Jun 3, 2009

Lahore suicide attack & RAW

Lahore suicide attack & RAW

AhmedQuraishi.com Report

LAHORE, Pakistan— Information coming in from security officials in Lahore suggests the actual target was the Lahore High Court building where Hafiz Saeed from Jama'at Al Da'awa [more widely known as Jama'at-ud-Dawa] was attending his court hearing at the time of the terrorist explosion, reveals an exclusive report posted by our affiliate PKKH. [PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com]

 "It appears the target was Hafiz Saeed. The attackers drove around the area but could not get close enough to the Lahore High Court building due to the barricades in place," says one official.The most fascinating aspect of the Lahore attack is that Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of the foreign-sponsored so-called Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility.It is ironic because Mehsud threatened last year to kill Saeed because the Kashmiri group refused to heed Mehsud's call to fight Pakistan and Pakistanis, just as these fake foreign-supported Pakistani Taliban are doing.

 The question is: Why would someone who calls himself an Islamic fighter want to kill the leader of a Kashmiri resistance group who is fighting Indian occupation soldiers [aka 'The rapists' for using rape as a preferred tool of Kashmir occupation]?

 Another question is: Why is it that everything that Mehsud and his so-called Pakistani Taliban do [terrorizing Pakistanis, abducting the Chinese, attacking the ISI, etc.] matches the objectives of the Americans and the Indians?

 Pakistani officials have piles of circumstantial evidence that shows the Pakistani Taliban, or TTP, being provided sophisticated support from someone in Afghanistan. CIA spy planes and drones are known to avoid killing leaders of the so-called Pakistani Taliban that attack Pakistani targets and avoid fighting the American occupation forces in Afghanistan.

 The real Taliban, the Afghan Taliban, restrict their activities to their country as part of a legitimate armed resistance to an illegitimate U.S. occupation of their country. The Afghan Taliban do not support the so-called Pakistani Taliban because of the latter's suspected links to Indian intelligence operatives inside Afghanistan who are facilitated by Karzai's security setup.

 Mehsud's involvement confirms again that the mess inside Pakistan is not isolated from the larger agenda of weakening Pakistani military that Washington, or at least some influential players in Washington, is pursuing as part of its Afghan strategy.

 Unfortunately, neither the Pakistani government or the Pakistani military are willing to pull back the concession given to CIA to establish outposts and networks inside Pakistan.

 Mehsud's threat to the Kashmiri leader overlaps with India's failed attempts in the past to attack the offices of the Al Da'awa inside Pakistan. The Indians were ready to do it and the pro-U.S. elected government in Islamabad was ready to go along by refusing to put the Pakistani Air Force on high alert. The plan didn't work when the Pakistani military sent clear signals to the Americans that India will get a bloody nose if it tried to cross the international border. PAF was quietly put on war alert despite the elected government's inaction.

 According to the PKKH, on December 14th last year, Indian Air Force jets voilated Pakistani airspace in Kashmir and Lahore in a failed attempt to attack Jama'at Dawa offices in Azad Kashmir and in Muridke, a small town near Lahore.

 The Indian jets were promptly ensnared by Pakistani fighter jets and were pushed back into Indian airspace. Pakistani military officials presented to Admiral Mike Mullen a photograph of one of the Indian jets locked within the firing range by a PAF F-16 as a warning.

 The following is a report written by Tabish Qayyum and Hammad Qureshi and is posted at PKKH:

 Once again Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India has failed to fulfill its agenda of avenging the self created Mumbai wounds by eliminating leadership of Jamat-ud-dawa (JuD). They are working on two primary objectives:

  • To eliminate JuD leadership,
  • To damage trust between JuD, Pakistani Government and Law Enforcement agencies, that has naturally built over the years due to the pro-Pakistan policies and defense of Pakistan that JUD has carried out over the years.

 Third consecutive incident of Police under attack but failure to achieve objectives is a continuation of RAW's agenda to create a hostage situation where Indian terrorists posing themselves as Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (LeT) will demand for the release of LeT leadership – that drama failed in the initial attack on Sri Lankan team, then in Police training center, where the Indian indoctrinated terrorists failed to consolidate and hold ground to show heart in fight and eventually were not able to produce desired results.

In this third attempt which was an act of desperation, showed a change in RAW's strategy which could be described as direct approach by trying to eliminate JUD leader Hafiz Saeed under police custody to create an impression to JUD supporters that Pakistan could not protect their leader and Pakistan has staged a drama to murder Hafiz Saeed in an attempt to rectify relations with Indians.

 Had these attacks were successful, JUD would have broken into factions of people who would consider Pakistani government and army as their enemy and then a new series of attacks would start by planting another enemy in Pakistan right at its heart.

 JUD's ideology paves way for curing the misguided jihadist elements that are being reigned by RAW and being continuously funded by enemies of Pakistan.

 Hafiz Saeed also survived a assassination from bomb blast in 2000 at Urdu Science College in Karachi where he was about to deliver a speech – the blast left many injured and three dead. Blasts not deterring Hafiz Saeed delivered his speech on the same spot right after half our and people remained in the congregation chanting slogans of takbeer "Allah-o-Akbar". During his speech, Hafiz Saeed, neither blamed government nor asked his followers to block University Road to call an strike instead he said, "we will avenge the blood spilled here in the mountains of Kashmir".

 This is a well known fact in that that JUD is an asset to Pakistan, whether be it charity and aid work to help people in natural disasters or to defend ideological borders of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan because if India comes up with any adventurism it is going to be very sorry in days coming ahead.


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