Jan 9, 2009

Kassab Or Not, India's Dossier Is Doctored

Kassab Or Not, India's Dossier Is Doctored



Why is the Zardari government acting so apologetic and condemning Pakistan in the process? We don't trust the Indians and they don't trust us. That's the way it is. The Mumbai attacks are not about the identity of Kassab. It is about how he reached there and how the attacks conveniently meet the interests of anti-Pakistan elements in India. It is time Pakistani officials started asking India the tough questions and expose what New Delhi is hiding from its own people.



Thursday, 8 January 2008.



ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Who says evidence in such a huge case cannot be fabricated?


Remember Colin Powell, the foreign minister of the world's lone superpower, sitting in the U.N. Security Council one fine evening in February 2003, showing fake and doctored pictures and other evidence to prove Iraq's WMDs?


It all turned out to be bogus. Yet U.S. led a major war against Iraq and changed the course of history based on those lies.


Now India wants action replay–fancying itself another superpower after the success of some Bollywood flicks and the expensive and stupid 'space mission' to the moon.


The jokers in the Zardari-Gilani government led Pakistan to suicide after Mumbai attacks.  If some intelligent Pakistanis from humble backgrounds than these feudal 'democratic' politicians were in power, India's case wouldn't have lasted this long.


But the jokers in the 'elected' Pakistani government betrayed not only the Pakistanis, they also betrayed those patriotic Indians who are looking for answers and know that their country has been hijacked by a group of warmongers who are turning India into America's new Uncle Tom.


The Zardari government is so inept it couldn't even exploit the visit of the chief of Interpol, who was a gift from God, the only senior international officials to blast India for not allowing his investigators in.


The Indian 'dossier' is not only doctored but a Bollywood director could have done a better job at it.


Pakistani officials who saw the dossier couldn't stop laughing. Read this:


"According to sources, who literally laughed off the India dossier, the evidence also includes a list of items recovered from a motorboat which was hijacked by the attackers to make their way to Mumbai. The list talks about a bag of flour from Karachi, Medicam toothpaste, tubes of the Touch Me shaving cream, toilet paper manufactured by 'Zik Brothers, Karachi' and T-shirts with 'made in Pakistan' labels. The evidence further talks about a Thuraya satellite phone found on the boat which was used to make several calls to Lahore and Karachi. The phone set was manufactured by a Dubai-based company and purchased from a Karachi-based dealer."


India's government is lying just like the U.S. government lied to the entire world when it launched a war of aggression against Iraq in 2003.


It is still not too late for the lazy officials in the Zardari-Gilani government to give it back to India.  Done properly, there is enough material to embarrass the Indian government in front of their own people.


Here are the answers to who did Mumbai, Kassab's identity, and host of other questions:


  1. Why was Ajmal Kassab so lucky?


The lone terrorist survivor in Mumbai is a lucky man. For some strange reason, the hordes of Indian photojournalists failed to capture the picture of any of the terrorists except Ajmal Kassab. And strangely, he was the only one to survive. Even more strangely, he turns out to be Pakistani.


  1. So, is Kassab Pakistani?


Ajmal Kassab has to be a Pakistani citizen for India's story to be true. That's not the point. The point is: Can a Pakistani be bought/kidnapped/paid to play a role?  Can he be working for someone else? How can Pakistan verify how Kassab reached Mumbai? India has hundreds of Pakistanis in its jails for decades. All Pakistanis released from Indian jails come out with mental problems due to torture. Pakistan has medical records for these people. Why India does not invite Pakistani investigators to meet Kassab to determine how he got to Mumbai? And, as we see below, the Mumbai attacks are too complex and require deeper investigations than the one Indians have done. Kassab is not the key to Mumbai attacks. Pakistan has every reason to maintain doubt until proven otherwise through a verifiable investigative process.


  1. What about the rest of the nine terrorists?


They were not only NOT photographed. They also didn't survive. There are no bodies. No DNA testing. No fingerprints. Indian media reports say their faces and fingers and bodies are all mutilated. And yet, Indian police comes out with perfect studio photos of each one of them and says they are Pakistanis. Were they carrying passports and IDs in their pockets?


  1. Is ISI an amateur spy agency or a professional one?


Would ISI, which makes both Americans and Indians pee in their pants, send 10 amateurs to Mumbai in a boat with Medicam toothpaste and Touch Me shaving cream and T-shirts with 'Made in Pakistan'?  During the Afghan Jihad, CIA took satellite images of Soviet positions in Afghanistan and then had them sketched in an unprofessional manner on plain paper using pencils and then handed over to the Mujahideen so that the Soviets won't be able to trace them back to CIA if found. If that's the level of professionalism in spy work, would ISI fail this standard?


  1. Can audio tapes be faked?


Yes they can. A whole WMD program can be faked.


  1. Can email IP details be faked? Can emails be sent from one place and be shown to have come from another?


Yes they can. For more information, see this: EXCLUSIVE: Tale Of A Fabricated Email, Bollywood Style


  1. Would ISI kill Hemant Karkare?


If anything, ISI would want Hemant Karkare to be alive today, not killed execution-style through a carefully laid out trap at the hands of snipers in the very first hours of the Mumbai tragedy. Karkare was leading Indian investigations that proved that the killers of 60 Pakistani visitors to India in 2006 were active duty Indian army officers brainwashed by Hindu terrorist organizations. Who in Pakistan would want Karkare dead?  Many in India, however, wanted to see him dead for betraying the cause of Hindu extremism. But the Indian government refuses to pursue this lead.



Finally, I was sitting on Aljazeera English recently with Mrs. Nina Gill, a member of the European Parliament of Indian background.  She is normally very articulate but when I denied the possibility that Lashkar Tayyeba could be involved, she retorted, 'But you have terrorism in Pakistan. They are still there.'


What many American and British commentators forget is that terrorist attacks in Pakistan since 2005 onwards are linked to Afghanistan. The Kashmir front has been quiet for almost five years now. There is a reason why former president Pervez Musharraf was called a traitor and almost lost his life twice. He did keep his word of ceasing Pakistani support to Kashmiri groups fighting India in order to give peace talks with India a chance. Pakistanis can debate if this was the right move. But the fact is, militant groups active in Kashmir did go bust. There is a reason why Lashkar Tayyeba transformed into a charity organization, and that reason is survival. There was no way it could continue operating as a militant organization and support its members and their families. So it did a massive transformation into charity work and immersed itself in this work for the past five years [and did such a good job at it that its work won accolades from international humanitarian organizations after the 2005 earthquake in northern Pakistan.]  Those who wanted to fight had to go elsewhere, maybe Afghanistan. 


Pakistan has a case, even if the Zardari government and some people within it have been conspiring to have Pakistan involved in Mumbai. India's accusations against Pakistan are meant to extract political mileage, not resolve the Mumbai mystery.

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