Jun 10, 2009

Adnan Sabzwari, A Pakistani Genius

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Adnan Sabzwari - A Young Revolutionary Genius

Adnan Sabzwari is a proud Pakistani living in the city of lights - Karachi. Throughout his life, Adnan has spent days and nights pursuing his every dream and then conquering it. Adnan says: "If one has firm believe in Allah and is devoted to his cause then he can conquer everything."

Adnan is a genius whose work can not be acknowledged just with awards. He is a young scientist who has given a new path to the youngsters of Pakistan, he is a Scale-Modeler, 3D Animator, Graphic Designer and also a Teacher. He has been through thick and thin both but he never got de-motivated. Everything he has done and achieved is due to his sheer hard work and dedication to his work.

He even denied an offer by the British Ambassador to come to UK and complete his research work. Adnan's research work is always related to the general public and has come up with revolutionary designs to solve the common problems of Pakistan like load shedding, transport issues and educational problems of students.

Right now Adnan is in need of funds to complete his research work and is looking for sponsors. If you can help this Proud Pakistani you will be actually helping the whole Pakistan. Spend a rupee to make a better Pakistan.

Enjoy the following interview of Adnan in a morning show of AJJ TV.


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