Indian government were sleeping.

And who was behind the attacks, no one but the indian underground mafia, that the shabby indian administration/ intelligence and government cannot control at all.

God bless the world and may God save the world from terrorists and media terrorists.

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