Oct 25, 2009

Huma Wasim, wife of Wasim Akram Dies

Huma Wasim, wife of Wasim Akram Dies


Pakistanis embraced a sad news in the morning of Sunday, as they woke up to the news of the tragic death of Huma Wasim, the wife of Pakistani star cricket Wasim Akram. She suffered from a unique kind of bacteria which she got infected by after eating a meal. The bacteria strikes very rarely to any one in millions of people.

Huma Wasim was being flown to Singapore, in a chartered plane for treatment but due to critical condition, the plane landed at Chennai, and after some days of treatment in Apolo Hospital Chennai, Huma died.

We all share the grief of Wasim bhai. May Almighty rest her soul in peace.

The happy couple broke !!

wasim and huma with their son
Their wedding pic in 1994

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