Jan 1, 2009

First day of the 2009 and we have a tragedy…

First day of the 2009 and we have a tragedy………….

Please look the spot where we have a accident


It was 1 Jan 2009 and we (Shahzad, Hasan 1, Hasan 2 and Nauman) were coming to Office KOMATSU Pakistan Soft at 9:05 our Car driven by Waseem (the Famous Taxi Rider) collided with another car driven by a Baba Jee. It was booooooooooooobm but........... nothing happened. Thanks to Allah we all were safe.

These are the HOT pics....


  1. shahzad got some stiches ... in his private ...

    its true

  2. Thanks to Allah that we were saved in this tragedy.

    Nauman Azeem

  3. God bless Suzuki FX.


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