Feb 23, 2009

UCLA Scientist predicts Osama Bin Laden in Kurram Agency [90% probability]

UCLA Scientist predicts Osama Bin Laden in Kurram Agency [90% probability]

Jaosn Kottke carries a link of a report where a UCLA geography Professor Thomas Gillespie has used a technique typically used for tracking endangered species in order to pinpoint the most likely location Osama Bin Ladin, the worlds most wanted terrorist. In a paper (pdf) published in the MIT International Review

Gillespie describes how he used bio-geographic data including bin Laden's last known location, cultural background, security needs, declining health, limited mobility and height to create a mathematical model that he claims will show where the terror mastermind is hiding.
UCLA Osama Map
He found a 90 percent chance that bin Laden is in Kurram province in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, most likely in the town of Parachinar which gave shelter to a larger number of Mujahedin during the 1980s. Here's a closer look at the region with Osama probabilities shown:

UCLA Osama Map 2
Gillespie even identified three buildings in Parachinar that would make the most likely shelters for Bin Laden and his entourage. Here's are the three locations identified with their precise coordinates as presented by Professor Thomas Gillespie

Osama Building 1 osama-building-2 osama-building-3

I share this report merely to ridicule the utter nonsense the so called American scientists present to the American people, and this so-called-credible research then becomes the basis upon which idiots like George Bush to have utilized when bombing millions of people around the world, a mere hit and miss policy with a 90% probability. In all honesty if Mr. Gillespie research is so scientific and Osama Bin Laden is speculated to have run into Pakistan, then might I challenge the theory with the same distance position Osama Bin Laden to be located within 90% probability in a room next to Hamid Karzai right in the heart of Kabul. Whilst with the remaining 10% doubt I could speculate OBL to be on a horse back galloping away into the sunset in one remote location in the heart of one exclusive Bush family ranches in Texas?

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