Jan 1, 2009

FBI: Ajmal Kasab is not a Pakistani, ID is FAKE

FBI: Ajmal Kasab is not a Pakistani, ID is FAKE

News just coming in that 5 member FBI delegation after visiting FareedKot in Pakistan has confirmed that Ajmal Kasab, the captured Terrorist in Mumbai Attacks, is not Pakistani.

Furthermore they have said that the National Identitiy Card shown by Indian Authorities belonging to Kasab is totally FAKE.

Will update this story, when more news is available.  

ISLAMABAD: The alleged key suspect of Mumbai Attacks, Ajmal Kasab has no link to Pakistan, said the team of FBI after undertaking visit of Fareedkot in Pakistan.
According to the FBI team which visited Fareedkot, claimed by India to be the area of residence of Ajmal Kasab, no evidence could be collected from the area which could confirm the claim of Ajmal Kasab's being Pakistan national.

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